Oh, Look… Over There! It’s Sessions!! (Guest Post)

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A friend of mine posted a comment on his Facebook page that embarrassed me.  He noted that this past week, 11 Marines had been killed in action and there was no discussion or mention of it in the media.  It embarrassed me not to have known this, but it reminded me of a past epiphany.

Here’s the thing; back in January of 2010, when I was putting away Christmas decorations, I noticed the lists of the KIA’s the Dallas Morning News used to print around Christmas time during the Bush administration. So, I checked back with the current paper and, surprise, NO lists of KIA’s. It seems using military deaths to stir up anti-war sentiment was only employable during a Republican regime. Now, with Obama having to put troops back into harm’s way due to his stupidity and choice to rely on his own instincts regarding leaving Iraq and, of course, the corrupt liberal media chooses to spend more time making someone like Sessions out to be a raging racist than honestly covering the results of a disastrous and failed foreign policy.

To the left, as emphasized by the rude and disrespectful treatment a Gold Star family got from First (no) Class passengers when they were slightly inconvenienced while the family of one of these Marines was traveling with the remains of their son, these fallen heroes are only useful as propaganda.  That Gold Star family gets no media blitz because, A, they are not Muslim and, B, they are not props at a liberal event.

The biased, corrupt liberal media is disgusting enough in the regular course of their task of propping up a failed agenda.  But using military deaths as political props is sickening.  They have proven they share the loathing (to use Bill Clinton’s term) of the military by only mentioning military deaths or demanding photographs of flag draped coffins when it can be used as a mallet against a political opponent.

The media has not only discredited itself by its dereliction of duty to cover all politics and persons equally and fairly, but have shown themselves to be inhuman and hateful in the way they treat fallen heroes and their loved ones.

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    MOS #8541

    my daughter died in combat, local news and paper never mentioned her honor to serve and die for this country. never expected anything from the corrupt media

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    @kitt, #3:

    That would be the coalition war against ISIS that has been underway since late 2014, which republicans have refused to acknowledge in any way, shape, or form, because doing so would run counter to their bullshit claim that Obama has done nothing about Islamic terrorism. I’ve seen no formal republican acknowledgement that American military personnel have died while taking part in that effort.

    The formal request that Congress authorize the use of military force against ISIS is still sitting in somebody’s bottom desk drawer, where it has been since February, 2014.

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    @Greg: Why did he send arms to the animals? Why was so much left behind in his haste to end the war for the jihad JVs to utilize, and recently fund the terrorists through his Iran deal, face it the left lead by O hates the military, has let it go to the point where they have to resort to going to an airplane junkyard to keep the airplanes running. Jefferson knew how to handle the Muslims and we should take a clue from history.

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    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @Greg: Of course, without Obama’s abject stupidity and arrogance, there would be no war against ISIS. It is nothing short of amazing that 11 Marines could die in combat when we have “no boots on the ground”, right?

    But of course the POINT is that the left uses tragedy to benefit their political aims and then ignore it when it cannot benefit them or they might be held responsible for it. Like Trump calling the loved ones of a killed cop while Obama ignores the event, since there is no political hay to be exploited.

    No doubt Mr. Trump will take on ISIS as promised, and win this war in short order. That’s probably why ISIS is so worried about his election.

    Yeah, liberals and ISIS have a lot in common; they both believe a lot of what the corrupt liberal media says. There are actually a lot more similarities than that.

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    @Greg: You must find a new line. This one has been worn out and has been proven to not be true. I know that untruth does not bother lefties, but there are people who r looking for information.

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    @MOS #8541:

    May your child Rest in Peace. Our Freedom comes cheap because your daughter and family have paid a high price. All I can say is Thank You and my prayers are for you and your daughter.

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