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43 Responses to “Black lives batter”

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    another vet

    It was Marquez’s fault. He is a Veteran and must have done something to provoke the poor youths. They are the true victims, not Marquez. The video was obviously altered in some way as part of the cover up.

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    How long have the “new black panther members” been getting away with racially motivated muggings before they chose someone the media cared to report about?

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    Common Sense

    These poor black men where just trying to make a living and to attack them as black or racist is just wrong!! NO black man can be a racist, just ask Al Sharpton or Obola!!

  4. 5


    @another vet: the IAD force was called and they refilmed it to the states liking… then the secretary disavowed any knowlege of the operation…

    either that or this was the black national socialist TEEN spetsnaz team…

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    @Common Sense: I nearly forgot that, why these young socialists were just practicing wealth redistribution. Had the Vet succeeded in defending himself it could have made national news with pictures of the victim of a government trained killing machine a lethal timebomb waiting to explode from PTS, he would be in a cap and gown with his plans for the future preached by Jackson and Sharpton. If Obama had a son….

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    another vet

    @Artfldgr: @Artfldgr:

    either that or this was the black national socialist TEEN spetsnaz team…

    They are just victims of society. In the land of hope and change, no one is responsible for anything especially their own actions. Unless of course, they don’t tow the line of the collective.

  7. 10


    Blame McDonalds for allowing harassment of customers by gangs, as they went to 5 guys they were not eating at the McDs
    and the credit card company can tell you where it was used.
    Snopes indicates this mans word is not good enough for them.

  8. 11


    Come on! These dindu nuffins are true Sons Of Obungler.
    He should have announced his BLM support loudly.
    It’s a shame DC does not have concealed carry.
    Bernie Getz, anyone?

  9. 12


    @another vet:

    The video was obviously altered in some way as part of the cover up.

    It’s edited!! Just like the Planned Parenthood videos to show these poor, innocent black youths, on their way to school, being lured into a fight by this right wing reactionary (as all returning veterans are) as falsely being the cowardly aggressors.

  10. 13

    Nanny G

    @Mathman: [Obama] should have announced his BLM support loudly.

    Oh, but he did!
    Then he called for BLM to meet with him AT THE WHITE HOUSE.
    Then this:

    “I was under the impression that a meeting was being organized to facilitate a genuine exchange on the matters facing millions of Black and Brown people in the United States. Instead, what was arranged was basically a photo opportunity and a 90-second sound bite for the president,” said Truth-Out.org, and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Chicago, Aislinn Pulley.

    The White House hailed Thursday’s meeting with Black Lives Matter activists and veteran civil rights leaders as a “first of its kind.” Attendees included Baltimore mayoral candidate, BLM leader, DeRay Mckesson, Deshaunya Ware, a student leader of the University of Missouri protest group Concerned Student 1950; Al Sharpton, president of the National Action Network, and NAACP President Cornell Brooks.

    What does she want?

    ”[the Obama administration] meeting the simple demands of families who want transparency, and who want police that kill Black people unjustly to be fired, indicted and held accountable.”

    But, in reality, she wants to rejigger the judicial process so that justifiable shootings by police result in the firing, indicting and imprisoning of many good police in this country.

  11. 19


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Fact he’s got $400 cash–maybe–likely

    Tell us one more time just how those attackers knew what he had in his wallet prior to taking it from him. Their justification was ‘he had $400 cash in his wallet’. Only from Richie.

  12. 20


    He probably took out his wallet to pay the cashier. Thugs have an eye for such details as a fat wallet—a good thing to keep in mind in any urban environment. They can also have accomplices who tip them off—say, a friend behind the counter. Most likely they were there watching for a target.

  13. 23

    Nanny G

    Here’s a bit of good news:
    Mike Tikoyan, the owner of NT Auto Body in Alexandria, Virginia, reached out to Marquez in hopes of helping him out.
    Tikoyan and his brother gave a $5,000 check to Marquez Friday night to help with his recovery and expenses in the aftermath of the attack.
    The GoFundMe account is already more than half way to its goal:

    The white brunch swarms are just like these guys who attacked Marquez.
    They size up the group and lay in wait for any who seem well- heeled.
    Actually, this tactic harkens all the way back to those New Black Panthers in Oakland who used to try to shut down small markets (who refused to pay protection money).
    Eventually they not only set a few markets on fire but they murdered the one reporter who was doing an investigative report on all of it.

  14. 24


    @Bill, #22:

    No, it isn’t racist. Thugs is not race specific term. It has to do with a person’s behavior. In this case it’s an appropriate description. While they’re black thugs, black is not the problem. To suggest that black is the problem would be racist.

  15. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    Randy-DJ-RT Why did they heist his wallet–just askin?
    Thanks for the laugh

    BTW–Did I say it wasn’t racially motivated?:

    Nan you and rt–are at least consistent–if Blacks are involved–it’s always racial–robbery nothing to do with it–lol

  16. 26


    Maybe they were Trump supporters who incorrectly profiled Chris Marquez as an illegal alien rapist who’d come in to spend his ill-gotten drug money.

    I just heard the South Carolina projected results. Rubio is coming in ahead of Cruz, but Donald has grabbed the brass ring.

  17. 27


    @Greg: Hmmm… well, it WAS racist when the “thugs” began burning down Ferguson and Baltimore. Do you not remember how the left accused anyone using the term “thug” as meaning, specifically, blacks?

