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    There is great irony in this. Historically, democrats have kept blacks in chains- not Republicans. Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan. They resisted the 13th Amendment:

    Where precisely are all of these historical Democrats you speak of today?

    Answer: They are today’s Republicans.

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    Nanny G

    That Hillary did a 180′ on illegals should not surprise anyone who’s listening to her.
    She studies the wind and goes with the flow.

    How Hillary and the rest of the Dems are treating Black Lives Matter is very orchestrated.

    Dem Memo On “Best Practices” For “Black Lives Matter”
    Candidates advised on how to deal with group

    In the link is a page from the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)
    It advises candidates like Hillary to have a point person for communicating with the BLM…..so they feel included and listened to.
    It advises Obama’s ‘leading from behind” strategy with BLM.
    Make them take the lead, and become the target.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Ajay42302: It’s true. After passage of Civil Rights Act in 1964 racist Dems like Strom Thurmond simply became racist Republicans—as did their followers.

    Nan G. Fox poll shows only 19% of Americans approve of mass deportation of 11 million illegals–seems about half of then are FA–ERS LOL
    You’ll hear no more from DT about mass deportations–he wants to win so he’s softening his positions and his rhetoric’
    Both HRC and Trump massively disliked by the voters 46% DISLIKE BOTH-That’s my Party. I’ll vote my conscience Humane Party Clifton Roberts–not a chance in hell but so what.

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    @Ajay42302: Answer: you could not be more wrong. They were Democrats, they stayed Democrats and they are Democrats today. Democrats use race as a political weapon and that is all they care about it.

    In 2007, an immigration reform bill was agreed upon. I didn’t like it, but it was a compromise and sought to solve some of the problems. Obama and Schumer inserted a poison pill to effective kill the compromise because, for Democrats, having a contentious issue is better than solving a problem.

    Sen Obama killed 2007 immigration reform


    Then, under Obama, the Democrats talk reform but drag their feet to keep the issue alive. Obama makes excuses about why he can’t grant amnesty but then, when his failures were beginning to bite him in the ass, he turned around and signed an executive order illegally granting what Congress denied… twice.

    Yes, Democrats are the racists and now they have a new bloc of people to condemn to perpetual poverty in exchange for their votes.

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    @Richard Wheeler:

    It’s true. After passage of Civil Rights Act in 1964 racist Dems like Strom Thurmond simply became racist Republicans—as did their followers.

    To hear you Democrats tell it, Democrats in the South fled their party in droves after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Nothing could be further from the truth as the truth is, only three Democrats switched parties; Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Mills Goodwin.

    And it really makes a lot of sense to change your affiliation and join a party that you totally disagree with, doesn’t it? Seems to me that the three men listed above were more opportunists than party loyalists.

    But the real history of blacks becoming Democrats started in the ’30’s when the Roosevelt allowed ward bosses total control over New Deal projects. If you were a black man, fleeing the Dust Bowl, or the Depression that made farming unsustainable, not being able to make a living on a measly few acres, you fled the South for the industrial cities of the North and Midwest, all controlled by ward bosses. If you wanted a WPA job, you had to become a registered Democrat and even pay into the Democratic Party from your paltry wages and work to recruit other blacks for the Democratic Party. And that was three decades before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    The subsequent high concentration of blacks in the industrial cities (still true today) was a major contributor to blacks becoming Democrats when they were [after the War of Northern Aggression] traditionally Republicans.

    The sad part is that comments like yours are taught in our failing public schools.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @retire05: “The War OF Northern Aggression” Spoken like a true Southerner who thinks Nixon’s Southern Strategy never happened.Agree on Blacks into Dem. Party through union recruitment in major cities-Thanks
    Welcome back–Your thoughts on the new “Presidential” softie DT

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    @Richard Wheeler:

    “The War OF Northern Aggression” Spoken like a true Southerner who thinks Nixon’s Southern Strategy never happened.

    #1) What would you call it when the North invaded the South? Was it aggressive, or not?

    #1) Perhaps you should re-read my post. Where did I [ever] say that the Southern Strategy never happened? Or are you hearing voices?

    This election? No good choices. Either way, we’re screwed. One is a known disaster the other is an unknown disaster. I’m sure Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Madison are rolling over in their grave.

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    Nanny G

    @Richard Wheeler: All too often, immigration polls are not designed to get at what Americans really think about immigration, but instead are written to create a certain narrative. Many polls are financed by activist groups who simply want to create the appearance of widespread public support for amnesty. The advocates have two main goals: (1) provide lobbyists with polling data that they can use to browbeat politicians into supporting their cheap-labor, open-border agenda; and (2) encourage the media to write headlines that don’t really reflect the findings, but nevertheless advance the notion that Americans love open borders.

