The Left’s Dirty Secret – They Hate You. Yes, YOU. (Part 4 of 5)

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One of the more maddening elements of our political debate is how both sides view the individual, and how they treat them. Conservative ideals are based on individual responsibility, and in turn the state showing respect for that individual. On the flip side, as we saw in our last chapter, the Radical Left despises the individual, and will always put the state ahead of individual rights1. What’s maddening is how despite their contempt for the individual, the Radical Left does an outstanding job of exploiting personal stories to push their agenda, while the side that puts respect for the individual first is incapable of using any of the great stories about how individuals have their lives destroyed by the policies of the Radical Left.

A great example that comes to mind is Cindy Sheehan – anybody remember her? She was dubbed “The Peace Mom” for acting as a figurehead for the anti-Bush anti-Iraq war movement. Her son was killed in the fighting in Iraq and, along with Code Pink, launched a number of protests against the Iraq war. Her hatred for George W. Bush made her a natural darling of the mainstream media, and she was everywhere. Never mind that a number of her family members supported the war; they weren’t newsworthy. She wound up divorced from her husband, and a number of her family members didn’t agree with her antics, either. Whatever your opinion of Sheehan, it’s hard to not feel some sympathy for a grieving mother who lost her son. I’m no fan of hers, but this woman needed therapy – and the Radical Left showed it’s compassion and gave her exploitation instead. And like all other elements of the anti-Bush anti-war movement, the media lost interest some time around January 2009. And now Sheehan is just a footnote who basically lost most of her family.

You know the names that the left brings out to frame their narratives, often sketchy at best and sometimes simply false – Trayvon Martin, Sandra Fluke, Michael Brown. However distasteful, one can not deny the success the Radical Left has enjoyed in exploiting personal narratives in pushing their agenda, while sadly conservatives can not. Granted, having the benefit of the national media behind whatever story they’re pushing is much easier – note how a name like Kate Steinle’s gets buried when every element of her death destroys Leftist narratives.

What is even more curious is for all that the Radical Left promotes individual stories how little they care about what happens to actual individuals as a result of their policies. For one prominent example in recent news, look no further than what’s happening in Europe. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that importing large numbers of young men who view women as property could lead to the rise in sexual assaults. Even worse is how in the name of political correctness the Radical Leftists in the media downplayed these horrible attacks:

Another is that the broadcasters downplay or conceal events that might rouse the public’s emotions. The alleged gang rape of two teenage girls in southwest Germany on New Year’s Eve by four Syrian refugees was not reported by any of the main news programs, for example, despite the parallels to the attacks in Cologne and other cities. And then there is the part where law enforcement has taken too light a hand in stopping these violent attacks on the citizens who they’ve sworn to protect:

Authorities in Sweden are investigating claims that police there covered up sexual assaults committed mostly by immigrant youths at a music festival in Stockholm — attacks apparently similar in style to those carried out on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne.

Police documented 38 claims of sexual assault — including two alleged rapes — in connection with the “We Are Sthlm” festival in 2014 and 2015, according to Reuters. They believe the attacks were carried out by about 50 people, most of them young Afghans, Reuters reported, citing Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish paper that broke the news.

And when this mentality manifests over time you end up with years of rape and government cover up, as what happened in Rotherdam. Had this scandal involved Catholic priests or white fraternity brothers it would have been the story of the year. And here in the states we see the callousness of our ruling class when Democratic State Senator Evie Hudak basically told a rape victim that she’d probably have just hurt herself had she been armed. The silence from feminist groups over Sen. Hudak’s remarks was deafening.

Which leads to the sad conclusion: Sorry ladies, but for all that leftists say that they are pro-woman, they want you to get raped. Yes, you read that correctly. When bringing rapists into your neighborhood and having their crimes ignored by the media and the police is acceptable in the name of Leftists achieving multicultural holiness, your life doesn’t mean a damn to them. The radical left’s war on masculinity doesn’t make everybody good guys, it just makes mischief easier for predators. It’s gotten so bad that Russia has been the nation to assert itself as the adults in the room.

