6 Responses to “He’s the hero #RepresentationMatters / #blacklivesmatters deserve; but not the one they need.”

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    James raider

    @Bill… Deplorable Me: #2
    Bill . . . Deplorable me, right on.
    I recall watching Carson’s speech for his announcement that he was running for the Presidency, and after he finished, thinking, . . . this guy, whom I know nothing about, makes me feel proud to be a human being.

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    Fir3Cubed (@Fir3Cubed)

    The dream of a colorblind society is dead. it was murdered by Barack Obama and what is now passing for the Democrat Party.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill… Deplorable Me: Yeah and when Carson was the primary leader your guy Trump said he had a “pathological temper”, a “pathological disease” and like child molestation it was incurable. Remember when Trump brought out the knife.
    Dr. Carson dropped to 3rd and was finished.

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