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If we are having a discussion with someone about Trump or conservatism, we have to learn to ask questions. For example, it dawned on me to ask, when the tangent of “election hacking” was ventured off on in order to excuse away the miserable showing by liberals, what exactly was accomplished by the “hacking”? What advantage was gained through this “Russian interference”? When this question is posed, the subject is changed. The response is that it is un-measurable. We don’t know… it just cost Hillary the election, that’s all. (That would also be a good time to ask why, if such release of damaging material is bad, why is the traitor Manning being released early from prison? Or, does it simply depend upon whose donkey is being gored?)

So, as we here the incessant droning on about Obama’s high approval rating and Trump’s approval rating, the thought occurs to me to ask, why, exactly, is Trump’s approval rating low? What is causing this?

Aside from, due the the mere fact of his election, convincing Carrier to stay in the US and save, without spending a nickel or saying a word, 2,000 jobs, what did he do? He’s done nothing, if you don’t count actually talking Ford into building new plants in the US and creating more jobs. What, except for negotiating lower costs for the F-35 and the new Air Force One, has he been doing to lower his approval ratings?

Trump’s big sin against humanity was to defeat the Heir Obvious and Entitled to the Liberal Throne, Hillary Clinton. What he did wrong was to win. His crime was to bring crashing down the dream of an ongoing liberal Utopia, powered indefinitely by Supreme Court appointments that would load the bench with activist liberals and assure that whatever was needed to suppress opposition to the liberal dream of dictating what freedoms we want and enjoy would be brushed aside. Like when Bush defeated Gore, ending the hopes of another eight years of the Clinton’s, so Trump wrecked a potential 8 years of Hillary, followed by whomever the Democrats could get the millions of illegal immigrants already here and the millions more they lured into the country to vote for. Poof… gone.

Trump was a brash candidate… a counter puncher that took no slight, attack or insult without response. I don’t particularly like it that way but, sadly, that was what it takes to defeat an ideology that gets away with employing the false personal attack, expecting the opposition to be too dignified to respond with heavy artillery. Instead of Romney, I wanted Gingrich to run against Obama, because he would have run just the sort of campaign that was needed. Romney, the nice guy, finished last in a two-man race. Trump took the fight to the Democrats and, when they got dirty, he got dirty. They could have learned and cleaned up their act, but they thought, with the media on their side, they could prevail, just as they always have. But, this time the People were paying attention.

Trump is criticized for responding to long-winded personal attack speeches, rife with lies and “fake news”, with 140 characters. Trump is criticized for being childish in response to childish attacks. Trump is criticized for not being able to be “above” such things by the people who start the conversation out way on down there.

In other words, Trump is attacked for no other reason than he is not the person that pleases liberals, which of course includes much of the media. He is not Obama who, along the same lines, is wildly popular for no particular reason other than he is Obama. His policies have failed, the world is more dangerous, the economy in much the same state as when it only began to climb out of recession and personal hatred among citizens is at a greater level than ever before. Obama, who releases terrorists from jail and pardons drug criminals, is popular among those who think Trump and his conservatism puts society at risk.

So, the questions need to be asked; WHY is Obama popular? What has Trump done to deserve his lack of approval (listen carefully to what is said he “says”, as it rarely matches his actual words)?

You might also ask, “Who cares?”

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