How the press treated a white Republican vs how it treats a black democrat

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Word posted a Most Wanted on this Friday,  but I want to expand on it because I am beyond angry. This is press bias at it ugliest. It doesn’t get any uglier.

It is not just bias. It’s reverse racism and bias.

The ugliness is the difference in how a white Republican got treated vs how a black democrat gets treated.

2005: A Republican president takes three days to survey a natural disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi after cutting a vacation short.

The media at the time declares that was way too long, far too insensitive, even pushes a narrative that labels him racist.

2016: A Democratic president will not only cut a vacation short in any capacity to survey a natural disaster in Louisiana — the worst of any kind to hit the country in four years — but hasn’t even made any public statements on it. Not one.

The media of 2016 now yawns. Basically indicates its no big deal and if there is actual criticism, it doesn’t lead a cable news hour or go anywhere near a front page.

This is bullsh*t. Total bullsh*t.  As noted, President Liar was extremely critical of Bush following Katrina:

“We can talk about what happened for a few days in 2005 and we should,” Obama said. “We can talk about levees that could not hold … about a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here [on the ground], trying to provide comfort and aid. We can talk about a trust that was broken.

That wasn’t enough:

And the press? This is fairly recent stuff.

Vanity Fair:


US News:

The Undoing of George W. Bush

Hurricane Katrina badly damaged the former president’s reputation. And it still hasn’t recovered.


George W. Bush never recovered politically from Katrina

Whose fault is that? Hint- it’s not Bush’s. Bush responded promptly when asked for help:

On Saturday (27 August), Governor Blanco did indeed issue a letter requesting that President Bush “declare an emergency for the State of Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina.” The White House responded to Governor Blanco’s request that same day (Saturday) by declaring the emergency and authorizing FEMA “to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency.”

Moreover, Bush wanted Federal control of the situation but was refused:

Behind the scenes, a power struggle emerged, as federal officials tried to wrest authority from Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D). Shortly before midnight Friday, the Bush administration sent her a proposed legal memorandum asking her to request a federal takeover of the evacuation of New Orleans, a source within the state’s emergency operations center said Saturday.

The administration sought unified control over all local police and state National Guard units reporting to the governor. Louisiana officials rejected the request after talks throughout the night, concerned that such a move would be comparable to a federal declaration of martial law. Some officials in the state suspected a political motive behind the request. “Quite frankly, if they’d been able to pull off taking it away from the locals, they then could have blamed everything on the locals,” said the source, who does not have the authority to speak publicly.

But let obama ignore flooding in Louisiana and the press defends him:

Similarly on ABC’s Good Morning America, White House correspondent Jonathan Karl tried to defend Obama against his critics saying, “Now Robin, as you know, no president really goes on vacation. The White House points out he’s been getting regular briefings on this. He’s dispatched his Homeland Security Secretary and the FEMA director to the state and offered any assistance the administration can offer.”

obama’s very busy, doncha know?

When asked by reporters during a press conference if President Barack Obama would take time from his vacation to visit the state, Johnson was unable to commit.

“As I said, the president can’t be everywhere, I know he has a very busy schedule this fall and in the coming days,” Johnson said.

He assured the people of Louisiana that Obama was monitoring the disaster from his vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard.

“When you are the chief executive of the entire U.S. government, you can’t be everywhere including places you would like to be,” he said, assuring again that Obama was “on top” of the situation.

Yeah, he’s been busy all week:

Now that his vacation is over obama will pay lip service to Louisiana:



So let’s re-phrase obama’s words:

“We can talk about what happened for a few days in 2016 and we should,” Obama said. “We can talk … about a president who only saw the people on a TV screen on Martha’s Vineyard and not at all from  several golf courses. We can talk about a trust that was broken.”


Now may I introduce some real irony?

The Hill:

Donna Brazile praises Bush’s Katrina response on flight with Obama

Donna Brazile, a prominent Democratic political operative, praised President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina on Thursday, just hours before President Obama’s speech in New Orleans marking the storm’s 10th anniversary.

