Born in 1967 in Walnut Creek, CA I enlisted into the Marine Corps at the age of 18 in 1986. I went into a communication MOS and was stationed in 29 Palms, Camp Pendleton, and spent my last year in Okinawa. I discharged in 1990 and joined the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 1991 (after undergoing a 11 month hiring process) and have been with the department ever since then.

A political junkie since my early days in High School I still have vivid memories arguing with my liberal mother over Reagan, and even though I was too young to vote in 1984 I actively campaigned for Reagan by placing signs and stickers where ever I could.

I supported President Bush 110%, and the War on Terror, and actively work to expose the ongoing liberal bias in our MSM.

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A former fetus, the “wordsmith from nantucket” was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1968. Adopted at birth, wordsmith grew up a military brat. He achieved his B.A. in English from the University of California, Los Angeles (graduating in the top 97% of his class), where he also competed rings for the UCLA mens gymnastics team. The events of 9/11 woke him from his political slumber and malaise. Currently a personal trainer and gymnastics coach.

The wordsmith has never been to Nantucket.

Wordsmith’s blog Sparks From The Anvil.

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Aye Chihuahua was born in a small rural town in South Carolina in 1967. Educated at the University of South Carolina, Aye earned his degrees in Business Management and Marketing.

A descendant of five generations of woodworkers Aye enjoys reading, gardening, fishing, and, of course, woodworking. He especially enjoys reclaiming and recycling old lumber and turning it into furniture, cabinetry, built-ins, etc.

Aye has been interested in politics since the early 1980’s, taking a much more active interest beginning in 2000.

After spending eight years in the jewelry business, Aye worked in management with Wal-Mart for nine years. Upon leaving the nations’ largest retailer, Aye returned to the jewelry industry and later started his own business venture where he remains self-employed.

Aye has been married to his high school sweetheart for almost 20 years. He and his wife have three children: a 17 year old son, a 15 year old daughter, and an 11 year old son.

He and his family now live in Georgia where they are restoring a home built in 1880.

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Skookum or Skook is a dual citizen of the US and Canada, but in Canada, he has only lived in British Columbia and Alberta. Skookum is a common Indian word from the Northwest that means ‘heavy duty’. Skook is the least educated of the authors and possibly of all the readers. He has been a professional horseman throughout his entire life and has the scars and broken bones for documentation. His horse work has necessitated travel all over North America and Western Europe. Business and a divorce settlement brought about a residence in the desert of Southern California, a place he once said he would never live. A devoted fan of Ju-Jitsu, boxing, and Kendo, a catastrophic horse wreck 5 years ago, left him unable to train with the MMA fighters; his sparring partners, enjoyed his unorthodox fighting styles and gave him the nick name ‘Poppa Bear’. They said the name evolved by grabbing a hold of him and feeling as if they had grabbed a hold of a Grizzly Bear and of course he was almost twice as old as everyone, so Poppa was a term of affection. It is a nickname he is proud of, to this day.

A committed Conservative, he has kept an eye on the political scenes of Canada and the US for over 50 years. At home in the Canadian Rockies, Skook maintains that he can survive with an ax, a rifle, and a knife in temperatures down to 50 below and has done it on many occasions. He hopes to semi-retire to a ranch in BC or Alberta in the next few years and maintain his horse business on a much slower key and devote more time to writing about the mountains, the people, and the animals of the Northwest. Skook feels privileged to be writing with the distinguished talent here at Flopping Aces and corresponding with the wits who write commentary.

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CJ Grisham

I’ve been a fan of Flopping Aces for a long time, so when I was asked if I’d like to write here, it didn’t take long to respond even though I already write on two other sites, A Soldier’s Perspective and You Served (along with the You Served Radio Show I do once a week).  For those that don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is CJ Grisham.  My biggest accomplishment in life is actually fooling a hot chick into marrying me and then giving me three awesome children!!  After that, I’d have to say my military service.

I come from a long line of military service.  My father is a 32-year veteran of the Navy and my grandfather was in the Army Air Corps and fought in Germany during WWII.  I am currently in the Army and fought in Iraq during the initial invasion in March 2003.  I just hit my 16th year in the Army this past January and hope to live long enough to retire myself.  I’m currently a Master Sergeant and have done time as a First Sergeant.

I’m currently preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, something I’ve been trying to get since returning from my previous deployment in late 2003.  It just didn’t sit right that Soldiers were deploying 2, 3, and 4 times and I was resting on just one myself.  However, it’s just the way the cards fell.  When I returned from Iraq, I was immediately reassigned to help create Task Force IED at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA.  After that, I was reassigned to unit in the DC area.  Then, I was sent to a strategic assignment in Huntsville, AL.  I’ve volunteered for numerous deployments, but they were never approved for one reason or another (one of those being the reason I can no longer stand John McCain!).  After awhile, I just figured when God needs me, he’ll send me back.  Well, I guess he needs me.