    The Pew Research Center has done just that with a new poll.
    Pew asks: “All in all, would you favor or oppose building a wall along the entire border with Mexico?”
    I would oppose that.
    So would Donald Trump!
    He has made clear he has no intention of building a wall along the ENTIRE border with Mexico.
    Of the 2,000 miles only 1,000 will need a wall.
    The rest has natural barriers like mountains and deserts.
    So, if you see headlines saying:

    “Poll Finds Most Americans Oppose Wall on U.S.-Mexico Border”; http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/08/25/poll-finds-most-americans-oppose-wall-on-u-s-mexico-border/

    “Pew: 6-in-10 oppose Donald Trump’s proposal to build border wall”; and http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2016/08/25/Pew-6-in-10-oppose-Donald-Trumps-proposal-to-build-border-wall/6601472147598/

    “Big majority in poll oppose Trump’s proposed wall on U.S.-Mexico border”. http://www.seattlepi.com/local/politics/article/Big-majority-in-poll-oppose-Trump-s-wall-along-9184904.php

    Realize those who took the poll weren’t responding to Trump’s proposed wall. They were asked to respond to a proposal of a wall across the entire southern border, something no candidate has proposed.

    You didn’t even bother to link to your ”poll.”
    Was it like this?
    Most likely.

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    There’s a great deal your link omits.

    The past decades of GOP strategy has seemed to rely on simply sayin “guns, God and gays” and of course “that black guy is stealing your doughnut” all while transferring the wealth from the middle class to the top wealthy.

    Did you ever catch how GWB would say “gays are threatening traditional marriages? I’ve been traditionally married 33 years and have never encountered such threats. What the hell? And now Trump is chanting that Hillary is going to single handedly abolish the 2nd Admendmemt. Again, what the hell? And then there’s the Lee Atwater admission of “decoding” and being “abstract” in articulating how the black guy is out to take away the white mans rights which was the purpose of keeping the birther movement alive.

    And not to miss a beat in the GOPs distractive con game, we now have Mexicans crossing the boarder not for a better life, not for better paying jobs, not that they can aquire better opportunities for their families, but because they want to murder you, sell drugs to your kids, and then rape your women.

    And Trump lickers are actually swallowing it hook, line, and sinker.

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    Ajay: DT did say all the illegals need to go but only in Rachel Madcows drooling fantasies did the rounding up door to door tearing mommies away from screaming anchor babies ,have a voice, and it was repeated until even they thought it was the truth.
    It is this administrations fault that DT has traction on the dangerous, criminal previously deported illegal.
    Watching a bit of MSLSD last night Donald was “talking in code”, just because they could not use direct quotes against him, desperate they know they are losing badly with 3rd parties more likely to take votes from Hillary. And the thought of her in the office driving disgusted Republicans to vote DT.
    When enforcing laws that exist on the books is hate speech, when securing our border and creating more jobs doing so is bigoted, those that are swallowing that line need to check their koolaid intake.

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    @Ajay42302: I guess if you were restricted to telling only the truth, you would have much less to say.

    The past decades of GOP strategy has seemed to rely on simply sayin “guns, God any gays” and of course “that black guy is stealing your doughnut” all while transferring the wealth from the middle class to the top wealthy.

    No, actually that is only how the left characterizes anything that exposes their failed agenda. You cannot back any of that up with facts (and it is pointless to ask a coward to do so) and the middle class has suffered more under Obama than ever before while the wealthy have gotten richer. So much for his concern about ” income disparity”.

    Did you ever catch how GWB would say “gays are threatening traditional marriages?

    No, I didn’t… provide a link (oh, there I go again… expecting a lying coward to substantiate his lies). I do recall Bill, Hillary and Obama defending traditional marriage. Hell, Bill even passed a law in defense of traditional marriage. Remember that?

    No liberal has the guts to take on the 2nd Amendment head on… they are far too cowardly (like someone else we know) to be up front and honest about their agenda. But, taking into account their propaganda attack on the right, “Fast and Furious”, the hoarding of ammunition, the gun bans, the magazine bans and Operation Choke Point… an entire agenda based on lies… what the left intends to do to the 2nd Amendment is quite apparent.

    You are a liar.

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    i guess the author doesnt know his history… 60 years? HA!
    try 140 years of the same games… below is the EVIDENCE..

    After read wiki and see if any of this is mentioned…
    you want an example of scrubbing history?

