Don’t be nice, Donald.

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At the end of the first presidential debate hillary clinton hammered Donald Trump with a bathroom sink of personal insults. Despite the door being opened wide, Trump in turn declined to hurl invective at hillary over bill clinton’s peccadilloes. He explained his reasoning:

“I didn’t want to… attack her husband on what took place with respect to him and his life and all of the things that took place because Chelsea, who I happen to think is a wonderful young lady was in the room.”

Apparently Chelsea and Ivanka Trump have been friends for some time, but that sure didn’t stop Chelsea from repaying Trump’s kindness by slamming him:

And candidly, I don’t remember a time in my life when my parents and my family weren’t being attacked, and so it just sort of seems to be in that tradition, unfortunately. And what I find most troubling by far are Trump’s — and we talked about this when you interviewed me the night before the Iowa caucus — are Trump’s continued, relentless attacks on whole swaths of our country and even our global community: women, Muslims, Americans with disabilities, a Gold Star family. I mean, that, to me, is far more troubling than whatever his most recent screed against my mom or my family [is].

In 2012 Mitt Romney took the high road.

He lost.

The obama syndicate painted Romney- probably one of the most decent people on the planet- as a liar, tax cheat, felon and even murderer. They even put a dunce cap on him:



John McCain also lost by trying to be a gentleman. Those days are over. Conservative candidates are facing unimagined levels of fraud and abuse on the parts of democrats- a complete loss of civility, led by adolescent, immature young “men” like George Stephanopoulos, David Plouffe and Robbie Mook. And of course, there’s obama’s speechwriter Jon Favreau:


One person who isn’t taking this lightly is Juanita Broaddrick:


No, they are not good people. They are awful people. Treat them as such, but in a matter fact approach. I would remind voters how hillary treated women who accused her husband of indiscretions- nuts and sluts, trailer park trash, narcissistic looney tunes and “drag a hundred dollar through a trailer park you never know what you gonna find.” I’ve got a great source of material for you here:

To see similar hypocritical Leftist misogyny, we need only go back to the last time a Democrat was in the White House. Whenever a woman came forward with allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct by Bill Clinton, the response of the Clinton defenders, both in and out of the media, was to attack her credibility, character, and virtue. Advisor James Carville famously said of Paula Jones (the young Arkansas state employee whom Clinton as governor had his state police guard procure to his hotel room for the purpose of orally pleasuring him), “Drag $100 bills through trailer parks, there’s no telling what you’ll find.” Evan Thomas of Newsweek dutifully complemented the slander by declaring her on national television “just some sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks,” though he later was compelled to apologize in print. (One wonders how residents of trailer parks felt about that, but I guess empathy for them is for the little people.) When Kathleen Willey accused the president of groping her in the White House, and was physically threatened for her trouble, feminist icon and (former) scourge of sexual harassers Gloria Steinem said that it was no problem — he was entitled to a freebie, after which Cathy Young of Reason magazine reported on “the death of sexual harassment.”

Hillary treated women worse than dogs in order to further her political future. Maybe you can even ask hillary about this:




Do not go gently into that good night, Donald. Don’t be nice.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    One of the primary reasons I backed Gingrich in 2012, aside from his brilliance, was that I KNEW he would attack. Anyone facing a liberal has to take the offensive… even an offensive offensive… because the desperate left will pull out all the stops.

    Hillary started the birther movement against Obama; yesterday Michelle defended Hillary and talked about how painful the accusations were, as if Trump created them.

    They call him a Nazi, a racist, a homophobe and now a coke-head. Then they fall back behind the woman card. Dispicable cowards.

    Trump, and anyone else, certainly has my permission to rain hellfire upon ANY liberal. We can bring civility back after they are disposed of.

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    Just because the Clintons wallow does not mean Don Must. So much real ammo that has to do with competence and judgement while SoS, lying on the Job, failure to provide safety to those in her charge. If she couldnt protect and save a little outpost in Lybia how will she protect my family and home? They are experts at wallowing a sure win for her if you try to compete with that. Stay on message, deliver that message with dignity, have ready canned lines for ignorant wallowing bait.

  3. 3

    Nanny G

    Twice, during the debate, Trump had Hillary speechless.
    When she was saying the Russians hacked the DNC and he added that the hack exposed her screwing of Bernie Saunders.
    The result of the hack was that Debbie W-S had to suddenly resign her position as head of the DNC.

    The other time when he pointed out that 5 of her top aids had taken the 5th Amendment.

    Each of those were substantive points, not ”gotcha’s.”
    Each was a real issue not a simple name-call.

