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Could this be the end of the Summer of Trump? Both MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and HBO’s Bill Maher wouldn’t be surprised. “We nailed him,” Matthews said last night on Real Time With Bill Maher, crowing about MSNBC’s playing – and replaying – Donald Trump’s non-response response to a supporter’s ludicrous birther assertions and Islamophobic aspersions.

During Real Time‘s mostly-Trump discussion Friday, Maher recalled how just days before he’d teased Hardball host Matthews about MSNBC’s Trump obsession, “and you said that’s because you want to be there when it all implodes.” Maher wondered whether Trump’s seeming acquiescence to a bigoted questioner during a New Hampshire rally Thursday signaled the presidential hopeful’s “peak.”

“We caught him,” Matthews responded, explaining that he and his MSNBC crew were “trying to figure out whether to stick with” Trump’s New Hampshire speech, which had been proceeding without much incident. When Trump announced he’d be taking audience questions, Matthews said, “I said stay with it because we don’t know what’s going to happen. And then he comes back with that birther thing, the President is not an American, the whole routine. I said we’re going to go with this.”

This is called “journalism.”

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