    There is tons more in the actual book, and the excerpt is CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY

    I wonder what todays blacks voting democrat would say knowing that below is the reason why..
    and thats 140 years ago reason why, not recent 60 years ago continuance…

    Full text of “The Hayes-Tilden disputed presidential election of 1876”

    …this evidence was as nothing to that given by the next witness, Eliza Pinkston.

    Attended by a woman with restoratives, Mrs. Pinkston was borne into the room on a chair by two stalwart negroes. In this proceeding and in what followed there was an evident striving after effect — a striving which was altogether unnecessary, for the story needed no embellishment. What she had to tell caused a great sensation among the Northern visitors,^ and was telegraphed to the remotest parts of the Union.

    She testified that up to the Saturday night before the election she had lived with Henry Pinkston in a cabin on what was known as “The Island” of Ouachita parish. On that night a party of white men, some of whom she claimed to have recognized, and two negroes had ridden up to the cabin, and had called for Pinkston. Failing to entice him out, they had broken in the door, had seized him, and had sworn that if he voted the Republican ticket he would have “to vote it in hell.” When the woman had attempted to interfere, she had been knocked down. The ruffians had then gagged the man; had gashed him with knives, making a sound “just like cutting in new leather;” had then dragged him outside; and had there shot him seven times. Some of them had then re-entered the cabin ; had killed a baby which the w^oman held in her arms; had assaulted the woman several times; and had then shot her, cut her, gashed her with an axe, and left her for dead. In proof of her story she exhibited her w^ounds, which were still unhealed. They were a shocking sight, for she had unquestionablybeen brutally dealt with; on her thigh there was a frig-htful gash, there were wounds in her head and neck, and there was a deep wound in one of her breasts.

    Every possible effort was made by the Democrats, both before the returning board and before later congressional investigating committees, to break down the story of this outrage.

    It was claimed that the murder had no political significance, that, as a matter of fact, Pinkston was a Democrat.

    Charles Tidwell, the owner of the plantation on which the murder occurred, reluctantly admitted before a Senate committee, however, that while Pinkston had two years before voted with the Democrats, he was at the time of his death a Radical Republican;

    There was also evidence to the effect that by remaining away from a Democratic rally Pinkston had endangered his life.

    Another theory propounded by the Democrats was that Pinkston was killed by a negro named Brooks, with whom he had had a fight some months before. But there was no real evidence to support the theory ; while there was evidence, both direct and circumstantial, that the killing was the work of several men.

    Much evidence was brought in by the Democrats to show that because Eliza was of bad character no weight should be attached to her story of the outrage. As regards her character there was no room for doubt. Her own testimony showed her to be vulgar and indecent to a degree scarcely conceivable ; and she was much given to embellishing her account with details that were evidently fictitious.

    Yet the essential portions of her story were not successfully impeached.

    The anxiety of some partisan v/riters, such as Gibson and Bigelow, to prove the outrage all a pretense has betrayed them into some rather grim absurdities. Gibson triumphantly points to the fact that the child’s throat v/as not cut, as she alleged, and that Pinkston’s body was not mutilated in the manner she described. He seems to lose sight of the fact that the child was nevertheless killed, that its body was thrown into a pond, where it was not found for a week; of the fact that Pinkston was shot seven times and that his dead body was so distorted that it was not put into a coffin but was buried in a quilt.

    So fiendish an outrage may appear incredible to some people, yet it is a matter of history that outrages fully as brutal were committed by the Ku Klux — are still committed in some sections. The explanation lies in the barbarous character of a portion of the white population and in the low value attached to a “nig-ger’s” life. ^

    But whatever may have been the facts and motives attending the Pinkston murders, the evidence before the returning board — even the evidence introduced by the Democrats — revealed a most disorderly condition of affairs in the parish of Ouachita, Beginning in August with the murder of J. H. Dinkgrave,, a prominent white Republican, by an unknown assassin, there had been a series of murders and assaults upon negro Republicans by persons who escaped the consequences of their crimes. AVhite rifle-clubs were active; and, largely as a result of the fear which their activity inspired, about 700 negroes joined Democratic clubs. It appears, however, that there was fear among some of the Democratic leaders that all these recruits might not “stick,” ^ so, as an object lesson, a demonstration was made on the Saturday night just prior to the election. On that night parties of men severely whipped Abram Williams and Willis Frazier, two colored Republicans ; attempted to catch the son of Abram Williams, but not finding him at home, whipped his wife and outraged her ; killed Merrimon Rhodes and threw his body into a bayou; whipped Randall Driver; and murdered Henry Pinkston and child in the manner already described.