Image appears via The People’s CubeThe left cares about young people, and especially those who are minorities, because they tell us they do. Of course, the actions that they support tell another story. There was a recent uproar about Justice Scalia making remarks that placing minority students into a school based on their skin color where they may not be academically qualified might not be a good idea. One would think this should be a no-brainer – I’m not a dumb guy, but putting me into an advanced nuclear physics class where I’ll probably fail out won’t do anybody any favors. Thomas Sowell explains reality:

Much empirical research over the years has confirmed Justice Scalia’s concern that admitting black students to institutions for which their academic preparation is not sufficient may be making them worse off instead of better off.

I became painfully aware of this problem more than 40 years ago, when I was teaching at Cornell University, and discovered that half the black students there were on some form of academic probation.

These students were not stupid or uneducable. On the contrary, the average black student at Cornell at that time scored at the 75th percentile on scholastic tests. Their academic qualifications were better than those of three-quarters of all American students who took those tests.

Why were they in trouble at Cornell, then? Because the average Cornell student in the liberal arts college at that time scored at the 99th percentile. The classes taught there — including mine — moved at a speed geared to the verbal and mathematical level of the top one percent of American students.

Nearly one-fourth of these black students with stellar qualifications in math failed to graduate from M.I.T., and those who did graduate were concentrated in the bottom tenth of the class.

There were other fine engineering schools around the country where those same students could have learned more, when taught at a normal pace, rather than at a breakneck speed geared to students with extremely rare abilities in math.

Justice Scalia was not talking about sending black students to substandard colleges and universities to get an inferior education. You may in fact get a much better education at an institution that teaches at a pace that you can handle and master. In later life, no one is going to care how fast you learned something, so long as you know it.

And in his closing, Sowell asks a serious question:

Do the facts not matter to those who are denouncing Justice Scalia? Does the actual fate of minority students not matter to the Left, as much as their symbolic presence on a campus?

Short answer: No. In our last installment I also pointed out how “Black Lives Matter” is ending more of them, as opposed to those lives actually mattering. #BLM also brings us to the problems with gun violence in general. In my local newspaper, The Falls Church News Press, two separate editorials promoted the joys of victimhood. The first was from Radical Leftist bomb thrower Wayne Besen:

A day earlier, Trump said of the Paris attacks: “You can say what you want, but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation.”

Yes, but this could have made things much worse – with people shooting wildly around a loud, dark concert venue, inadvertently hitting innocent victims, while still having inferior weaponry to the actual terrorists.

And more recently, Sen. Dick Slaslaw’s Richmond Report:

Every time we have a firearm docket, I see members of the audience wearing “Guns Save Lives” stickers. Let me ask you something, in a mass shooting or other situation involving many people in harm’s way, would you trust a stranger to have a perfect shot?

Somehow the danger of getting hit by a stray bullet by someone challenging the shooter (who, as a bonus, is now prioritizing killing some right-wing gun nut instead of you), these guys would rather have the security of an unchallenged shooter able to fire at will and carefully select his targets. So yes, a leftist would rather see you gunned down rather than surrender the monopoly on violent force that only the state can responsibly handle.

For health care, lefties in the US see single payer as the Holy Grail. Never mind what actually happens, as “Phineas Farquar” reports on Britain’s vaunted National Health Service trying to capture a defector who they refused to treat:

“The parents of a child suffering from a severe brain tumor signaled Monday they would defy efforts to force them to return to Britain, days after their family fled.”

While we’re on the subject of compassion over in Great Britain, Colin Fernandez of the Daily Mail reports:

Within 15 years, British families may have to start phasing out gas cookers, fires and boilers if the UK is to meet new tougher targets aimed at halting rises in global temperature.

