Liberalism Good and Not-So-Good? It Depends On Which Kind! (Guest Post)

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There are several kinds of liberalism. This article focuses upon two kinds: Classical liberalism (good) and Social liberalism (not-so-good, in fact, bad). Liberalism Liberalism is a political philosophy founded on ideals of liberty and equality. The former principle is stressed in classical liberalism while the latter is more evident in social liberalism. Liberalism is a… Read more »


Why Do Leftists Love The Death Tax So?

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  Liberal writer Ed Kilgore finally admits why: [P]rogressives should be quite aggressive in welcoming this debate. They have plenty of ammunition, including the passionate arguments of the father of the federal estate tax, Theodore Roosevelt. And they really do need to counter the mythology of the small struggling business or farm being taken away… Read more »

Hillary: On the road learning to fake sincerity and humility

Hillary: On the road learning to fake sincerity and humility

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  Hillary Clinton has embarked on a tour through Iowa in the “Scooby Doo” van. We’ve gotten an idea of how coverage of Hillary Clinton is going to go courtesy of CNN (via Weasel Zippers). BREAKING CNN NEWS: Hillary Clinton Talks To 19-year-Old At Gas Station…   Naturally, ABC News faithfully recounted her meal choice:… Read more »


“Mr. Smith, do you still beat your wife?” and other lies the GOP must contend with in order to win in 2016

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The lies of the left drive American politics. For years we heard the “Bush Lied” mantra chanted endlessly. It didn’t matter that the claim was wrong. A lie is a very specific thing… Saying a falsehood when you know it to be wrong. Bush never did that. While in retrospect the question of Saddam’s WMDs… Read more »

Driving Miss Crazy

Driving Miss Crazy

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  In the worst surprise of 2015, Hillary Clinton declared herself a candidate for President in the 2016 election and it could scarcely have gone worse. Her office released a statement claiming that Hillary has ‘fought children and families all her career.’ Her campaign sent website visitors to a broken YouTube channel. Her campaign logo… Read more »

Female Jihadis Demand Equality with Men in Syria

Female Jihadis Demand Equality with Men in Syria

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The Telegraph: A mysterious group of female jihadists brandishing Kalashnikov guns are demanding equality with men in Syria in online video ~~~ The video was shot in northern Syria outside of the Church of Saint Simeon and shows women – who belong to the ‘camp for women for victory and empowerment’ – shooting and marching…. Read more »