    these were commited by the knights of the white camelia, the kkk was the poor mans democrat group, while the knights were the wealthy mans…

    a tiny bit more next post…

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    This next and last section shows the idea that would give birth to the NRA, and then other things and false arguments and who did what…

    however, the more you read the book, the more you read that the democrats were NEVER much different than they are now, manipulative greedy self serving amoral… [and its clear the idea of throwing any and every excuse or made up justification is common and their way of seeing what sticks.. like when they throw their dirty underwear at the wall]

    in fact, if you look at what party controlled the presidency, the house and the senate, up to 1933 and FDR, the Democrats barely were able to gain offices compared to the republians…

    United States Presidents and control of Congress
    [note the chart starts in 1855]

    78 years between 1855 and 1933
    Dems had the senate 16 years, republicans 62 years
    Dems had the House 24 years, republicans 54 years
    [president is harder to calculate but mostly republican except those killed]

    the civil war ended in 1865 and lincoln was assasinated
    the hayes tilden was 1886
    the 15th amendment was 1870

    AFTER 1933, the dems dominated in reconstructing all of the united states into an administrative state a la philip drew and the progressives… while the satanist sex fiends moses harmon, and his daugher, and sanger, all started a eugenics movement… if you cant stop them from voting agaisnt you, dead people dont vote and the exterminated dont vote.. ergo, to this day population is collapsing, sex is the drug to lure women, importing new people to “hide the decline” is the way, and so on…

    An argument frequently employed in justifying the outrages on the freedmen is that the whites were goaded into it by the evils of negro domination. The argument holds good in part, but only in part, for unhappily outrages were committed before the suffrage was conferred upon the blacks, before such a step was even favored by any considerable number of Northern people. Had such outrages never occurred, it may well be doubted whether sweeping negro suffrage would have been bestowed; for the argument that the negro needed a weapon with which to defend himself was unquestionably a deciding factor with thousands of persons to whom the partisan political motive did not appeal.

    ie. without these attacks and murders and mutilations, it was doubtful that african americans would have gotten sufferage!!! the NRA solution was to make sure that all freemen could have guns too… after all, who would protect them in the parishes? no phone, no real police, and the Democrats were sending armed contingencies of very nasty violent white AND black men to torture, mutilate and terrorize blacks and poor whites… (in other parts of the book you find out that where there were wealthy whites and so on, the Dems threw BBQ and picnics and all were invited for a good time, black and white)

    Louisiana was one of the states in which the whites did not wait to see the fruits of negro rule before falling upon the hapless freedmen. The first important conflict took place in New Orleans in July, 1866, as a result of an attempt of the radicals, with the consent of the governor and a judge of the state supreme court, to reconvene the constitutional convention of 1864 in order to enfranchise the blacks.

    Mayor Monroe made preparations to suppress the convention; a riot occurred ; and a most inhuman massacre resulted, in which about forty negroes and white radicals were killed and about 136 Avere wounded.

    The next important race conflicts occurred in the late summer and fall of 1868. In the spring of that year an election was held at which the new constitution was ratified and at which H. C. Warmoth, Republican candidate for governor, was elected by a majority of over 26,000.

    Later in the year the Knights of the White Camelia, an organization similar to the Ku Klux, entered upon a campaign of violence and intimidation, with the result that the Republican majority of the spring was transformed into a Democratic plurality of about 46,000 for Seymour.

    This astonishing reversal w^as later explained by Republican members of a congressional investigating committee in the following language :

    Prhe convention apnears to have had no legal right to reassemble, but, on the other hand, the mayor’s action was unwarranted. For an account of the affair and an unqualified condemnation of the mayor see Cox Three Decades of Federal Legislation, pp. 430-432. H. R. R. No. 16, 39th Cong 2d SPSS, contains a vast amount of testimony bearmg upon the subject.

    The massacre was used with great effect by the Radical Republicans in the North.

    “The testimony shows that over 2,000 persons were killed, wounded, and otherwise injured in Louisiana within a few weeks prior to the Presidential election in November, 1868; that half the state was overrun by violence ; and that midnight raids, secret murders, and open riot kept the people in constant terror until the Republicans surrendered all claim

    if you take a look the democrat dominated (now) NAACP lynching stats start AFTER this period:

    From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. Of these people that were lynched 3,446 were black. The blacks lynched accounted for 72.7% of the people lynched. These numbers seem large, but it is known that not all of the lynchings were ever recorded. Out of the 4,743 people lynched only 1,297 white people were lynched. That is only 27.3%. Many of the whites lynched were lynched for helping the black or being anti lynching and even for domestic crimes.

    what happened to the Democrats wholesale murder of thousands of blacks in the south?
    convenient they start their date 10 years after this stuff, eh?

