The Danger of Globalism Part 2 (Guest Post)

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The outcomes that will be brought about by the 2016 election of Donald Trump will be important. The progressive socialists are hell bent on global governance as espoused by Anne-Marie Slaughter who was head of policy and planning at the State Department during Hillary Clintons term as Secretary of State. “the global administrative state would… Read more »

No Apology Tour Needed for 75th Anniversary of the Day that Lives in Infamy

No Apology Tour Needed for 75th Anniversary of the Day that Lives in Infamy

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  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Pearl Harbor today. I’m fine with this: The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will not apologize during his historic visit to Pearl Harbor in December. A top Japanese official on Tuesday clarified that the purpose of the trip — the first of its kind — will be to “commemorate”… Read more »

Donald Trump:  Barack Obama Part Deux?

Donald Trump: Barack Obama Part Deux?

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Two of the most dysfunctional areas of the American economy are healthcare and education, not coincidentally, two of the areas of the economy that the government has the most control and influence. In healthcare, while there is ostensibly some private elements to it, the reality is that government regulations control almost every aspect of it…. Read more »


The democrats who helped kill Kate Steinle now want a safe space from accountability

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  Kate Steinle was a 32 year old woman walking with her parents in an Francisco in 2015 when she was killed by an illegal alien who had been deported five times previous to the murder. Juan Lopez-Sanchez had been taken into custody by local authorities but released a month before the murder because San… Read more »


The Danger of Globalism Part 1 (Guest Post)

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  The American people are hardening in their position against globalism. They are starting to understand that the amalgamation of the media, academia, Hollywood and elite politicians will do whatever it takes to advance the agenda they have set for the country. They have begun to rise up against the lies and power that those… Read more »


The Right to Bear Arms is a Natural Right (Guest Post)

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The 2nd Amendment has taken heavy criticism almost from its inception. It is no hyperbole to consider it the most controversial passage in all of United States law. Due to an apparent (though imagined) increase in gun crime in recent years, many are calling for repealing the Amendment and instituting tougher restrictions on firearms acquisition,… Read more »


Anti-Christian BuzzFeed Bigots Target HGTV’s Chip And Joanna Gaines (Guest Post)

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  Even before candidate Barack Obama spoke of bitter clingers clinging to their guns and religion with antipathy to those not like them, or candidate Hillary Clinton threw much of flyover country into a “basket f deplorable”, the left’s antipathy to Christian America was deep and bitter. While accusing the right of intolerance, the hypocritical… Read more »


I Support Keith Ellison’s Bid to Become DNC Chair, and So Should You

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It’s been hard to not enjoy the meltdown from the Radical Leftists that have taken over the Democratic Party since the presidential election. One of the slightly lesser seen stories has been the efforts of Keith Ellison (D – Find Another State) to become the chair of the DNC. If you’re not familiar, he is not… Read more »

The new democrat dog whistle

The new democrat dog whistle

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  For all of barack obama’s tenure as President of the US democrats have savaged every criticism of obama as racism. It was the multi-tool dog whistle, blown at every opportunity. Eric Holder, the AG for “my people” , saw racism in every obama criticism. hillary clinton saw racism in opposing obama. The infection spread even… Read more »