The Trannity affair has exploded the Donner mythology of a media onslaught. (Guest Post)

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One of the more persistent myths built up around Donald’s campaign to steal the nomination from Ted Cruz is that Don is heroically bearing up under a media onslaught meant to bring him down.

One can almost see the frescos and murals on buildings now of Donald and his faithful cadre of Donners beating back the likes of Sean Hannity, Rush, Fox news and the drudge report in their quest to wrest the nomination away from the ‘GOPe’ that Donald is allegedly entitled to.

For months now, the numbers have shown this to be a myth of almost epic proportions:

The media’s $2 billion gift to Trump

The Prime Time Primary: Trump vs. His Rivals on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC

Donald receives far more media coverage than anyone else – to which the Donners have the baseless and trite media onslaught rejoinder. One only needs to remind them that Donald can only seem to talk to certain media personalities while shunning others. The question of the occasion of Donald’s last challenging media interview aside from the Charlie Sykes Interview back at the end of March will leave them without a viable answer.

Hint: He hasn’t had one and he avoids like the plague interviewers who might offer any formidable questions

Further destroying this myth is the fact that -at least for a time -he was granted privileges not available to others such as phone interviews.

But at this point the Trannity affair has torn that all asunder, the afore mentioned Sean, Rush, Fox news and the drudge are so far in the Trump tank they get the bends on occasion.

Now, those people have a perfect right to support whomever they choose, but only if they do so in the open and give their audience a right to decide whether to listen to them or not. Maintaining their false pretense of ‘neutrality’ does a severe (if not fatal) disservice to their credibility.

This hidden media backing also highlights that Donald’s polling numbers are based on faulty perceptions ranging from media neutrality to outright hostility.

Were these media acolytes for Donald to come clean as it were his extra boast in polling would be seen for what is – a chimera that will evaporate into the ether in the fall sending his dreadful chances into the subbasement.

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    Rich Wheeler

    @kitt: I’ve seen it reported on Fox and CNN–he has not committed as yet—Like Petraeus a Great Leader.
    I like Cruz’s Hail Mary Fiorina pick–she hates Trump–as do many other Repubs.

  2. 52


    @Nanny G: Got to give you all those states exception MD, most by wins with less than 40% and a wider selection of candidates. The unbound delegates are another animal, we will see if there is a contested convention where they go.( i am still hoping for very conservative President this time)

  3. 54


    link to article I cited on fraud
    Snopes is a Soros tool
    It was a bit fraudulent to say the terrorists were on the run as Bengahzi burned.
    IRS targeting TRUE THE VOTE and other conservative non-profits, falsifying unemployment numbers, but 266days 06hours til he leaves the white house so water under the bridge.

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    Rich Wheeler

    @Nanny G: We’ll see—We sure could use a strong alternative to the two very unpopular presumptive nominees.

    Lou Dobbs is so in the tank for Trump–he’s embarrassing himself.

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    Redteam I answered it.

    No you didn’t – for if you were informed about about Donald you would have know her last name – you didn’t.

    Redteam You didn’t provide any names of anyone with a valid claim to proving Trump dishonest or crooked.

    Denial of reality isn’t a valid argument.
    And now you are moving the goal posts.

    Recall your Original asseveration:

    Footnote: Trump has made thousands of deals around the world and no one, not a single person, has come forward claiming that Trump is dishonest, lies, is unethical, etc? Have you heard of any? Even one?

    Perhaps if you knew of the subject matter, you would know that you had LOST the argument several times.

  6. 57


    @Tor: Try to keep up. You said Vera_________ and I said Was a good ole girl. Now you’re trying to claim she’s ‘not’ a good ole girl?

    Since you brought up that issue, are you saying that you are not for the right of the government to eminent domain? If that were not the laws, we could have no highways, no rail lines, no canals, no military bases and numerous other things.

    Perhaps if you knew of the subject matter, you would know that you had LOST the argument several times

    Oh, were you trying to create an argument? I don’t think you understood your side. You need to study up and try again. Check back when you’re ready to try again.

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