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The Republican Party is evolving at speeds approaching the speed of light, taking into consideration that evolution supposedly takes millions of years and I gave myself permission to use hyperbole. There was the discovery of a new species at the GOP watering hole; for years we assumed him to be a Homo Sapiens Republicanthropus, known most commonly as Arlen Specter, but this was only a ruse to obtain herd hierarchy.

His true identity became apparent when herd members from his own region questioned his loyalty to the herd. He quickly transformed into his true persona, a Homo Sapiens Rinocanthropus. There was disappointment within the Republicanthropus clan, but those amongst the stock men of the clan, realized it is best to cull the gene pool of those unworthy of the title Republicanthropus; otherwise, the message is diluted and the herd’s migration compass is compromised, causing a loss of direction.

Dede Scazzafava was the next Rinocanthropus to expose her true colors to the world. Exhibiting a compromised sense of integrity, she took heavily from the larder of the Republicanthropus to run for a congressional seat in upstate New York and threw her support the opposition after being beaten soundly in a primary bid, guaranteeing a Democanthropus victory. Thus the treachery of the Rinocanthropus continues.

Rinocanthropus types: Castle, Crist, and Murkowski, have been exposed, soundly defeated and yet they vow to fight on, not for just a forlorn hope, but to insure Democanthropus victories, so shallow is their loyalty to the Republicanthropus clan, and for no other reason than to show fealty to Homo Sapiens Obamignoblethropus, leader of the opposition who campaigned as a charismatic enigma, an extremely rare subspecies.

Despite the radical culling of the herd, loyal Homo Sapiens Republicanthropus specimens are relieved to have the gene pool cleansed of the weaker elements. There are still some problems, Collins, Snow, and Graham come to mind; however the Republicanthropus herds in Maine and South Carolina will soon be getting the message.

We have also had problems with those who service and critique the herd wanting to maintain the status quo, they bemoan the loss of Rinocanthropus specimens loyal to Obamignoblethropus, these are of the lowly hackcanthropus species, Rove and Krauthammer, but when they count past ten, they must drop their trousers. Thus they are considered insignificant and inconsequential and are more accustomed to doing tricks for treats and living off the scraps of real workers

A rancher or pig farmer will tell you without question, you must have new blood or DNA in the gene pool or the herd will suffer become weak and commercially unviable. In the process you must retire those that or no longer beneficial to the herd. Thankfully, our weakest links are taking themselves out of the herd.

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