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35 Responses to “In case you were wondering where Hillary stood when it comes to police”

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    MOS #8541

    I had a friend who died in Benghazi. I have buried two officers-friends from racial shootings over the years. One while on duty, the second was assassinated in front of his children, killing one of the children. pandering trash and racial bigotry has become the standard operation for the lesbo and the terrorist pres. one can only imagine what the whore dog, drunk, rapist, murdering, pedophile beard billy will say.

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    McSpadden is the mother of Michael Brown

    She remarried? Divorced?
    Never took her name back?
    Her son took dads name?
    Never married and on welfare?

    McSpadden got into a fight over the sale of Michael Brown merchandise.

    If you cant make money off the dead family members, what good are they?

    “His acts were devilish,” McSpadden said, “and we definitely know he didn’t have the right upbringing, because those are words that you just don’t use, especially after you took somebody’s life and you know you had no reason to. You had no reason to do that.”

    He didnt “take someones life” thats murder
    He defended himself and someone died – thats self defense

    She did not explain what options Wilson had as he fought Brown for his weapon, as he was punched in the face by Brown, and as he Brown charged Wilson.

    Why should she? all she has to do is want the impossible and let the other idjits who dont think follow her down the swirley. In NY, every day you see a subset who basically smear their own with excrement of bad behavior. Its that subset that does not care about the reputation of their fellows, and who actually make it hard on the others, and sadly, Brown was one of them. Just ask the store clerk that was roughed up by him when he wanted something to put his pot in and make blunts but did not want to pay for them.

    Everyday i see all kinds of things.. there was the man who purposefully decided to walk down the wrong side of the escalator and look mean to force everyone to move… right there were 100 people who lowered their regard… then there was the half naked guy washing himself between garbage cans on the train platform, he made over 1000 people see that and i bet their regard didnt go higher. then there is the guy i pass every day, who for some reason, begs for money to get home, but no matter how much they give him, he never leaves (been a few years now of watching him). the video on the morning news showing a black man and black woman wanted for cold cocking a 75 year old white man from behind. the video of a black woman assaulting a 75 year old white woman in church to steal her pocket book. the 65 year old now in the hospital because of similar behavior. the other video of the black man stuffing feces down random womans pants and hitting them in the face with it.

    try as hard as i might, i just dont see that many caucasians, chinese, pakistani, hindis, and such doing these things in any way shape or form in similar numbers… (so i am not saying others dont do it, i am saying that this is disproportionate to the numbers)

    the bad stuff i see caucasians do is mostly run red lights on their bikes, chain bikes to trees instead of poles ($1000 fine in nyc), drive backwards on one way streets to avoid going around the block, lots of illegal u-turns to get a spot (killing one of my neighbors in the process, a pakistani man. we all miss him and his wife had to go live someplace else, and we all miss her too).

    Its not about skin color, its about behavior, or else dark skinned people from india would not be dominating corporation management…

    technically these things are wrong too, but they do not affect others very much, nor subject them to the threat of desease or bankruptcy due to having to be treated in the hospital, or lose a job for the same, or even get killed forcing families.

    you only have to go to Youtube to see videos made by the same people who are obviously not cogent of their own behavior, or else why film it, show it, and in some cases, get arrested as its used as evidence…

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    Nanny G

    The backlash against the BLM is growing.
    Hillary is firmly placing herself on the wrong side.

    On Tuesday, a police union in Somerville, Massachusetts told Mayor Joseph Curtatone that he must replace the “Black Lives Matter” banner displayed at City Hall with one that reads “All Lives Matter.”

    “It is inconceivable to us as it is demoralizing that our City would propagate its support for this movement while standing silent over the seemingly daily protest assassinations of innocent police officers around the county,” The Somerville Police Employees Association wrote.

    The truth that BLM is an astroturf movement with hidden wealthy whites behind it is becoming better known:
    DeRay Mckesson seems to be the man of the hour in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, having just attended a summit at the White House, from which he tweeted. But he is also living proof of the Astroturf origins of the movement treated so seriously by President Obama. BLM leader lives in home owned by Soros Open Society Institute board member.
    See also: http://wwlp.com/2015/01/16/did-anarchists-hijack-the-black-lives-matter-movement/ (About anarchists in BLM)
    And: http://www.aim.org/special-report/reds-exploiting-blacks-the-roots-of-black-lives-matter/ (About Communists in BLM)

    Perhaps Hillary would like to be protected by BLM’ers.
    It would be like when the Hell’s Angels ”protected” the Rolling Stones at Woodstock.

