Evil Twins – Why Multiculturalism Is As Wicked As Nazism (Guest Post)

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It’s a pretty bold statement and I’m sure it’ll cause a furrowed brow on first glace. I mean, how on earth can multiculturalism and Nazism share any similarities given they appear to be so drastically different? But if one dives a little deeper, the claim rings perfectly true.

Let’s start by asking: What exactly, is multiculturalism?

Few people who believe in multiculturalism will have the slightest inkling of its origins. Brainwashed by a tsunami of state propaganda, most people in the West believe multiculturalism is a benign, progressive ideology.  They hold this belief because core to this ideology is the assertion that all races and all cultures are equal. All people no matter their race or creed share the same desire to live alongside each other in peaceful coexistence. Establishing such a vibrant mix of races and cultures will bring enrichment and diversity – but only to the West. Enriched and diverse multicultural societies will spawn a kaleidoscopic utopia where all join hands and sing “Kumbaya”, and intolerance, violence and hatred will have been overcome forever.

Not only is this is a childish fantasy that ignores centuries of human evolution and interracial/inter-tribal conflicts, it’s also a completely false understanding of what multiculturalism is and why it came into being. Enrichment is the very last thing it is intended to bring to the once mighty, civilized West.

As Marxism evolved during the twentieth century, a group of highly-intelligent Marxian philosophers concluded that the working class of the West had all but rejected socialism. This influential group, known as “The Frankfurt School”, included a number of genius social philosophers, but perhaps the most prominent is Professor Herbert Marcuse.


It was he who accused the working class of embracing capitalism and therefore, they’d become integrated into the ruling classes, the bourgeoisie.

For Marxism to become dominant, he realized that Marxists had to find a new oppressed proletariat whose cause they could champion. Marcuse solved this by identifying minorities such as women, homosexuals, the disabled, and most importantly, ethnic minorities. And so, to take Marxism forwards in the West, he became an advocate of multi-racial societies and a leading-light for the feminist cause. He knew if the “oppressive, war-mongering, patriarchal western society” could be dismantled and replaced by a matriarchal one, then Marxists would take a quantum leap towards power.

Marcuse’s radical theories were adopted by the left during the 1960s and spread like wildfire in Western universities. During the Paris student protests in May 1968, students rallied under the slogan “Marx, Mao, Marcuse” illustrating just how influential this committed Marxist was. At this time, opposition to the war in Vietnam was growing. I’m sure you’ve heard the famous anti-war slogan “make love not war”.  What you may not know is that it was made popular by Herbert Marcuse, who as an anti-capitalist, pacifist was strongly opposed to the war.

Having adopted Marcuse’s call for multi-racial societies, immigration into the West would increase and this would also help to achieve Karl Marx’s goal of a stateless, borderless, global community. Underpinning all of this was the deadly-effective weapon Marcuse and The Frankfurt School developed with the express purpose of dismantling the despised capitalist West:

Critical theory.

Marxists would deploy this devastating weapon of mass deconstruction to vigorously criticize all aspects of Western civilization. History would be rewritten to portray the West as evil colonialists who looted from, enslaved and oppressed other races. Judeo-Christian morality, especially sexuality, would be criticized and mocked relentlessly, with the traditional family unit targeted for attack with the aim of destroying it, a cherished goal of one Vladimir Lenin.

“Destroy the family and you destroy society.” – Vladimir Lenin

Under critical theory, whites would always be portrayed as cruel, racist oppressors and ethnic minorities their poor, oppressed victims. Racism, a thought-crime invented by the notorious mass-murdering communist Leon Trotsky, would be used to silence dissent and criminalize anyone who dared to oppose the forced imposition of multiculturalism in the West. Native Westerners who dared to resist this pernicious social experiment and who merely wanted to preserve their identities and cultures would be further and falsely demonized as “Nazis” or “fascists”.

So far from being an ideology that would enrich the west with diversity, multiculturalism was designed to punish the people of the west for rejecting socialism. It’s a concerted attack on Western culture, a tactic created by The Frankfurt School to break down the capitalist West, one part of the attack called “cultural Marxism”. Yet few people in the West have ever heard of The Frankfurt School, indeed, I hadn’t heard of them or of Herbert Marcuse when I was a liberal. But you and I and indeed everyone born in the West since 1950 are living through their legacies.

Now you know how multiculturalism was born, let’s now see how it’s become as wicked as Adolf Hitler’s German National Socialism.

