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Welcome back to Day 906 of America held hostage by the Biden* occupation! Another crazy week here – combining my busiest work week of the year with prepping for a trip makes this pretty busy. So here’s another quick one for y’all:

6/30 – The Global Warming Scam: The Lie

Remember, the proper term is Climastrology.

7/5 – Bud Light and Country Music: It’s Complicated

If nothing else, this article introduced me to Buddy Brown, whose channel I now subscribe to.

7/9 – Fuming locals draw penises around potholes blighting UK street in message to council

Little Bob fully approves of this tactic. Sister Babe was less than thrilled when I showed this post to him.

7/9 – WEAPONIZED BANKING: Big UK Bank Freezes Nigel Farage’s Accounts (Video)

You always say “it can’t happen here” until it does.

7/10 – Ray Epps is Suing.

Ray Epps vs. Fox News? The discovery should be amazing, and we can only hope that this goes to trial. Time to invest in Orville Reddenbacher, because there is not enough popcorn in the world for this one!

7/10 – “Why Do You Support Child Trafficking?” Rolling Stone Slammed Over Negative ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Review

Because they do.

7/13 – Out-of-State Money Fueling Montana Youth Climate Suit

These kids are as legit as St. Greta. Where is Child Protective Services?

No TWIRL next week while we’re on some much needed R&R. Hopefully I’ll have a quick post to hold you over. Have a great weekend!

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