    Quite simply, if police wanted blacks dead all they’d have to do is quit policing in black sections of their cities and wait.
    What Rudy Guilani said is more true: Police don’t ask if you’re black or white when you call, they just come in and save you. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/07/19/giuliani-police-dont-ask-if-you-are-black-or-white-they-just-come-to-save-you/

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    @John: Is that all you have to say? Nothing to defend the trashy scum you support, no possible justification for them defending the liberal left lionizing criminals while blaming and discarding law enforcement.

    All idiots like you can do is find sick humor in the deaths of patriots. This is evidence of just how anti-American the left has become.

    You might consider, you scumbag, that when you find your positions indefensible, perhaps they are not worth defending.

    @I used to be sorta important: Not after 7.5 years of Obama. The relative peace of the pre-use race as a political weapon Obama administration have ended and a sharp rise in police deaths in happening. All thanks to Obama and the liberal media.

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    Just STOP IT you miserable little morons. No one, including Obama or Hillary, are advocating the shooting of cops. But the racists on the right have conveniently ignored the fact that innocent blacks are being killed every day by an incompetent officer

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    @Nanny G: “The truth that BLM is an astroturf movement with hidden wealthy whites behind it is becoming better known:”

    Wow! Someone’s tin foil hat is on tight tonight! Lol!

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    Just STOP IT you miserable little morons. No one, including Obama or Hillary, are advocating the shooting of cops.

    Well, idiot, no one has claimed the advocate shooting cops. However, they neglect condemning the inciting rhetoric, invite with their OWN rhetoric and support the same lies that are motivating those who are killing cops.

    Tell me, WHY is Brown’s mother to speak at the DNC? What is her contribution to society or her story to tell? Her son was killed for trying to kill a cop and she and her family fought over the profit they were reaping on the lies you leftists created about the shooting.

    WHAT, other than perpetuating the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie is the purpose for this parasite speaking to anyone?

    How about an example of a racially motivated police killing?

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    Let’s see if I have this right. No one in Germany can own a gun. So how come that guy shooting in Munich had a gun. It’s illegal to shoot anyone in Germany. So how come he shot so many people. See how much good it does to have some of those Dimocrat inspired laws.

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    @MOS #8541, #1:

    pandering trash and racial bigotry has become the standard operation for the lesbo and the terrorist pres. one can only imagine what the whore dog, drunk, rapist, murdering, pedophile beard billy will say.

    Trump is really bringing out the best in his supporters, isn’t he?

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    @Nathan Blue, #15:

    The lady in the video appears to have a serious mental disorder. She’s being exploited by some low-life right-wing video propagandist to score cheap points among people who are either too stupid to realize that, or too bigoted or insensitive to care.

    Did you read any of the YouTube comments? They reveal more than the video does.

  11. 19

    Spurwing Plover

    Dont forget her and slick willy come from the Question Authority bunch of little snots and the Trust no one over thirty crowd of useful idiots their doves flew away and the turkeys came to roost

  12. 20


    @Bill, #18:

    Frank language generally doesn’t usually leave a reader sniffing the air and checking to see if something needs to be scraped off the bottom on one’s shoe. Frank speech is not a matter of insult or vulgarity; rather, it’s a matter of factual, to the point statemenst. For example:

    Your candidate for president is unacceptable. You had far better options. The amazing thing is that he doesn’t even reflect traditional conservative values. He’s not “the blue-collar billionaire.” He’s blue-collar boorish, wrapped in a $6,000 Brioni suit. The appeal of the rude, simple-minded pitch is apparently his strongest selling point, because there’s not much indication of any rational, consistent, substantive positions inside the wrapper. He paints a picture of gloom and impending doom, articulates your anger and frustration, and then asserts that he alone can fix it all, while giving virtually no details of the fix.

    The significance of what he said about NATO still doesn’t seem to have registered. But, as he publicly observed early on, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Although many rational people have fallen into line behind him, he’s not actually leading a rational movement. He’s cheer leading an emotional reaction. You will only know where he’s actually taking you once you get there, and at that point it will be too late.