Brazile, a Louisiana native, has applauded Bush’s Katrina response before. But she made her latest comments on board Air Force One while flying to the Big Easy with Obama, who has previously criticized’s his predecessor’s handling of the storm recovery.

“Under President Bush’s leadership, we got it right,” she told reporters.

Brazile said Bush’s initial response to the storm was “slow,” but chalked that up to chaos plaguing state and local governments along the Gulf Coast.

She praised Bush for pouring more than $120 billion into rebuilding New Orleans and other Gulf communities over the opposition of some Republicans on Capitol Hill.

“The president made a commitment and I think he kept his word,” said Brazile.

Walter Isaacson, the Aspen Institute CEO who served with Brazile on the Louisiana Recovery Authority, echoed her comments.

“George W. Bush, I think, gets a bum rap,” he told the traveling press corps. “It took a while to get things started, it was a little bit slow. But he cared about the city deeply and so did Laura Bush.”

Michael Goodwin had a fine piece in the NY Post today lamenting the total collapse of journalism:

Donald Trump may or may not fix his campaign, andHillary Clinton may or may not become the first female president. But something else happening before our eyes is almost as important: the complete collapse of American journalism as we know it.

The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. They are working hand-in-hand with what was considered the cream of the nation’s news organizations.

The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America.

The largest broadcast networks — CBS, NBC and ABC — and major newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post have jettisoned all pretense of fair play. Their fierce determination to keep Trump out of the Oval Office has no precedent.

Indeed, no foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang, suffers the daily beating that Trump does. The mad mullahs of Iran, who call America the Great Satan and vow to wipe Israel off the map, are treated gently by comparison.

By torching its remaining credibility in service of Clinton, the mainstream media’s reputations will likely never recover, nor will the standards. No future producer, editor, reporter or anchor can be expected to meet a test of fairness when that standard has been trashed in such willful and blatant fashion.

Someone did once say that “The press is a ass.”

They are an ass. Worse than that, outside of Fox they are as corrupt as the Clinton’s.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 1


    The media is completely corrupt. As such, they are worthless… worse than worthles. They are harmful.

    The media chose Obama for the Presidency. They ran the freeze-out on Hillary, then promoted him over McCain, running all hit pieces on McCain as if they were fact. But, the economic collapse sealed McCain’s fate; the party in power is going to take the hit for that… unless the party in power are Democrats.

    There was no way Obama should have won in 2012. He was caught lying about every promise he made, the economy was still in a shambles (after the trillion dollar “stimulus”), the Benghazi debacle and lies and Obama’s lack-luster performance. The media under-reporting Obamacare failures, the Benghazi lies and failure and the economic failures along with the relentless attacks on Romney put him over the top.

    Now, here’s Hillary. Without the media to prop her up, she would have already had to concede defeat. The media promotes the lies about Trump’s actions and statements as if they were an arm of the DNC… or, an openly recognized arm of the DNC.

    This country is headed towards totalitarianism. The media is leading the way; they have become fifth columnists for socialism.

  2. 2


    Natural disasters have been going on for years and years.

    No one that I know of blamed Bush for Katrina (although some of the rabid right did later blame Obama). People generally don’t blame the President for such occurances.

    Aside from the Gov asking Obama not to come so as not to distrupt emergency operations, the big difference is the way such disasters are handled.

    Under Bush, recovery was a spectacular failure. Under Obama, FEMA is responding in fine tuned precision.

    In fairness to Bush and not to give undeserved credit to Obama, it was probably the lessons learned from Bush’s gross incompetence that led to a much better response under Obama.

  3. 5

    Common Sense

    The bias of the libturd racist MSM goes far beyond the President but starts with him. The Louisiana excuse is just prime example but there are more. First thing is, if the Democrat Governor told Obola to stay away, why did it take until Sunday for him to say he did it?? Why, because he didn’t tell Obola until Obola and the MSM covered for Obola. As far as Lochte and his incident in Rio, our libturd MSM garbage. Locate’s biggest error is the fact that he’s a cracker athlete vs a black athlete. Also this gave the MSM something to focus away from Louisiana versa taking Obola to task for his failure to be a real President!! It amazes me how the MSM and Obola crucified Bush for his flyover after the Hurricane but give Obola a pass. It’s sick and disgusting and a sign of the corruption at the top of our press and the Whitehouse!!