Multiculturalism shares several unpleasant aspects with German National Socialism. For a start, both are socialist ideologies and belong firmly on the left as they’re firmly rooted in Marxism. Both are totalitarian and undemocratic, opposition is simply not tolerated. Nobody in the West voted for multiculturalism and mass immigration and nobody can vote against it. All established political parties from the left and the right have forcibly imposed multiculturalism throughout the entire West.

Just as in Nazi Germany, the will of the state is imposed via punitive laws to silence dissent and of course, multicult propaganda is pumped out by the media day-in, day-out. Political parties who dare to oppose multiculturalism are demonized relentlessly and denied a platform to express their perfectly valid opposition. Patriots who dare to exercise their democratic right to protest peacefully will face violent attacks from state-sponsored, left-wing storm troopers; just witness what happens to the EDL, Pegida and Donald Trump supporters.

But the most venal aspect of multiculturalism is it is, just like Nazism, a race-based ideology but with a twist. Core to Nazism is the belief in the purity of Nordic blood and Germanic supremacy. It is not as most people believe, about “white supremacy”. Hitler’s German National Socialists regarded many white races as untermenschen, especially Slavic races. If you didn’t possess pure Nordic blood, you were inferior to those who did. So under Nazism, the Nordic race is deemed superior to all other races.

Under multiculturalism, this idea of racial supremacy also exists but with a crucial difference. As you already know, this rainbow creed asserts that all races and all cultures are equal. With one exception: The entire white race. This race, and only this race, is deemed to be guilty of the sin of racism from birth and all whites benefit from this sin via unjust “white privilege”.  I’ve written previously about the wicked lie of white privilege and you may wish to read it before continuing.

Just as the Jews were regarded as the lowest of the untermenschen in Nazism, white people are portrayed in the same negative way in multiculturalism. Hatred for the Jews is core to Marxian theory. In his essay “On the Jewish Question”, Karl Marx accused the Jews of being greedy people, hucksters who worship the God of money. He tapped-in to the latent anti-Jewish hatred in mainly Christian Europe, fuelled in part by the story of Christ’s crucifixion and the part the Jews played in killing him. But also festering is the deep resentment people have for successful people. Having been expelled from their homeland by the Romans, many Jewish people throughout the diaspora thrived. Their success caused jealousy and resentment, and Hitler’s Nazis exploited this to carry out Marx’s call for the “final solution to the Jewish question.”

In the same way Jews were accused of being greedy hucksters who conned, cheated and exploited non-Jews to accumulate wealth and who of course, were guilty of deicide because they’d killed Christ, whites face similar accusations designed to whip-up hatred against them.

By applying critical theory, Marxists accused white people of invading other lands, occupying territory, stealing the wealth of other peoples and wiping out indigenous people. Evil colonialists enslaved millions of third world people and through this exploitation, Western civilization became strong and wealthy – unfairly so. Generations of whites were greedy oppressors, destroyers of non-white civilizations and yes, worst of all, supremacist racists.

All whites are guilty from birth of racism and all whites benefit from the cruel oppression committed by their ancestors and are therefore unfairly privileged. Multiculturalism is forcing white people to repent for these mortal sins by disavowing their identities and surrendering their territory. Reparations for what was stolen must be repaid via wealth redistribution.

That’s not all. In the same way the Jews were hated because they killed Christ the messiah, whites are also guilty of committing an equally heinous and unforgivable sin. The nations of the mighty industrialized west have been deemed guilty of polluting the entire planet, inflicting even more misery and suffering on the poor Third World. Furthermore this rampant, uncaring industrial pollution is destroying Mother Nature and will one day cause the earth to prematurely perish. This toxic pollution is causing man-made global warming and irreversible climate change and the wealthy West must be made to pay. This entirely false Marxist narrative also stokes-up even more hatred for white people in non-white races.

Again, this accusation of the West destroying the planet comes from Herbert Marcuse. In his book “One Dimensional Man”, he asserted the heavily-industrialized, capitalist West is destroying the environment. Given the rise in environmentalism since its publication, I hope you can see just how influential this Marxist genius has been in the dramatic transformation of Western societies since the 1960s. He is in my humble opinion, the most dangerous and effective Marxist subvert, the man who did more to galvanize the left and spark the transformation of Western civilization than any other.