    To suggest that black is the problem would be racist.

    So, let’s be sure not to inject race into the episode.

    Maybe they were Trump supporters who incorrectly profiled Chris Marquez as an illegal alien rapist.

    Oops. It happened.

  18. 30

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler:If a bunch of whites or Hispanics did this to a black person or a bunch of blacks did this to a black person, what was in his wallet would be a non issue. In the case of the whites or Hispanics, the left would claim racism and immediately blame it on Republicans and conservatives and there would be a full DOJ investigation. If it was black on black, they would simply ignore it because there would be nothing to make themselves feel good about in their accusations.

  19. 31

    Richard Wheeler

    @drjohn: @another vet:Dr J. I never said that. Ofcourse Black on White can be racist
    So you folks just immediately pull the race card on this? Acting like those you deride.
    Dr j and AV Thought you better than that.
    Nan RT–Expected
    Randy An Army Col should know better

  20. 33

    Nanny G

    The brass ring as in at least 37 (or as many as 50) of South Carolina’s delegates, Greg.
    What difference does 2nd or 3rd make if you get only a few (or none) out of 50 delegates?

  21. 34


    Congrats to those that thought Trump would fail in South Carolina. Shows that they are not aware of what’s going on in this country. People are sick and tired of the same old crap being fed to them from Washington. They’ve decided on ala cart instead of the same old menu.

  22. 35

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: @Richard Wheeler: Again, if a bunch of whites or Hispanics would have done this to a black, you would have been one of the first ones here screaming “racism” and inferring that conservatives were to blame even if it was a simple crime to get the wallet which this case may have been. You did it before with Martin and “Hands up don’t shoot” Brown despite the fact that the facts came out proving that to be wrong. And that was determined by Obama’s DOJ which headed up by a racist at the time. If it was black on black violence, you would have paid no attention to it. Perhaps on Monday you can post here venting your anger at the blacks who were killed in Chicago over the weekend by other blacks. I’ve yet to see a single lefty here post outrage when some 11 year black kid gets wasted by a black gangbanger. There is ample opportunity because it happens every weekend in Chicago. I guess there is no political gain in that. Sorry to say, blacks and their plight are a means to end for the left in this country. As long as they are committing crimes and killing each other in grossly disproportionate numbers, they can be used to push for more gun control and more government handouts in order to “solve the problem”. Some blacks have realized that they are being played for dupes. They are commonly referred to as “Uncle Toms”.

  23. 37

    Richard Wheeler

    @DrJohn: Of course you have a right to that opinion. IMO if it was that clear cut why would they even bother to rob him—we agree all participating should be locked up.
    If all you guys and gals wanna make this strictly race motivated how are you any different than the Ferguson folks you rightly deride?

    AV I never said the guy in Ferguson–Brown– was innocent.
    Martin—tragic ending—certainly don’t think the rent a guard was without fault though not criminally liable.

  24. 38

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: You never brought up the race issue in Ferguson or with Martin? That is my main argument here. The race issue was immediately brought up in both cases even after it was proven to be bogus. Both Zimmerman and Wilson acted in self defense although Zimmerman never should have gotten himself in that predicament to begin with. He bit off more than he could chew. Contrast that with this incident. The first response is to downplay and even deny the race factor. The victim’s statement clearly shows it was an issue even if they were after his wallet. Just looking for some sort of consistency here.

  25. 39

    Richard Wheeler

    @another vet: Consistency–exactly. Why make this so clearly Black on White or Black on Latin —when to me it’s a robbery first–don’t care if it’s purple on green–lock em up.
    Honestly I didn’t see Ferguson or Fla. through racial lenses. Would have preferred to see both cases go to court rather than two dead teens.

  26. 40

    Nanny G

    @Richard Wheeler: Why make this so clearly Black on White or Black on Latin —when to me it’s a robbery first–don’t care if it’s purple on green–lock em up.

    So, basically, you’re admitting that when blacks go into a restaurant and pick out non-black customers then scream, ”don’t black lives matter?!” to those customers all they’re really doing is CASING the joint.
    If this were the case, all BLM ought to be arrested whenever they case a joint, be it a restaurant, park, school ground, concert parking lot, etc.
    Are you good with that?
    You attribute bad motives to ALL BLM’ers by saying that these BLM’ers were merely interested in robbery.
    They were not.
    They were interested in intimidation and de-gentrifying their neighborhood.
    Funny how it is the BLM’ers who are insisting on SEGREGATION.
    And, to a certain extent, they are getting it:

  27. 41


    @another vet:

    He bit off more than he could chew.

    While I agree Zimmerman shouldn’t have gotten into his situation, if I recall correctly it was Martin that bit off more than he could chew.
    Anyhow, race was certainly a factor since they just assumed if anyone was going to have money in his wallet, it was the white guy.

  28. 42

    another vet

    @Redteam: Martin definitely bit off more than he could chew (attacking someone with a loaded weapon) but Zimmerman is lucky that Martin is the one staring at dirt and not himself. He lost control of the situation he put himself in and therefore bit off more than he could chew.

  29. 43


    If race played no part in the assault, what was the purpose of the initial question about if Marquez thought black lives mattered? I would opine that they thought Marquez was white and targeted him on that basis. The $400 was a bonus.

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