    Trump has an entire army of deplorables who go online and make fun of Hillary for her ”iconic fashion sense,” her health, her philandering husband.
    He doesn’t need to do that.
    If he had done that, it might have cost him more votes than it would have gained him.
    These debates are his chance to introduce himself to a segment of voters he has not done well with (up until now).
    Those are the college grads.
    Do college grads really favor a gotcha name-caller, like Hillary was, over a substantive debater?
    If they do, college has changed, a lot.

  4. 4


    @Kitt – You are right in saying, just because the Clintons wallow does not mean Trump must do the same. If he does, and the betting line is he’ll engage in wallowing, this election would become more farcical. And, it wouldn’t matter who won or lost. All of us, regardless of political leanings, will be worse for it.

  5. 5

    John S Walsh

    The Clintons have gotten away with so much because of their connections–who they know, who knows them, and like most users they make tight connections with the powerful. Thus, the average voters doesn’t delve into this stuff because the most prominent stories about them and other liberals–like the birther stupidity–is pointed to as an excuse not to believe ANY of the stuff about them.

    Trump has two chances to blast Hillary with everything. If he doesn’t he’s falling into the trap the Clintons and their sort depend on–the people who don’t want to Go There because that makes THEM just as bad.

    Make up your mind, Donald. Do you want to win, or join the collection of losers who’ve fallen by the wayside because they won’t get as down and dirty as the Clintons?

    Inadvertently, because she’s so dumb she could never do it intentionally, Chelsea may have given Trump what he needs to go after the Clintons. He has a habit of not being nice to anyone who isn’t nice to him. Well, Chelsea just opened her big dumb yap–take the opportunity, or get ready to be treated like a traitor for the rest of your days for taking us all for a ride.

  6. 6

    Gary Miller

    “At the end of the first presidential debate hillary clinton hammered Donald Trump with a bathroom sink of personal insults.”

    Such as? An example?

  7. 7

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    There is no need to wallow; there is ample material to exploit that is fully pertinent to the aspect of being worthy of the office of the Presidency. My point is that it should all be used to it’s fullest. As we have seen, even when Trump says nothing wrong, the media will provide it’s own “news”. So, what is the benefit of holding back? As Hillary drops in the polls, Obama has already shown the direction the “civil discourse” and discussion of the “issues” is going to go. Trump is attacking Hillary because she is a woman.

    Sound somewhat familiar?

    Hillary [Obama] is not opposed because of her terrible polices or history of lies and corruption; she is opposed because she [he] is a woman [black].

    Desperate to avoid dwelling on liberal failure and crony corruption, the left will carry on with the meme they have relied on for the past 9 years; you disagree with the history of liberal failure because of misogyny [racism].

    These liberals are incapable of thoughtful leadership and governance. They need to be in positions of authority no more.

  8. 8


    You should definitely go for it, Donald. If you’re not smart enough to figure out what will happen when you do, you’re not smart enough to be president.

  9. 9


    @Bill… Deplorable Me: The liberal memes can be countered if he takes a breath before an attack, “womens card” did Margret or Golda whine, tell her suck it up buttercup. So much material he should get a good comedy writer short funny attacks are remembered.

  10. 11

    Richard Wheeler

    Dr. J. I’m surprised at you. We both know Trump is a class less egotist. You’ve pretty much said so. Why the defense—Because you dun’t like his opponent doesn’t mean you gotta cozy up to him–doesn’t it make you feel dirty?

    Kitt Same question to you

    BTW David and I are in agreement on this
    Semper Fi

  11. 14


    @Richard Wheeler: Shame on you, not cozy with Trump his unconstitutional BS “no fly no buy” that came out in the debate. I just dont want this election to get below sea level with New York Post style chatter. The thought of Hillary in the White House is sickening, he can easily be impeached. Where Hillary has been inside too long and has the skinny on too many in congress for that to happen. My hope is that like most of his stuff its empty pandering to the independent left leaning voters.

  12. 17

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @Richard Wheeler: I don’t want him gone. I think the vivid examples of left wing violence, misogyny and incivility should remain on display to show us what we are up against.

    We are seeing more and more examples of the groundwork for voter fraud from numerous areas around the nation. The Clinton campaign is pulling every trick, including making the “birther issue”, something THEY invented, Trump’s albatross, falsely accusing him of racism, misogyny, drug use and criminal activity while Hillary skates on lying to the FBI and illegally mishandling national security.

    So, keep Harris’ post up; make it a topic of its own. THIS is the face of the Democrat party today, the party that chose the legacy candidate and screwed over all the other candidates to make her appear to be the legitimate candidate.

    Harris represents the ideology that will abuse the DoJ, IRS and DoD to attack citizens that do not subscribe to their ideology while working to protect their ideological kin when they violate our laws.