    But the most remarkable case is that of St. Landry, a planting parish on the river .Teche.

    Here the Republicans had a registered majority of 1,071 votes. In the spring of 1868 they carried the parish by 678. In the fall they gave Grant no vote, not one — while the Democrats cast 4,787, the full vote of the parish, for Seymour and Blair.

    Here occurred one of the bloodiest riots on record, in which the Ku Klux killed and wounded over 200 Republicans, hunting and chasing them for two days and nights througii fields and swamps.

    Thirteen captives were taken from the jail and shot.

    A pile of twenty-five dead bodies was found half-buried in the woods. Having conquered the Republicans and killed and driven off the white leaders, the Ku Klux captured the masses, marked them with badges of red flannel, enrolled them in clubs, made them vote the Democratic ticket, and then gave them a certificate of the fact.”

    [Garbled part snipped out]

    While the party in power, consisting chiefly of negroes and white carpet-baggers, resorted to election frauds and to unblushing misappropriation of public funds. The value of property greatly decreased ‘} the payment of taxes fell more than $2,000,000 in arrears ; and the state debt was increased to enormous proportions.

    In 1870 the Republicans quarreled among themselves ; and Governor Warmoth went over to the Conservatives, as the Democrats were called.

    A period of great confusion followed. The election of 1872 was claimed by both parties; but the Republicans were able through the complaisance of United States District Judge Durell, who issued the famous “midnight restraining order,” to obtain the all important aid of the Federal troops, and to install William Pitt Kellogg as governor.

    McEnery, the Democratic claimant, was also inaugurated, but after a few weeks found himself obliged to abandon temporarily all efforts to assert his authority. On the 14th of September, 1874, however, the White League,

    This was due in part to the war, to the emancipation of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of slaves, to the disorders incident to the change from one labor system to another, to the panic of the early ’70s, but in large measure to misgovernment.

  14. 17



    actually not, thats a democrat talking point which if you read the history i just put up and the others, shows that the republicans from their birth onwards were always the party that helped blacks.. [they just didnt deem giving welfare a benefit, so the dems say they hate them for not giving them freebies from the public till to buy blacks… ]

    you have a lot of missing history to read sir.

  15. 18



    @Mully: @Ajay42302:
    I’m still recall this photo. See the joy in that child’s eyes?

    oh.. photo time… 🙂

    remember those dogs and hoses obama referrs to? he is referring to this:
    Democrat Theophilus Eugene Connor, known as Bull Connor



    ANY of you dems ever take the time to see who wrote the laws that you claim to hate today?

    On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake’s order to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled. Parks was not the first person to resist bus segregation


    it was at the Highlander Folk School in Grundy County where early civil rights strategy was mapped out. At Highlander, white and black activists — including as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks — regularly met in the 1950s and talked about how they might change the South, and here that many people trained for the Civil Rights Movement.

    now you can read that the school was closed by white supremecists against the movement, but thats not true… it wast closed due to communist subversion..

    FBI — Highlander Folk School

    funny thing is the the communist couple that was running sears were also funding the syphilis study.. when they pulled their money out, those men were untreated and whites in america were to blame… the kicker with highlander the people writing the cover story for, was that the people running it (not financially supporting it), were making history. how? well they would pose as a young white couple… buy a house, and come moving day, a black couple would move in…

    but when the residents didnt care, they then came back, lit crosses on the lawn and blew up the house with the people they put in it to create the race hate…

    ergo, they closed the school…

    like hayes tilden, this is not known any more
    its been scrubbed… but if you read the older books and such not the newer histories like communist Zinns peoples history, you will find the details and much more detail than todays rvisionist history has, because the more detail you add the easier it is to find the lies.