  13. 21


    @Greg: Again you evade the question. Simply because you don’t like the phrasing or the facts does not make them false.

    By the way, how about that gem YOU’VE picked? Proven, confirmed liar, corrupt criminal. Oh, yeah… complain about the choices someone else has.

  14. 22


    Facts cannot be false. Facts are not what were being stated.

    I don’t have warm fuzzy feelings about Hillary Clinton. That said, there’s absolutely NO question in my mind which of the two candidates is qualified for the presidency, and which is both unqualified and psychologically unsuited. Donald Trump clearly has qualities that have made him a successful financier and a gifted pitch-man. It’s equally clear that the same man in the White House would represent a clear and present danger, on multiple levels. He doesn’t have a clue about the extent to which he doesn’t have a clue. Reality is far bigger than the Donald Trump game board.

  15. 24



    He doesn’t have a clue about the extent to which he doesn’t have a clue.

    But Hillary doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t know that she’s supposed to have one.

  16. 25

    Spurwing Plover

    Now if Hillary was i the GOP the media sharks and vultures would have their regular feeding frenzie like after Chaneys hunting accident

  17. 30


    @Greg: And you base your “facts” on the psychological evaluation you are qualified to perform on Trump? There are facts. Clinton is a liar, and failed to keep our nation’s secrets. The FBI determined that. Who did you say performed the psychological analysis of Trump? You continue to drink the Kool aide!

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    @Randy, #29:

    The dangers of a Trump presidency are obvious. All you have to do is listen closely to him and think carefully about what he’s been saying.

    Article 5 of the NATO treaty? Maybe we’ll defend member nations from military aggression, or maybe we won’t. Did you hear that, Mr. Putin?

    The European Union was formed to beat the United States at making money. What does it matter if Europe fragments into bite size portions?

    We’ll slap 45% tariffs on goods imported from China. See what that does to the stock market and the U.S. economy—not to mention Chinese militarism in Asia and the Pacific.

    We can renegotiate the national debt. And see what that does to the nation’s credit rating. Or to the value of any dollars you might have saved for the future. Just because Trump gets away with shorting his contractors doesn’t mean it works for nations.

    The guy is a ticking time bomb. If you didn’t want Hillary, why did you make the alternative to her somebody who advocates the foregoing? Now the GOP is spending all its time and energy trying to convince people she’s the devil, in order to get them to swallow the same poison they already took themselves.

  19. 32

    Common Sense

    And yet Greggie you can’t even admit that Obola is a disaster so whatever you say about Trump I could care less. Hilldabeast has Benghazi blood on her hands!!

  20. 33


    @Greg: All this says is that there are issues that need to be considered. Notice no plan was proposed on how this will be implemented. Trump will hire the best people, not people who paid him to be in his administration, to provide him with the best way to move forward. Hillary if she is concerned at all will lie about her actions if she has any plan at all. Then her actions will depend on how much money the principles donated to the Clinton Foundation. I hope you checked that Kool Aide for carcinogens!

  21. 34


    @Randy, #32:

    Notice no plan was proposed on how this will be implemented.

    Notice how nothing has been said about how anything will be implemented. Apparently there’s a presidential magic wand we haven’t been told about.

  22. 35

    Nanny G

    One day after the movie Clinton Cash was streamed FREE worldwide we have action.

    One of the entities Hillary benefited from BIG TIME has lost its CEO.

    Hans Westberg, the embattled CEO and president of telecoms company Ericsson, stepped down as the head of the Swedish wireless equipment maker.

    Ericsson — on Westberg’s watch — had come under heavy fire for selling telecom equipment to countries that were considered state sponsors of terrorism by Hillary’s State Department.

    In June 2011, the State Department began drafting a list of specific goods and services that should be covered under expanded sanctions that were to be imposed on Iran and other state sponsors of terrorism.

    Ericsson decided to pay Bill Clinton more money than he had ever been paid for a single speech: $750,000. In the previous decade, Ericsson had never sponsored a speaking engagement for either Hillary or Bill Clinton.

    “Seven days after [Bill Clinton] got paid, Hillary Clinton’s State Department issued a statement that said we’re going to ask the company to police themselves.”

    Ericsson paid Bill Clinton a massive amount of cash only to find U.S. government actions being made in its favor.


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