    Harris represents a disgusting entity; Harris represents the opposition to a powerful and prosperous United States of America. Leave his comment where it is.

  13. 20

    Bill- Deplorable Me

    @Richard Wheeler: #12 does not reflect any attitude of any supporter of Trump I have heard, yet we have repeatedly seen leftist Bernie and Hillary supports commit wanton acts of violence. We also see them and Obama applaud those who riot, steal and promote violence.

    I guess the question really is, how can you make the mistake you’ve made?

  14. 21

    July 4th American

    @Bill- Deplorable Me:

    Last time I checked, the trump supporters were not beating up supporters of mrs clinton. And they were. It killing police and shoppers at malls.

    They liberal ironically acuses those on the right of the of the very thing they actually do……

  15. 22

    Nanny G

    Here’s what ”the deplorables” are doing:
    BTW, the illustrations are hilarious!
    The Pepe Gadsen Flag with the ”Don’t Tread on Memes,” ought to be made into a real flag.
    Hillary went to war against a cartoon figure.
    This is the backlash.

    Trump should stay on the economy, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.
    Dumping ObamaCare.
    Dumping centralized education.
    Veteran’s health.
    Rebuilding our military.
    Immigration reform.

    Let his deplorables handle the meme war and name-calling.
    They’re terrific at it.

  16. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    @Nanny G: But The Donald can’t help himself, His vanity won’t allow it.
    Pride comes before the fall.

    Nan Any one wanna count Trump’s mistresses. How bout Giuliani or Gingrichs’

  17. 26

    Nanny G

    @Richard Wheeler: wanna count Trump’s mistresses?

    You sound like Harry Reid with his Romney paid NO TAXES lie.
    Or even more recently Howard Dean with his Trump cocaine lie.

    You want to become an investigative reporter?
    Go right ahead.
    Until then all you got is innuendo and unsubstantiated vapor.

  18. 27

    Richard Wheeler

    @Nanny G: All three cheated on their wives –Donald met wife two while skiing with Ivana and kids
    These 3 all cheaters as was Clinton–so what.
    You think Dem men any worse than Repubs—not the case. Most powerful men cheat—
    Why do women sleep with them when they know they’re married? ALSO at fault.

  19. 28

    Nanny G

    Hillary’s real view of Millennials leaked last night:


    They’re children of the Great Recession.
    And they are living in their parents’ basement.
    They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves.
    And they don’t see much of a future.
    I met with a group of young black millennials today and you know one of the young women said, “You know, none of us feel that we have the job that we should have gotten out of college.
    And we don’t believe the job market is going to give us much of a chance.”
    So that is a mindset that is really affecting their politics.
    And so if you’re feeling like you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn’t pay a lot, and doesn’t have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing.

    No need for Trump to be nasty.
    Just make a nice ad including her own words as she looks down her nose at this entire voter bloc.
    Then stand back and count the votes.

  20. 29

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @Richard Wheeler: So, when the Clinton’s Obama’s and corrupt media spend their time and energy to goad Trump into a response, that is time well spent, clean politics and all fair but when Trump responds, he is “un-Presidential”?

    For instance, the Dallas Morning News has a FRONT PAGE STORY about Trump Twittering about the Miss Universe but no mention of Hillary connecting herself with a adult film star, violent psychopath that makes threats against people that displease her. It also lists the women Trump has “insulted” while ignoring Hillary attacking the women that dare object to he husband sexually assaulting them.

    These 3 all cheaters as was Clinton–so what.

    Ah, but only ONE did it using the authority of a State Attorney General, Governor or in the White House, which could have exposed the entire nation to blackmail. I don’t like it and I don’t approve or excuse it, but it only becomes an issue for me when it affects the nation.

    I can’t blame anyone for cheating on Hillary; imagine living with THAT. However, when it jeopardizes national security and dragging nation into a legal quagmire, that becomes an issue.

  21. 30

    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill… Deplorable Me: Trump’s biggest problem in my eyes is his vanity===pride goeth before the fall. This single trait will bring his defeat He can’t seem to control it. He shows absolutely no humility.

    He’s got losers like Giuliani and Gingrich as his surrogates. Ryan won’t even talk to him. He’s trying to bully his way to victory—not enough white men in the electorate to get him in.

  22. 31


    Americans like Bill Clinton he left with high 60s approval ratings
    Many of the ones who most dislike him are the geezer crowd who haven’t had any good sex since he was POTUS
    The GOP has always been anti sex i can’t really see that as an election winning strategy

  23. 32

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @Richard Wheeler: When you find one singular person that runs for public office that is not a slave to vanity, pride and ego, you be sure to let me know. The worst… in MY eyes… has been Obama, who obviously greatly enjoys the power he has gained. Hillary is power hungry and mad, in addition to viciously vindictive.

