An Appeal to Trump Supporters (Guest Post)

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I bow to no one in my contempt for and frustration with the GOP as it currently exists. For twenty years now they have been deeply unserious and have neglected their responsibilities to a degree that approaches treason.

Given all that I get the appeal Trump might hold, on the surface at least.

But we are now at a point when Hilary Clinton is openly promising to dedicate her Presidency to gun control. Gun control… the issue that has been a loser for Democrats for decades and is commonly held to have cost Al Gore the White House.

She is brazenly touting Scalia’s death as an opportunity to enact Michael Bloomberg’s wildest dreams.

She is doing this because all indications are that if Trump is the nominee she will not only beat him by double digits but she will bring a united Democratic Congress along for the ride. And even if that Congress lasts only two years it will be more than enough time to appoint one (possibly two) justices and pass a slate of gun control legislation the likes of which this country has never seen. Legislation without a sunset period. Legislation that will take decades to repeal in a best case scenario.

I am begging you to not allow this to happen. Cruz may be imperfect, you may even think he’s establishment, but what he isn’t is an existential threat to the US Constitution. Please don’t let this happen. Get over your rage and support Cruz.

And for those of you in the #neverTrump crowd… you may think Trump would be a disaster as a President but he would not be the disaster that Hilary would be. If it comes down to Trump vs. Clinton you swallow your outrage and vote for Trump.

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    And what happens when a little weather trick called “hail” comes along and destroys all those solar panels you’ve paid for? Does your home owners insurance cover that and if so, how much did the insurance cost you for those things?

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    @Rich Wheeler: Male bears have nothing to do with their cubs, only experienced hunters get the tags, they before they would qualify for the tags most likely have done their service to country, the canned hunts are absolute bulls^%t I dont even like the idea of bear dogs, I like less bears that have better noses than bloodhounds tearing into houses for food the Sows will bring in the cubs and kill anything that she thinks is a threat to them like the family cat or dog, the person who comes downstairs to see what the ruckus is ect.
    When they over-populate there isn’t enough food for them and they get very hungry and very dangerous.

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    @Robert What?: I think either candidate could and would beat Hillary, Cruz could shred her in any debate, if the moderators were not totally in the can and asked real questions. Trumps debate style will not work on her, touting numbers and giving vague generalities, calling names. Hillary is so disliked the party would unite behind either Trump or Cruz.
    I dont like the Never Trump movement, just says you could tolerate Hillary for 4 years

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    @retire05: Yes, solar panels are Dimocrats wildest dreams. A scam on the public. They never pay for themselves, if they did, there wouldn’t need to be so many government subsidies to get people to buy them. Notice all the people building panels are building them in plants built by government handouts. Mostly Dimocrats. Does the government give you a subsidy to buy a car? No money in it for the liberals with their hands out.

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    @john: You working in the solar industry John? All those systems you’re talking about costs thousands up front, then you get some part of that in a handout from taxpayers but then you continue to pay a monthly electric bill about 2/3rds of what you were paying plus you have to pay off the capital cost. There are no savings John? It’s nets out as a ‘cost’ .

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    Nanny G

    Thousands lined up FOUR HOURS EARLY to see Donald Trump tonight at Indiana Farmers Coliseum.

    Thousands lined up outside Hilbert Circle Theatre in indianapolis for the Donald Trump town hall meeting that will air on FOX News tonight.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) called on the Republican Party to unite around Donald Trump

    “It is time for the ‘Stop Trump’ movement to end,” Scott wrote in a Facebook post. “Yesterday’s election results show that the anti-Trump efforts didn’t work.”

    “Republicans now need to come together. Donald Trump is going to be our nominee, and he is going to be on the ballot as the Republican candidate for President. The Republican leaders in Washington did not choose him, but the Republican voters across America did choose him. The voters have spoken.

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    @Bookdoc: reviews on electric cars are horrible, and would you take one on a roadtrip. The new tesla are crap for what is suppose to be a premium auto. But you can hope you have enough charge to get back to the dealership for repairs.
    Tesla Motors, Inc. Earnings: 2 Key Financial Metrics to Watch
    But the tax incentive is there.

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    Kitt, I sell new domestic vehicles and know the truth about electrics. At least ours won’t brick. I just meant that, like everything else, the government is adjusting the real market through subsidies.

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    Other than up to $7500 tax credit on electric cars…

    Bookdoc, who pays that $7500 tax credit. I don’t mean who sends the check, I understand that is the State, but who actually puts the $7500 into the bank account? Why would a state give a rebate on an electric car? Aren’t these super deals that thousands are standing in line to get because they are such a wonderful deal and are so cheap to operate. They are ‘cheap’ to operate, right? I mean no one pays for the electricity to charge the batteries, right? That’s all free, right? You know, when someone comes out with a car with super style, and performance, there is a rush to buy them, without a subsidy. Does that tell us that an electric car is such a poor deal that someone has to pay people to drive one? Surely not.
    I’ve never seen the economics on these cars, but I’ll bet they are ‘losing propositions’. Sounds like something Dimocrats would like.

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    @Bookdoc: a $7500 subsidy will hardly pay for the batteries after the first year. All domestic and foreign electric cars are bricks and no one can show any economics that make sense. They have zero or less resale value after one year.

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    @Greg: Wow, I am really impressed by that battery in the Fusion. It can be driven 20 whole miles before it has to be recharged. Some people can get almost to work without starting the gasoline engine. Then it’s not electric any longer, it’s then a gasoline powered car. Edmunds gives absolutely no data about economics/ reliability/ and no reason for A rating. No electric car can be rated A based on economics of the automobile. They are basically scrap at the end of their warranty, no economics to buy a used one. New batteries alone would cost more than the value of the car.
    Greg, liberals don’t understand economics, but it’s not our fault.

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    @Greg: Oh yes sorry liberal they are wondermous. I would rather buy a street legal golf cart than a nice car take a family road trip, you know cram 3 kids and parents and drive through Yellowstone. No friggin thanks. Which ones are fully electric?Oh ya the clubcar some seat 6, At least they are small for the kids to be pushing through the mountains eh?If I want to pull, say a small pop-up camper what is the towing capacity of one of them?

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    another vet

    @kitt: @kitt: @kitt: I know lefties who preach electric cars. Guess how many own one? I know lefties who preach solar power and wind power. Guess how many have solar and/or wind power? You get the idea.

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