  4. 6

    james raider

    Sometimes the corrupted MSM cannot hide too public displays of insanity by the misguided and naive socialist globalists, . . .

    ‘Borders are the worst invention ever!’

    The illustrious EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker just couldn’t contain himself, but there it is. Hard to comprehend such absurdity. And that mindset resides big and wide across America.

    Nation? What Nation?

  5. 7


    This shouldn’t surprise us.

    Look at the difference with which the media treated the late democrat Senator Byrd from WV versus the former Republican Senator Lott. The former was a KKK kleagle – who recruited people into the white supremacist organization, voted against the Civil Rights Act in the 60s, and near the end of his carreer spoke the words “white nigger” on a videotaped interview. He was never held to account. The latter made an offhand comment congratulating the late Sen Strom Thurmond on his 90th or so birthday, about how the US would have been a better place had Thurmond won the presidency when he ran circa 1948. Lott was embroiled in so much scandal for his comments as they were characterized as “racist”, and was forced to resign from the Senate.

    The left doesn’t care about integrity, but acts solely to increase their power by whatever means are necessary. Standards and laws are only used to hammer those who would oppose the march towards leftist tyranny, and are contemptibly sneered at when anyone tries to apply them to a leftist. For example, Bill Cosby is held accountable for his alleged date raping of women, while leftist women write magazine articles proclaiming their willingness to fellate alleged rapist Bill Clinton because he supports women who want to kill their preborn children.

    Pure evil and insanity.

  6. 8


    I noticed something I found odd and possibly significant this morning. The Dallas Morning News had the story of the Clinton Foundation donors having rapid access to Hillary and the State Department on the front page at the top in big headlines. Now, this is significant in the context that when Hillary lied to Chris Wallace about the FBI findings, that was stuck back in the section while some false umbrage of Trump’s was plastered on page 1.

    A change in the media support for Hillary?

  7. 9

    Spurwing Plover

    Look how these scumball journalists reacted when Dan Quayle misspelled Potato or Chaneys hunting accedent or Read My Lips Bush a virtuial feeding frenzie but when Al Gore was unable to reconize two of americas founding fathers while touring Monicello Obamas seven extra sates and Bill Clintons rape incident, Crickets

  8. 11

    Nathan Blue


    No one that I know of blamed Bush for Katrina (although some of the rabid right did later blame Obama). People generally don’t blame the President for such occurances.

    Yeah…yeah they did, you jackass.

    “George Bush does not care about black people.”

    Do you know Kayne? Ever heard of him?

    Double standard.

    Lib/Dems have hijacked information and freedom of thought. Period.

  9. 12

    Nanny G

    Did you notice Hillary listing a few Breitbart headlines like they were the worst things on earth.
    One was:

    “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism Or Cancer?”
    and the other was

    “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive And Crazy.”

    But Hillary let these Leftist rags have a pass when these headlines blared:

    White People Should Be Banned from Doing Yoga

    In it, the Huffington Post’s Matthew Terrell argues that everyone should “stick to their own race”, and stop “culturally appropriating” clothes, food, and art.

    HuffPo again with:

    The Dirty Lie That All Lives Matter

    You are a racist because you are promoting the continuation of institutional racism.

    The New Yorker:

    Dog Or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz

    No Comment.


    Meet Pedophiles Who Mean Well

    Salon’s debut article for pedophile apologists, where writer Tracy Clark-Flory attempted to normalize self-proclaimed pedophiles.

    Followed by:

    I’m a pedophile, but not a monster

    Yes, child molesters need to be looked upon as normal.

    And a mere week later:

    I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters: My week inside the vile right-wing hate machine

    The child molester gets mad that normal people were critical of him and his lifestyle.

    Where’s Hillary tearing these writers and their media outlets a new one?

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