    In 1955 the rule on the buses in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, was that ‘coloured’ passengers must sit at the back and leave the front seats to white passengers.

    it wasnt a rule.. it was a law
    the dems law created the legal onus on the bus companies
    like the TSA searching you for drugs instead of the state, the bus drivers were forced to keep the law… you can bet that this caused problems, but people didnt look to where these laws and such came from, they only look at the actors in front of them. so the Dems get a free ticket in making rules and laws which cause issues, but the people stuck in the issue are the ones to blame for following the rules/laws

    so the websites all say rule – putting the onus on those evil white bus drivers and owners of bus companies.

    but Browder v. Gayle (1956) was the suit that ended the LAWS

    Browder v. Gayle

    what caused the law to be overturned was not the protest on the bus, that just triggered focus, the cause of action was brought under Reconstruction-era civil rights legislation, specifically 42 U.S.C. §§ 1981, 1983

    Second Enforcement Act of 1871

    The Enforcement Act of 1871 (17 Stat. 13), also known as the Civil Rights Act of 1871, Force Act of 1871, Ku Klux Klan Act, Third Enforcement Act, or Third Ku Klux Klan Act, is an Act of the United States Congress which empowered the President to suspend the writ of habeas corpus to combat the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy organizations. The act was passed by the 42nd United States Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on April 20, 1871. The act was the last of three Enforcement Acts passed by the United States Congress from 1870 to 1871 during the Reconstruction Era to combat attacks upon the suffrage rights of African Americans. The statute has been subject to only minor changes since then, but has been the subject of voluminous interpretation by courts.

    Introduced in the House as H.R. 320 by Samuel Shellabarger (R-OH) on March 28, 1871
    agreed to by the House on April 19, 1871 (93–74)
    by the Senate on April 19, 1871 (36–13)

    In January 1871, Republican Senator John Scott of Pennsylvania convened a congressional committee to hear testimony from witnesses of Klan atrocities. In February, Congressman Benjamin Franklin Butler of Massachusetts introduced his anti-Klan bill, intended to enforce both the Fourteenth Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Butler’s bill was narrowly defeated in the House, whereupon Rep. Samuel Shellabarger, of Ohio, introduced a substitute bill—only slightly less sweeping than Butler’s original. This bill brought a few holdout Republicans into line, and the bill narrowly passed the House, sailed through the Senate and was signed into law on April 20 by President Ulysses S. Grant

    notice how parks gets credit, but the white republcians that put the law to be used to abolish the laws the dems put up for the bus companies are all but forgottn by the public (but not the records!!!!!!!!!)

    Under the Klan Act during Reconstruction, federal troops were used rather than state militias to enforce the law, and Klansmen were prosecuted in federal court, where juries were often predominantly black. Hundreds of Klan members were fined or imprisoned, and habeas corpus was suspended in nine counties in South Carolina. These efforts were so successful that the Klan was destroyed in South Carolina and decimated throughout the rest of the former Confederacy, where it had already been in decline for several years. The Klan was not to exist again until its recreation in 1915. During its brief existence, however, the “first era” Klan did achieve many of its goals in the South, such as denying voting rights to Southern blacks

    The Ku Klux Klan first appeared in Alabama following the Civil War, when many Confederate veterans and Democratic Party supporters formed the group to oppose the extension of citizenship and voting rights among former slaves and to end Republican Party control of the state government. This hate group disbanded during the early 1870s and remained inactive until 1915, when Alabama native William J. Simmons founded a new incarnation on Thanksgiving night atop Stone Mountain, Georgia.

    Simmons’ planning took place during a period which coincided with the lynching of Leo Frank, on August 16, 1915. Frank, a Jewish northern industrialist, had been convicted of murdering Mary Phagan, one of his young factory workers. When Frank’s death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the outgoing governor, the public was outraged. Frank was taken from prison and lynched by a mob, calling themselves the Knights of Mary Phagan.

    The imagery of the burning cross, which had not been used by the original Klan, had been introduced by Griffith in The Birth of a Nation. The film, in turn, had derived the image from the works of Thomas Dixon, Jr., upon which the film was based. He had been inspired by the historical practices of Scottish clans, who had burned crosses as a method of signaling from one hilltop to the next. The image also occurs in Lady of the Lake, a long poem by Walter Scott. Simmons’ later account of the founding included a dramatic story of “a temperature far below freezing,” although weather records showed that the temperature had never fallen below 45 degrees that night on Stone Mountain

    so the republicans destroyed the KKK and then it was resurected by southern dems, who then got power again, and proceeded to make the laws we now blame republicans for, which you can easily look up and see most never sided with, while most dems did

    simmons lost favor in 1921 and was replaced by Hiram Wesley Evans… a Democrat party member… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiram_Wesley_Evans
    Education Vanderbilt University
    Occupation Dentist
    Employer Ku Klux Klan
    Title Imperial Wizard
    Political party Democratic Party

    when someone can talk to me knowing all this history beyond grade school revision, then i will start listening to the bs as i know this in detail.. hit me up on russian history too, latvian history, indonesian history, british history, german history too.