    So, it appears your “biggest problem” is a common problem, more pronounced in those you follow and support.

    Also, by your definition, Hillary is a loser. As is your purported candidate, Roberts. Guiliani a loser? Gingrich? Why?

    Our choices are limited, but keeping the Supreme Court out of the hands of anti-Constitutional liberals is of paramount importance. The petty expectations of this perk or that pales in comparison to what an insurmountable liberal majority of activist liberal Supreme Court justices could do to the life of this country.

  24. 33

    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill… Deplorable Me: Do you recall Rudy’s run in 2008–sat in FLA and by the time primary got there he was forgotten and eliminated. How bout Gingrich ‘s try in o8–nothing. Two losers clinging to Trump for last chance-They’ll be gone for good.

  25. 34


    @Richard Wheeler: You seem to be under the liberal clanging voices impression that its ONLY white men that would vote for Trump, you need to expand your web searches, 30 % hispanic in Arizona, the black vote numbers are going up when they are reminded of her Super Predator remarks, she is quite reprehensible hasn’t the charm of old Bill, then there are the Bernie voters that were disgusted by the DNC, pretty much why the MSM is freaking out about 3rd parties. The military will remember 13 hours, more and more of them are being trickled back into the ME to fight with “rebels” or ISIS depending on the view.
    Nothing is a sure thing Hillary has spent alot of money on ads that have 0 effect in getting her 50 points ahead. The college crowd need to be reminded as they drooled over Obama voted him in they got nothing for thier loyalty, no jobs no debt relief no transparancy its exactly what they will get from Hillary, the union coal miners caught on.

  26. 35

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: My predictions FOR DT White men 75-77%
    Black men 12% Hispanic men 22% Black women <5% Hispanic women <15%

    Actually Trump needs close to 60% of White Female vote—-think he'll be under 55% and lose a close election—Remember Pa will decide–Trump down marginally.

  27. 36

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @Richard Wheeler: So then the candidate that wants attorneys for animals is a loser. BIIIG loser. Right?

    Guiliani, mayor of NYC during 9/11, does a GREAT job running the city during the most stressful time that city has ever known… loser.

    Gingrich, the Speaker which brought about the most successful reform of welfare since its inception (thrown away by Obama)… loser.

    Yeah, I can see your credibility and judgement needs to be ignored totally.

  28. 37

    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill… Deplorable Me: Yup Rudy and Newt big losers in their Presidential attempts and in their marriages
    Humane Party candidate hasn’t taken any loses.

    Gingrich looked the fool every time he tried to challenge .Clinton.

    Talk about credibility and judgement—you’re a blinded radical right wing Trumpeteer—I believe you’re as irrational as Trump.

  29. 41

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @John: So, do you believe his sexual predatory nature is negated by his media-inflated popularity rating? I suppose you would be fine with Obama raping any woman he pleases, or committing any other crimes (he hasn’t already committed) because he is artificially popular?

    I guess Bill Cosby should just be let off and all charges dropped; he was VERY popular.

  30. 42

    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill… Deplorable Me: You seem confused. Obviously Clifton Roberts is not running to win. His goal is to bring awareness to the issues that he and his constituents care about.
    Re sexual predators–some might give Trump the same title—accused of rape and then charges dropped Certainly has had a documented history of demeaning women. But to be fair he also demeans men, and minorities on a regular basis.

  31. 44

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    @Richard Wheeler:

    You seem confused. Obviously Clifton Roberts is not running to win. His goal is to bring awareness to the issues that he and his constituents care about.

    Indeed I am. For, I would assume when someone has something like this:

    … they might be running for President.

    Though he maintains the ridiculous position that a cat has the same human rights as I do, you could be right that he has no delusions that he could possibly win… or even get on the ballot. I wonder though, is he soliciting contributions? I don’t see a link to contribute, which is good, if your view is correct. After all, then he would be committing fraud… if he isn’t really running.

    But, I like that approach. You know, Rudy and Newt never intended to win, either. They were just making statements. So, losers… NOT.

    accused of rape and then charges dropped

    Charges dropped…. awwww. Too bad. However, charges against Bubba were NOT dropped and settlements (as in PLURAL, as in MORE THAN ONCE) were made. Also, Bubba was impeached and disbarred for lying about it. So, kind of NOT the same, in no way, form or function.

    Why would you be trying to defend Bill, anyway?

    Did you see Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL?–ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT–Hilarious

    I’m sure you still believe Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house.” Why does the left still associate with the homophobic racist Baldwin? Perhaps those sins are not really that important to them.

    Your vote is best place on the delusional lunatic Roberts.

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