“It Feels Like She’s Lying Straight Out”

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When you’ve lost MSNBC….


Longer 10 minute version, here. Shaun King:

Watch it all. The most devastating 10 minutes about Hillary Clinton I have ever seen. EVER.

This is from MSNBC. These are lifelong Democrats. They LOVE Hillary and have her back. For them to all be unified like they are in this video, one by one, saying how unethical and dishonest Hillary has been, is the new low in her entire campaign. PERIOD.

Chuck Todd said that “She could not get confirmed as Attorney General right now” because of her blatant disregard for the rules and dishonesty about it. How in the world could we elect someone President if they couldn’t even pass muster for a cabinet position at this point?

Mika Brzezinski said “she is straight out lying right now” and has been all along.

No person has been more faithful to Hillary than Andrea Mitchell Reports and Andrea, when pressed by Mika if Hillary was a liar, said “That’s for the American people to decide, but this is indefensible.”

Hillary has turned into a horrible candidate for the Democrats and they are entirely vulnerable.

Trump is a horrible NON-CONSERVATIVE candidate for the GOP, making Republicans entirely vulnerable to losing yet another election. (No, FA, he is NOT good for America).

As far as I’m concerned, America is in a lose-lose situation.

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    Trump is garbage. Hillary is poison. It’s not a tough choice. As always, and as much as you may hate it, it is a binary choice. The Libertarian won’t win. Any vote or non-vote other than for Trump is a vote for another amateur Communist who will, at a minimum, gut the second amendment and cripple freedom of speech. She’ll import a larger illegal voting base and the corporate socialist state will become permanent.

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    Hey, MSNBC… it’s more than a feeling. Hillary lies because that is her nature. It is an involuntary reflex, like blinking. Like claiming to have dodged sniper bullets or joining the Marines, the lies just come out of her brain and mouth because it overrides the truth.

    Perhaps MSNBC should have tuned in to another channel for their information; now, like some liberals who bother to open their eyes every so often, the shock of finding out Hillary really IS a liar is devastating. Aww… let me give you a hug.

    OR…. the media never has like Hillary. She treats them, like she does everyone else, like dirt because every once in a great while, one of them asks a probing questions she would rather not be asked. Except for her most trusted followers in the media, she will not allow an interview. So, now they see a possible option; the Bern. He is showing strong and the more leftist the liberal, the more the media loves them. Maybe it’s just time to throw the despicable Hillary under the bus once and for all. Beep, beep.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have very many conservatives to choose from and Trump is the only one that has shown is invulnerable to media assault. I hope people like Cruz and the financial backers learned their lesson; ignore the corrupt media, deliver the conservative message and galvanize the base.

    Trump may not be conservative enough, but he ain’t Hillary OR Bernie.

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    Nanny G

    But if the Dems maintain their Electoral College advantage Hillary wins anyway.
    Don’t forget the Mormon leaders in Utah are ordering their faithful to vote ”anything but Trump.”
    Utah will, for the 1st time in many decades not vote Republican.

    Even if Utah did go Republican, which is now unlikely, the Republicans would need 79% of the non-Red, non-Blue states.
    Without Utah that number is nearer to 100% of them.
    A numerical impossibility.
    The only chance the Republican Party has of taking the white House is if their candidate can do the nearly impossible: win in one or more of the Dems safe Blue states plus take that vast majority of the non-red, non-blue states.
    Who has any chance at that?

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    another vet

    It took MSNBC this long to figure it out? Once the GE kicks off, what they said here will most likely be forgotten by themselves.

    Hillary’s fate right now is in the hands of one person- BHO. It all depends on which puppet strings he pulls with Lynch. If he tells her not to indict it keeps the Party from chaos but it also hands Trump a huge campaign issue, possibly his biggest one especially once the leaks start coming out about the political pressure not to indict. On the other hand, if Obama tells her to indict, his chief rivals for control of the Party are finished politically and that includes Bill. Given there are no heirs to the Clinton wing of the Party, Obama will be able to keep the Party far left for a long time, perhaps permanently. But it also throws the dem’s into chaos especially if they go with someone other than Sanders.

    It remains to be seen if the Republican circus is ending. The dems’ circus is just beginning.

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    @another vet #5 –

    Both circuses will not be ending anytime soon. On the Trump side, we’ll see how much of a con job he did with his so-called university. If it was in name only, he shouldn’t be upset as he is. On the Hillary side, it depends if Obama is willing to kick her to the curb because there is no one else on the bench.

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    On the Hillary side, it depends if Obama is willing to kick her to the curb because there is no one else on the bench.

    That’s the risk you run when you support a known lying criminal. She should have been kicked to the curb before the primaries; there has been no doubt of her guilt… only denial.

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    @Greg: I won’t get tired of it until she faces justice for her putting her own political career and financial gain ahead of our nation’s national security.

    If there is a case against Trump (or even if there isn’t) he will be hounded with accusations and suites until it is hammered out. He doesn’t have the protection or a corrupt DOJ or media to hide behind. However, we know all but a few details of Hillary’s corruption and negligence and what we already know disqualifies her from being President.

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    Nanny G


    [I]n a memo sent over the weekend to big donors, Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, claimed that Clinton thought she was just following State Department tradition when setting up her home-brew server in the basement of her New York home.

    “She believed she was following the practices of other Secretaries and senior officials,” Podesta wrote in the memo, which BuzzFeed News obtained.

    Podesta doesn’t offer any evidence as to how Clinton arrived at this belief, presumably because there is none.
    [T]he IG makes clear Powell’s set up entirely different and far less risky, than what Clinton used.
    Powell had a separate computer installed in his office so he could access his AOL Mail and conduct nonclassified business. The other computer was “used for secure material.” Clinton, on the other hand, used her personal e-mail account for everything…..

    [T]he idea that Clinton could have possibly thought her practice was somehow usual and customary is laughable.

    The reality is that Clinton set up her off-the-books private e-mail system for one purpose: so she could avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, which for a time is exactly what happened.

    What’s left to add?

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Greg: This guy has the gall to blame the “Mexican” judge born in Indiana.
    It’s gonna get worse for The Donald–his adoring lemmings don’t care.

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    @Nanny G: I think maybe the State Department should have provided training to clarify the handling of classified information and had them sign so… so… oh. That’s right.

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