By applying critical theory to one race and accusing them of oppressing other races and destroying the planet, multiculturalism demonizes the white race in the same way the Nazis demonized the Jews. These totally unfair, wicked accusations are deployed to justify stripping whites of their identities, diluting their cultures and removing from them the right to their own territories. Under the yoke of Nazism, the Jews were untermenschen, unfit to be citizens in the Third Reich. Under the yoke of multiculturalism, all whites are racists and unfit to be global citizens in the New World Order.  This is why I believe multiculturalism is one of the worst deceptions ever played on a people and undoubtedly a crime against humanity just as German National Socialism was.

“What multiculturalism boils down to is you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture. And you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.” – Thomas Sowell, American Social Theorist and Author

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  1. 1


    you need a bit more history, which would tie your points…

    The political turmoil of Germany’s troubled interwar years greatly affected the School’s development. Its thinkers were particularly influenced by the failure of the working-class revolution in Western Europe (precisely where Marx had predicted that a communist revolution would take place) and by the rise of Nazism in such an economically and technologically advanced nation as Germany. This led many of them to take up the task of choosing what parts of Marx’s thought might serve to clarify contemporary social conditions that Marx himself had never seen. Another key influence also came from the publication in the 1930s of Marx’s Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts and The German Ideology, which showed the continuity with Hegelianism that underlay Marx’s thought.

    As the growing influence of National Socialism became ever more threatening, its founders decided to prepare to move the Institute out of the country.[10] Following Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, the Institute left Germany for Geneva, before moving to New York City in 1935, where it became affiliated with Columbia University. Its journal Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung was accordingly renamed Studies in Philosophy and Social Science. It was at this moment that much of its important work began to emerge, having gained a favorable reception within American and English academia. Horkheimer, Adorno and Pollock eventually resettled in West Germany in the early 1950s, although Marcuse, Lowenthal, Kirchheimer and others chose to remain in the United States. It was only in 1953 that the Institute was formally re-established in Frankfurt

    while it was nice, they realized that they created a monster that would eat them up, and so, fled… (want to guess the religious persuasion or history of a lot of the members?)….

    however it was their work that set the ground work for that which your comparing to, and Herr leader basically kicked them out because the scaffolding you use to build something can also be used to take it apart, and so, they prevent a counter revolution

    if you want to know more, then you should really really really read about willi munzenberg


    a communist political activist. Münzenberg was the first head of the Young Communist International in 1919–20 and established the famine-relief and propaganda organization Workers International Relief in 1921. He was a leading propagandist for the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) during the Weimar Era, but later grew disenchanted with Communism due to Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge of the 1930s. Condemned by Stalin to be purged and arrested for treason,[1] Münzenberg left the KPD and in Paris became a leader of the German émigré anti-fascism and anti-Stalinist community until forced to flee the Nazi advance into France in 1940. Arrested and imprisoned by the Daladier government in France, he escaped prison camp only to be found dead a few months later in a forest near the commune of Saint-Marcellin, France

    [Stalin used our dislike of nazism to support communism under the idea of opposing fascism… ie. tricked them]

    ANOTHER you need to look up in the same kind of odd camp is Moses Harman – eugenics like sanger, and liberating women…

    but if you ever wondered why the modern feminist movement debases women sexually under liberation, you muight see the point of moses was sex communes and having lots of sex, and of course, if you have lots of sex before birth control is available, you better have abortions.

    before this time, women were valued and respected… a wealthy man who wanted a woman had to marry her… or get her to cheat or away from those who would defend her..

    the whole point of this sexualization and such was interesting… so just as oppression politics makes an internal unpaid army that supports itself, acts on its own, and negates the responsiblity of the rulers of that group… (something not possible if you want to raise a force to oppose a state internally as their army would crush your army before it became a force)…

    well, sexual politics turned women into a self supporting self funded, group you could have lots of debased sex with, not marry, and they pay for their own kids… they debase themselves to get the man who has more than the average as they are higher, and they compete by doing things even babalonian whores would look askance at!! they even sexualize their kids so that they are available too…

    all this under the idea of liberation… a free harem for the ruling class… high paid people voting for higher taxes to support the low base on their dime as they self exterminate their educatd and smarter genetic lines… and the destruction of family… now if they bend over, there is no brother, dad, mother, or husband in the way… no one to take revenge for using her… and on and on

    and funny… these female geniuses think that they are the future
    but people who have no kids are not the future of anything any more than the shakers became a force to rekon with.

  2. 4

    Nanny G

    The true evil of multiculturalism lies in its demonization of Western Culture.
    After decades of this we see an entire population of ethnic Europeans quitting breeding, both here and in Europe.
    They have also turned their backs on their own heritages.
    Some of their heritages include LOGIC (cause and effect), Christianity, Representative Democracy, the Scientific Method, European Art, European Music, even European food!