    He [Hiram Wesley Evans] quickly rose through the ranks and was part of a group that ousted William Joseph Simmons from the position of Imperial Wizard, the national leader, in November 1922. Evans succeeded him and sought to transform the group into a political power.

    Although Evans had led the kidnapping and torture of a black man while leader of the Dallas Klan, as Imperial Wizard he publicly discouraged vigilante actions, fearing that they would hinder his attempts to gain political influence

    now this new klan was the new klan that margaret sanger of birth control review, visited to give a speech.. she writes about it in her autobiography… she also published the work of ernst rudin, the man who invented and created the holocaust… her negro project as she called it was to exterminate the black population (she wasnt too fond of chinese either)… but the democrats and feminists cover her story… but if you read the original texts and stuff and not the later stuff, you know clearly what she was all about as she collected lots of money for her project (and keeping the sources hidden)

    Klan literature spoke highly of politicians such as Woodrow Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, and Grover Cleveland

    Evans borrowed numerous concepts from the writings of Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant, American writers of the period who promoted eugenics and scientific racism,

    ergo their inviting sanger…
    He worked with Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League in the following capacities: he was on the National Council, the fifteen-member Board of Directors, and on the conference committee of the First American Birth Control Conference and by publishing eugenicist articles in the Birth Control Review (for example, in the December 1921 issue).

    Lothrop Stoddard was a famous racist who wrote The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy, which became a best-seller. The text contained such inflammatory statements as the following: “‘Finally perish!’ That is the exact alternative which confronts the white race…. Just as we isolate the bacterial invasions, and starve out the bacteria, by limiting the area and amount of their food supply, so we can compel an inferior race to remain in its native habitat…” (Lothrop Stoddard, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy [New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1926],

    at no time is the actual historical line of these thigns broken where the party members switch places… silly if it wasnt the only way for dems to preserve their ego and not leave the party.

    or to quote bill maher: how could you belong to an organization with that history? (spoken to a catholic and ignoring the history of what he belongs to)

    i have to go
    everything i put up can be looked up and confirmed

  16. 19



    sorry but one of my posts seems to have been deleted by someone… it was up, and now its not..
    sorry if its long, but its hard to show history no one remembers and be short and not have the power to say without backing up.

  17. 20



    Aside from your questionable understanding of a “talking point”, a rebuttal to your history lesson can be summed up in my #1 comment.

    That was thin. This is now. Today’s so-called conservatives and Republican Party just don’t have room in their plutocratic agenda for black folks. Just the cold hard thuth.

    We’ve been hearing the dog whisles from race baiters like Dr. John for years. Now with Trump, its loud and clear, nothing there to guess at. If Lee Atwater were alive today, he’d tell Trump to tone it down, code it, be abstract.

    But Trump has to be Trump, exposing the GOP for what they have become which is what’s sending so many of them in a panic.

  18. 21


    Hey kids do we care that the trolls think we are racist , about as much as they care that we know they are actually the racist bigots that the dem party has always been.
    I watched the comedy of MSLSD today turning themselves inside out about the horror of the law that might be enforced. How can they use this to get the latinos on El Rancho, which is in the same neighborhood as the Plantation, and down the street from the Caliphate. The lure of come let the government take all responsibility and pride away just vote for us to keep power, and you too can remain in hopeless endless poverty but we will give you a phone.

  19. 22



    Yes Kitt, we all caught the MSLSD zinger in your first monstracity of a diatribe and we were all left awestruck by your superior wit.

    There’s that old “tap tap of the shoulder” that the black guys stealing the doughnut again (or getting a free cell phone or lobster with food stamps etc).

    But what precisely has this black man loving GOP done? No job bills, refusal of wage hikes, busting unions (“union thugs” being right up there with “guns, god, and gays), unfriendly on educational opportunities, even proposing legislation to end overtime pay, advocating cutting or ending social security, cheering at the concept that the sick “go home and die”- all while demanding more tax breaks for their rich contributors.

    So please tell, other than the weak tea lip service from the bigoted and sexist whoremongering con man, what specifically have they done to help give the black community an equal playing field. And more importantly, what precisely is their game plan to do so?

  20. 23


    @Ajay42302): Well, here’s your problem: Republicans have NO racist past and the only linkage there is between Republicans and racism is the accusations of lying liberals. In fact, Republicans have historically stood for equality and equal rights.

    Not so with Democrats. They INVENTED racism in the Unites States, promoted it, protected it and transformed it into a political weapon. As we see, the Democrats haven’t supported equal rights when it canbe useful politically.

    So, how is it that liberals can stoop to accusing ANYONE of racism?

