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Happy New Year and welcome to Day 353 of the Let’s Go Brandon!* occupation! A year ago I cautioned everyone that 2021 would make 2020 look like 2019, and while I don’t think we’ll see same jumps in idiocy, as the tide is turning. But that also doesn’t mean that things won’t get worse before they get better. But first let’s jump into the wayback machine of four months ago…

9/19/21 – Bud & Lou Discuss the Pandemic

It’s a shame that nobody younger than Gen-X will get this, becasue it perfectly summarizes the absurdity of the pandemic & its response.

12/30 – Error-riddled Virginia teachers union letter gets roasted on social media

This is from the school district that Little Bob attends. And if you’re on Facebook, check out the group “Arlington Education Matters”, They’re behind the letter, and the meltdown they collectively had over it will warm even the coldest heart.

12/31 – Illinois Holocaust Museum Begins Requiring Visitors to Show Approved Travel and Vaccination Papers

I’m looking for a good take on “Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it”, but this is just too painful.

1/1 – Jonah Goldberg Blames ‘Elites,’ By Which He Means, Everyone But Himself

Jonah used to be one of my favorites, even responded to an email or two I sent back in the day. The sad part is, unlike most of the others who I walked away from when they went off the rails, I have absolutely no idea when I tuned Jonah out. But every once in a while I see articles like this that remond me why I did

1/2 – CDC Now Treats Unvaccinated The Same As Un-Boosted, Just As DeSantis Predicted

“I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise”

1/3 – Progressives Super Worried About “Rights” They Will Lose If The GOP Takes Control

You can thank William Teach at the Pirate’s Cove for reading this bit of idiocy from NY Mag so you don’t have to

1/4 – DEI Must DIE

Forget the obvious reason to oppose Leftists trying to make our kids as bigoted as your average Leftist. Here is actual evidence showing how DEI is making our kids dumber.

1/5 – Ted Cruz Calls January 6 Riots “A Violent Terrorist Attack on the Capitol”

Alternative headline – “Jeb! Cruz officially announces that he has no intention of ever getting elected President”. Although Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker offers an interesting theory.

1/6 – Coddling criminals is an assault on America

Respectfully disagree – the term we must all start using is “Trickle Down Terrorism”

1/7 – Ted Cruz: If Republicans Take Back the House, Biden Could Be Impeached

Of course, there’s no need to move Jeb! Cruz into the “Dead to me” category, at least for now. He raises a very good point here

And yes, you can count me among the ranks who’ve joined GETTR this week – you can follow me here. Will it end up disappointing like the rest of the new tech platforms often do? Probably. But the bottom line is that we have to keep moving away from old tech & it will never happen if we don’t at least try to build new communities.

Have a great weekend!

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