I’m a firm believer in America!  I don’t care what anyone says, this is the greatest country in the world – in spite of what our current leadership is doing to destroy that.  But, we aren’t a great country because of the scumbags we send to Washington, we’re a great country because of the people here – the farmers, the police officers, the fire fighters, the accountants, the truck drivers, the Taco Bell drive thru homies, etc.

I am a strong defender of the Constitution.  When I joined the Army, I took that enlistment oath personally.  “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  I didn’t take an oath to any one person or group of people.  I didn’t promise to support and defend a political party.  I didn’t promise to support and defend an ideology diametrically opposed to the Constitution.  The words in that Constitution guide my purpose.  I love my country because of the freedoms that it guarantees to each of us.  I didn’t take that oath lightly or dismissively.  I carry a copy of a well-worn Constitution everywhere I go, especially in uniform, to remind me of this sacred duty.  If you ever see me in uniform, I’ll prove it.

So, I think the topics you’ll see most from me will be related to either my military service or issues relating to the support or destruction of the Constitution. Every now and then I’ll try to surprise you.  I’m a huge gun rights advocate and will probably write extensively about it.  I believe that the people are superior to the government and have no issues being vocal about it.  I will fight to put government in its place in a heartbeat and have a great track record of doing so.  Of course, sometimes that puts me in odds with my military service, depending on the competence or leadership ability of those above me.  😉

I’m preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan in a few months and my plan is to write at least one post per week about my time there.  Naturally, if you have any questions or specific topics you’d like see from me, please ask.  My email address is [email protected] and I’m usually pretty good about replying.

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James Raider

A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit.

Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

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DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education.

DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed.

Except for liberals being foolish.

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The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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Born, raised and educated in the City of Brotherly Love – that would be Philadelphia to the rest of youse guys. Skye has accumulated degrees in Biology and Laboratory Science from Holy Family University and she is considering pursuing her MBA/MHA. Outside of collecting multiple degrees, Skye is an avid photographer, videographer, world trekker, certified scuba diver, and culinary goddess (more or less).

For the past several months, Skye has combined her talents in photography, blogging and videography to document the growth of a one-man pro-victory rally in West Chester, PA. You can read the weekly reports on Skye’s blog: MidnightBlue

Three fast facts:

Skye is a Democrat, she loves SciFi, and she votes – please do not confuse her as being liberal.

Skye is in shock and awe that Wordsmith is NOT from Nantuket.

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Scott Malensek is a Featured Writer for Flopping Aces, The New Media journal, and several other online news sites. He is the author of: Black Rain For Christmas, The Secret War in South Asia, Sixth Fleet Under: Aircraft Carrier Combat in The Eastern Mediterranean, The X-MAS War, The Weekend Warriors, and 50+ Ways to Play With Your Paintballs.

He’s also written several books on the Global War on Terror and Iraq under the pen name, Sam Pender. These books include: Iraq’s Smoking Gun, The Ignored War, America’s War With Saddam, How Did It Come To This?, and Saddam’s Ties to Al Qaeda.

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Vietnam era Navy wife who continued the military/gypsy lifestyle long after the former hubby’s deployment ended. By 1980, and after extensive travel of all the beautiful US, she planted not-too-deep roots in LALA land, working as a sound editor in the film sound business for 17 years. In the late 80s, she bought a Harley – a move that started her on the path to political awareness. There’s nothing like being “profiled” for your ride to kick up a body’s involvement, eh?

The glitter and glamour of LA tarnished with time, exposure to the denizens, and her own age. So Mata moved north to Oregon just before the Millennium. Now hiding out in Oregon’s greenery – cleverly undercover as a speck of red in a sea’o’blue – she’s political research junkie, a skeptic of just about everything (thus the research junkie status…) and a fierce Independent who ended up registering GOP to have some say in ANY primary.


Mata started blogging in early 21st century when friend and activist, Alia Darrow invited her to be a co-contributor to Alia’s Vibes. They’ve since moved on to their newer site, called Sea2Sea. Per MataHarley’s account, “I never cared if anyone read my blog rants. I use it to vent my frustrations… these dissertations give my emotions a much needed release. Because, ya know, life’s just too short to be consumed with anger.”

She’s moved on from the original, local motorcycle issues that started her on this path. Now she keeps a weather eye on the international and national horizons – most especially the Middle East and the global Islamic jihad movement. Like everyone else, 911 redirected her focus.

But she still b*#ches about wearing a helmet…

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Chris was born in 1973 to two active duty Army Officers at Ft. Knox, Ky. and obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering Management/Business Logistics from Western Michigan University.

Joined the Michigan Army National Guard in Nov, 1993 and earned his commission as an active duty officer in 1996. Has served in 1st Armored Division, 1st Infantry Division, 16th Cavalry, and deployed to Iraq in 2007 with Multi-National Forces-Iraq.

Chris joined Flopping Aces as a author in 2007 but tragically took his own life in 2009.

You are missed Chris

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