  21. 24


    @Ajay42302): Every single point you have made is beyond, Oh yes the old “code ” crapola. What jobs bill has ever decreased unemployment numbers? Except work for welfare, and that does nothing for the men. We have never spent more on education in history, but the trades programs in the High Schools are gone, how is high school training youth for any entry level job or trying to get them into journeyman programs? Liberal education leaves them incapable of filling out an application.
    Wage hikes are supposed to be earned, show up, do a good job, get a promotion and a raise in pay.
    Pray tell what have the democrats done for the Black man? 60 years of no family structure, cause babies mama is married to the government and he is no longer needed.
    Who is for ending SS? Name a Politician one you liar.
    Whats the plan, how much more than 20 trillion can be spent to battle poverty? Enlighten me on the path … there is no plan, the war is lost, no more war bonds for our kids to pay, please stop helping them.
    Por bby did I “trigger” you? lol

  22. 27


    @Ajay42302: No its an appointment job lifetime and you have the corner on the market of dumb no answers to questions typical lib just name calling guess what… Greg is smarter than you, what about those answers????

  23. 28


    Simple reason — Planned Parenthood has been so successful in their stated purpose of wiping out the “sub-human races”, as they referred to them, the liberals need warm bodies to take their place, so they want to import them….

  24. 30

    Ema Nymton


    “And blacks do tend to vote heavily democrat.”

    The Democratic Party is, after all, the open and inclusive political party; welcoming people. The ‘elites’ of the party are people of color working for the advancement of _all_ people.

    The demographics of USA show a positive influx of people from around the world. Which political party should they join?

    “It has become de rigueur in democrat circles to paint the Republican Presidential candidate as a racist every four years, despite all evidence to the contrary.”

    Of course, it does not help that the RepubliCan’T Party candidate, Drumpf has a public record of discriminating in his business dealings against people of color. Add to this, that today the KKK is fully endorsing Drumpf.

    So go ahead, tell USA why people of color, new immigrants, Asians, and women should vote for Drumpf.


    Trust, but verify. Where are Drumpf’s tax records?

    Drumpf: Making Amerika Grate Again.

    … Thanks Obama …

    Ema Nymton

  25. 32

    Ema Nymton

    # 30

    “If Trump’s racist record is so well documented, why don’t you provide some verification? ”


    Regardless, tell USA why people of color, new immigrants, Asians, and women should vote for Drumpf.


    Trust, but verify. Where are Drumpf’s tax records?

    Drumpf: Making Amerika Grate Again.

    … Thanks Obama …

    Ema Nymton

  26. 33


    @Ema Nymton: Why should people of color vote for Trump? Because economic growth and expansion is the ONLY way out of poverty. The Democrats have clearly demonstrated they intend to keep those in poverty IN poverty and dependent on Democrats for handouts to survive; it doesn’t get more racist than that.




    Trump is no racist and has only been accused as such since he has been a threat to another failed liberal administration.

  27. 34

    James Raider

    “You’re poor. You are incapable of helping yourself. You are weak. It’s not your fault, you are oppressed and always have been. You have no power. You come from a broken home. You can’t build a positive future for yourself on your own. Only big government can help you. Only WE can help you. Big government will protect you from those people. We understand why you take drugs, they make you forget that those people oppress you. We’ll protect you. We’ll tax them hard and give you some. We’ll redistribute. We care about you. See how we fight to give you free abortions? It’s your right. We care about you.”

    Repeat. . . .

  28. 35

    James Raider

    And THIS is how Clinton works hard on convincing the black vote to come out and support her. Only multi-millionaires need show up.

    The rest of you don’t get to watch and definitely don’t get to ask QUESTIONS.

  29. 36


    @Ema Nymton:

    I won’t even consider replying to some who uses the standard liberal proressive Democrat tactic of of “Drumpf”.

    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the other to tell us where today’s Republican Robert C. Byrd, George Wallace, Bull Connor, &c are.

  30. 41


    @Richard Wheeler:, @Ajay42302: : You missed my point (O could have ben crearer).
    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the other to tell us where today’s Republican equivalents to Robert C. Byrd, George Wallace, Bull Connor, Lester Maddox, &c are.

  31. 42

    Richard Wheeler

    @ZZMike: The South was solidly Dem through early 60″S -against the Party Of Lincoln. The South was against the passage of CRA. Blacks registered Dem. in droves. Whites switched over to vote Repub. as they’ve continued to do the last 50yrs + Dems became the minority Party in the South Nixon’s Southern Strategy worked in 68.


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