Anyone who Thinks there is Intelligence at the Washington Post Fact Check gets Five Pinnochiios

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Every time I think we’ve reached Peak Ridiculous some Lefty finds a way to raise the bar. That’s what I saw in this week’s pressing issue that demanded a “Fact Check” by Washington Post columnists Michelle Ye Hee Lee. What is this issue, you say? “Why Donald Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas” of course!

Yes, we’ve gotten to the point where simple, verifiable facts now need some elaborate explanation, which Lee thinks she provides. I thought Lee’s name sounded familiar, and it turns out she was the genius who wrote a hit piece on Carly last fall where Lee actually managed to include in her article facts that contradicted her article’s main point. How will Lee do this time? Let’s take a look!

Donald Trump likes to give nicknames to his critics, and one of his favorite nicknames for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is “Pocahontas,” which he has been using on and off in recent weeks. On June 27, the first time Warren and Hillary Clinton spoke together at a campaign rally since Warren endorsed Clinton earlier this month, Trump re-upped this nickname.

Trump is referring to Warren’s self-proclaimed Native American heritage, which we and many other news outlets covered extensively when it came up during Warren’s 2012 run for Senate. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s supporters have already caught on to the nickname

So far so good. Lee goes on to lay out the facts, helpfully under a section called “The Facts”

Warren faced intense scrutiny of her purported Native American heritage after her Republican opponent and then-Senate incumbent Scott Brown used her claims to question her integrity. Brown aired ads questioning Warren’s background and attacked her during a debate over this issue.

Warren has claimed Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage, citing family stories. She did not have any documentation of her Native American ancestry to prove it, even though Cherokee groups demanded it.

For weeks, Warren struggled to own the narrative, giving more fodder to her opponents. Our colleagues on The Fix wrote in detail the twists and turns of her response, including a reference to a relative’s “high cheekbones” at one point. Warren explained that “being Native American has been a part of my story, I guess since the day I was born, I don’t know any other way to describe it.”

A genealogist at the New England Historic Genealogical Society initially had said there was documented evidence that Warren was 1/32 American Indian, alluding to a family newsletter that had indicated her great-great-great grandmother was Cherokee, the Boston Globe reported early in the controversy. But this point was later corrected, as neither the Globe nor the genealogical society had proven the existence of that document.

In September 2012, the Boston Globe tracked down members of Warren’s family to corroborate her claim. But family members offered mixed opinions. The Globe wrote: “In the absence of documentation, the family’s link to any Native American tribe is a matter of narrative inheritance or folklore, as Warren puts it. Even if Warren has some degree of Native American blood, it is unclear if it would meet conventional standards of what constitutes a minority.”

And we are led to the bottom line in another section helpfully labeled, “The Bottom Line”

Trump is resurfacing an issue that has been researched extensively by The Fact Checker and many other news outlets, who all came to the same conclusion: There is no documented proof of Warren’s self-proclaimed, partial Native American heritage, which experts have noted is difficult to prove to begin with. Warren has maintained since 2012 that this is an issue of family lore.

I have to admit, up to this point Lee did a pretty good job of sticking to the facts, which boil down to two indisputable facts:

1) Warren lied about her Indian heritage
2) Trump is giving her the mockery she deserves.

There is no story here, other than watching some hack take a story about leftist stupidity and turning it into how a Republican reacts to it.

Brother Bob gives the notion that Lee is anything more than a partisan hack five Pinnochios.

Ms. Lee, stay stupid my friend.

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13 Responses to “Anyone who Thinks there is Intelligence at the Washington Post Fact Check gets Five Pinnochiios”

  1. 2

    Spurwing Plover

    So who realy still beleives anything they read in the Washington Compost? Its just about likr the New york Slimes,L.A. Slimes, and Atlanta Urinal/Constipation and i see the New York Slimes(All the Sludge thats fit to Print)Interviewed the mother of the palatsinian who murdred the 13 year old girl. They need to hang him froma tree smeared with pig blood

  2. 3


    The claim is the same claim Hillary and Obama use to explain their various scandals… “the falsehood of the statements/acts/failures have already been discussed. Forget about it. Look over there…. don’t see this.”

    The left no longer even attempts to hide their utter disregard, disrespect and disgust for the law or truth. Even more vomit-inducing that that are those that defend it.

  3. 4


    A DNA analysis would tell the story with irrefutable accuracy, but accuracy has never been a part of Warren’s equation. She and Harvard used Affirmative Action in one of the most fraudulent and egregious violations of ethics to promote a Northern European as a Native American. The end result, career enhancement and grooming as a possible Democrat president is the goal; however, blonde haired, blue eyed Native Americans are rare, but the American public has been groomed to believe the pablum of media. Although, the Native Americans, whose backs she is standing on in her filthy moccasins, are not likely to accept being ground into the muck of history, by a fraud who has stolen their identity. She is likely to have some uncomfortable encounters in the future and she will come to regret appropriating the native identity.

    Her victimhood is about to become a reality, but she is a victim of her own impropriety and dishonesty. Like the spashing of the drowning divas Hillary and Loretta, her fate is inevitable and the tide of public opinion is pulling all of them into deeper water.

  4. 5

    Richard Wheeler

    @Skookum: It’s only recently that having Indian blood or Latina blood became’ cool’ Ask my Bolivian wife who was never introduced to her maternal grandmother who was an Indian. Or Raquel Welch who hid her Bolivian heritage till it became cool in her 40’s.
    America is a melting pot that should proudly accept not only our immigrant lineage but our Native American blood—like 05 does.
    Warren vs Trump is like a car wreck–hard to look away.

  5. 8


    It’s more than lying about her heritage. She used those lies to advance her career. And the institutions that hired her used those lies to their advantage as well. Even when confronted with the lies, those institutions refuse to come clean on the issue.

  6. 9

    Nanny G

    @boxty: Good point, Boxty.
    She actually made lying about who and what you are fashionable.
    Now, as a result of her, a Black Lives Matter leader can claim to be a black man although he has two white parents.
    An NAACP chapter leader can claim to be a black woman although she, too, has two white parents.
    And men can claim to be women.
    Men can claim to be children (of either sex).
    So, who are the ”racists?” or the ”sexists?”
    The persons who won’t buy into these nutcases’ delusions, of course!

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