    So, it is back to Orewell’s, ”all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

    Why is it that Islamic and African heritage is ”better?”
    Only multiculturalists and Muslims and Africans think so.

    The leaders of the multiculturalists think they, like those founders of socialism/communism, that they can somehow escape the carnage that is necessarily, but probably an unintended consequence, of their plot to put down the white man.
    They might think that, but they will be wrong.
    Who is going to mow their lawns, babysit their children, cook their food?
    Their assassins, that’s who.

  3. 7


    Another example of we need to know about the evil hypocrisy that is leftist ideology:


    A CBS news investigation found that the Obama State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas — outraging taxpayer advocates and raising enormous questions about aid to potentially terror-supporting groups with U.S. foreign aid.

    So much for the leftist (anti-Christian) “separation of Church and State” garbage.

    The State Department declined a CBS Atlanta News request for an interview. Anchor Justin Farmer wanted to ask why are we using tax dollars to refurbish religious buildings overseas. The State Department did send CBS Atlanta News an e-mail saying that they are “fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders”.

    Egyptian-American human rights activist Nonie Darwish told Farmer that trying to buy respect in the Middle East only shows our weakness.

    “This part of the world has a lot of respect for power and America is not showing its power, it’s showing its appeasement. They are laughing all the way to the bank,” said Darwish.

    Every policy Obama has towards the cancer of islam is to support its spread. How on earth is it justifiable to pay this outrageous jizyah to a bloodthirsty, barbaric “religion” while demanding Catholic nuns be required to violate their religious beliefs and pay for abortion?

    There is no question that Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi…the entire cabal of leftist politicians…are thoroughly rotten to the core. Imagine the outraged shrieks from the asshat leftists if a US president was sending $770 million to refurbish Christian churches around the world.

    There is a special place in hell for Obama….right next to Mohammed.

  4. 8

    Common Sense

    @Spurwing Plover: Well said. What libturds do is make up words to forward their evil plans and accuse people of any and everything that doesn’t fit their point of view. Think of all the isims and phobes that have been created by them. Examples and I’m sure you have more, homophobe and islamaphobe for starters.

  5. 10


    That the people who have hijacked the GOP with the intention of crashing it into America’s federal government aren’t really conservatives at all pretty much explains everything.

    It explains, for example, how it is that the rants about the evil left can shift to rants about the mainstream republican right without even skipping a beat—and it isn’t because the Alt-Right is somewhere in the middle.

  6. 11


    @Bill, #9:

    Racial and cultural issues seem to be pretty much at the center of the alt-right universe. What are you missing about the photograph at the top of this thread? Or about Trump’s comments regarding Mexicans and Muslims? Roll the clock back 150 years, and we’d be hearing the same anti-immigrant sentiments being expressed about the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, the Jews, and the Catholics. It’s ludicrous hearing the right pinning racism on the left. But then they’re also peddling the idea that the Nazis were leftists—no matter that they carted anyone daring to express leftist sentiments off to concentration camps by the thousand.

  7. 12

    Nanny G

    @Greg: Roll the clock back 150 years, and we’d be hearing …..

    Funny how the Left has no idea how dumb it sounds as it ”virtue signals” hot thought crimes of today and applies them to actions of 20 years ago.
    When did you FIRST hear the term, ”fat shaming?”
    It first burst upon the PC language scene in late 2012-early 2013.
    But 20 years ago a woman ate her way out of her contract as Miss America (1996) and today Hillary is accusing Trump of ”fat shaming” her back then when he got her into a diet and exercise program to lose her excess pounds so as to fulfill that contract.

    But 20 years ago people watched beauty pageants.
    Today women are SHAMED for even wanting to be in one!

    But then, hey!, 20 years ago you could watch Shamu jump out of the water at a park, too. Not anymore.

    I think the most interesting thing about the Left is how it kills fun.
    It seems to be the only consistency of the Leftist movement.

  8. 13

    Bill- Deplorable Me

    @Greg: What about Trumps’s remarks about Mexicans and Muslims? Provide the EXACT QUOTES.

    Your aiding and abetting the propagation of the false accusations of racism is EXACTLY what the article is about.

  9. 14


    Who are you trying to convince?

    The author is suggesting white people are the victims of racism, and males are the victims of sexism. What next? Perhaps democracy is a mechanism whereby the poor aspire to oppress the wealthy?

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