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The White House And Media’s Border Lies Are Collapsing Live On TV

by Jordan Davidson The Biden administration and the corporate media’s lies about the border are collapsing and neither institution is prepared to do damage control.   While the White House frantically repeats lies about the administration’s handling of the border...

Joe Biden Steps Before the U.N. a Total Failure

Joe Biden mistakes the United Nations for the United States:"A belief in the universal rights of all people. It's stamped into our DNA as a nation, and critically, it's stamped into the DNA of this institution, the United States."...

Politics and the Politicization of the US Military

By Caren Besner “If there is one basic element in our Constitution, it is civilian control of the military” – Harry S. Truman   Americans traditionally have been wary of a large permanent military establishment, believing it to be a threat to democratic...

The Forgotten History Of Vaccines & Disease Everyone Should Know

“We have a highly profitable, lucrative religion that involves the government, industry, and academia. That religion is vaccination. People believe in vaccines. They’ll tell you, they believe in vaccines. But you ask them what they know about vaccines and it will be almost nothing.”

The Emmys prove it’s time to destroy the COVID caste system

by David Marcus The most basic principle of the United States of America has nothing to do with capitalism, or democracy, or even freedom. The essential concept upon which the nation was founded, and upon which we still stand is the dignity of every person.  ...

Why They Hate Us

Why They Hate Us

Biden's abortive withdrawal from Afghanistan illustrates why some foreign countries hate America. We are supposed to be the good guys in the white hats, riding in on our white stallions, righting wrongs, and protecting those too weak to protect themselves. After 9/11,...

The Cabal That Cried Wolf and Undermined a Republic

The Cabal That Cried Wolf and Undermined a Republic

Jussie Smollett, Crystal Magnum and Susan Smith are three names that at various times over the last 25 years have riveted America’s attention.  Smollett is a black man who lied about being attacked by two Trump supporting white racists in 2019.  Magnum is a black...





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