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Barack Obama’s support for building a mosque at Ground Zero has set Democrats in a sheer panic. The NY Times reported that Obama “strongly” supports the mosque and his remarks set off a wildfire of response. While Obama is “strongly” in favor of the mosque at Ground Zero, Americans are “strongly” opposed to it. And that is spilling over into the election cycle.

Big time.

And Democrats — at least those who were willing to comment — could barely contain their frustration over Obama’s remarks, saying he had potentially placed every one of their candidates in the middle of the debate by giving GOP candidates a chance to ask them point-blank: Do you agree with Obama on the mosque?

This is going to be a powerful campaign issue, and liberals who recognize that this is a major loser are rapidly getting all wee-weed up. If you happened to be in DC or New York City over the last two nights and you happened to cast your glance skyward you would have seen the Journolist signal:

journolist signal

And they sprang to work to rescue the One.

GOP keeps mosque flap alive

Republicans jumped Sunday on President Barack Obama’s defense of a proposed mosque near where the World Trade Center stood before the Sept. 11 attacks, seeking to make his comments a campaign issue for Democrats come November.

GOP takes harsher stance toward Islam

The harsh Republican response to President Barack Obama’s defense of a mosque near ground zero marks a dramatic shift in the party’s posture toward Islam — from a once active courtship of Muslim voters to a very public tolerance after Sept. 11 to an openly aired sense of mistrust.

Republicans attack Obama over Muslim center comments

Republicans attacked President Barack Obama on Sunday for his comments on a controversial plan to build a Muslim cultural center in New York, saying he was “disconnected” from the nation in an election year.

Newt Gingrich compares mosque to Nazis

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Monday compared the mosque planned to go up blocks away from ground zero in New York to Nazis protesting next to the Holocaust museum.

White House tries to move on from debate over controversial N.Y. mosque

White House officials are ready to move past President Obama’s controversial decision to weigh in on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque.

Obama’s comments seemingly endorsing the building of a mosque several blocks from the site of the 2001 terrorist attacks sparked a firestorm over the weekend. Many Republicans appear intent on making the comments a midterm election issue.

But now that the president has had his say, the White House communications shop is looking to move on, according to spokesman Bill Burton.

Not so fast, cupcake.

Greg Sargent unleashed a torrent of self-righteous posts insulting those who oppose the Ground Zero mosque and imploring “commentators” to condemn GOP criticism of Obama’s support.

The singular most pathetic offering came from David Halperin. Halperin recognizes that Obama has lit a match in the dry forest and a conflagration is coming. Obama and has stepped in it and Halperin wants us all to ignore the stench and overlook the footprints on the floor.

The political potency of the issue is obvious. Polls overwhelmingly show the President has put himself on the wrong side of public opinion. Opposition to the new facility arouses acute emotion and creates near total unity among relatives of 9/11 victims, first responders, Republican officeholders, potential 2012 presidential candidates, Tea Party members, the Fox News–talk radio–Drudge Report echo machine and many of the highly coveted swing and occasional voters whom you will need at the polls to win in November.

So what should Republicans who hold the most potent campaign issue since “Read my lips” do?

Why, they should be good sports and not use it!

Yes, Republicans, you can take advantage of this heated circumstance, backed by the families of the 9/11 victims, in their most emotional return to the public stage since 2001.

But please don’t do it.

Halperin’s liberals called Tea Partiers “teabaggers.” They called Tea Partiers bigots. They called them no end of names. They falsely accused them of using racial pejoratives. Anyone critical of Barack Obama is called a racist.

As I said, Republicans, this is your moment. As a famous New Yorker once urged in a very different context: Do the right thing.

You had your chance to do the right thing and you didn’t do it, Halperin. Now your advice is for Republicans to stick their own heads up their rear ends?

Go f*** yourself.