How can fighting Climate Change be anything but good? The Telegraph’s Victoria Ward fills in the blanks:

The cold weather death toll this winter is expected to top 40,000, the highest number for 15 years.

The figures were described as a “tragedy for the elderly” by campaigners who warned that not enough was being done to protect pensioners from unnecessary deaths in cold weather.

Malcolm Booth, chief executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, said: “Excess winter deaths look like rising above the exceptional 2008-09 total and potentially reaching above 40,000 – and that is a disaster for the elderly in Britain.

“Winter deaths are a tragedy for families of those affected but it appears the underlying causes of these deaths have still not been properly addressed.

To start to wrap up this chapter, we go back to the gun debate. As Glenn Reynolds writes (emphasis mine):

It’s gotten so bad that even the reliably liberal and pro-Obama Piers Morgan is writing that Donald Trump’s plan for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is dumb, but Obama’s do-nothing approach is even dumber. Morgan writes: “The reason Trump’s new, stunningly divisive message is resonating with so many Americans is that none of his opponents seems to have a clue how better to deal with this deadly threat, especially President Obama. … As Obama is seen to be fiddling while Rome burns, Trump is seen, whether you agree with him or not, to at least have an understanding of the immediacy and scale of the threat and a clear determination to try and deal with it. … [Obama] sounded utterly devoid of any real new ideas on how to tackle ISIS, whose military and economic power strengthens every day. He spoke in weary tones of how we were going to beat them but nobody listening to him could have felt remotely convinced that he has a clue how this will actually happen. His current strategy clearly isn’t working, yet all he promises is more of the same. Obama’s whole attitude to ISIS has always been breathtakingly complacent, and now this casual approach has come back to haunt him.”

Yes. When we talk about “compassion” in American politics, it usually involves some sort of scheme to give poor people money. But compassion ultimately comes down to caring what happens to people, and when Obama acts as if he doesn’t take the threat of Islamic terrorism in America seriously, he’s sending a signal that he doesn’t care what happens to Americans who might be victims of terrorism or even about Americans who are worried about becoming victims.

Exactly – the president doesn’t care about the people he was elected to lead any more than the multitudes who voted for him. At the end of the day, unless you fit one of their convenient narratives, leftist compassion does not care if you are raped, shot, freeze to death, have your best opportunity to improve your life squandered, etc. Ignoring how your misfortune contradicts their beliefs is a small price to pay, and your sacrifice is for that greater good of the belief in the benevolent genius of statism.

I’ll leave with one last excerpt from Trib Live’s Salena Zito It might seem to be a bit of a tangent, but it’s a good set up for the final chapter in this series (emphasis mine):

For the briefest of moments, Sister John Bauer’s sparkling smile — framed by her nun’s habit, as she held the 10-point, 200-pound buck she bagged in Elk County, about 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh — went viral statewide.

Within hours, the photo of the Elk County Catholic High School teacher received more than a million views on the Erie County Roman Catholic Diocese’s Facebook page.

She told local reporters she didn’t understand all the fuss: “In St. Marys, this is what you do. You go hunting. And everybody goes hunting. The coach, myself. The students.”

She learned to hunt while serving in the Navy.

She bagged the buck on deer season’s opening day; after three hours alone in her tree stand, waiting for a target to pass by, she prayed the rosary

“After I realized I got the deer, I thanked God,” she said, explaining that she views hunting as a spiritual endeavor and a form of conservation, a way to help ensure the deer population can be sustained by the land.

She shared the butchered meat — sausage and steaks — with two families.

Within days, the nearby Erie Diocese removed the Facebook post because of nasty comments posted by activists who apparently were offended enough by guns, God and hunting to feel justified in reacting offensively and lewdly.

God, guns and prayer have been intertwined as enemies of the political left ever since Barack Obama described Pennsylvania voters as being “bitter” over job losses and surmised that “they cling to guns or religion.”

Despite handily winning this state twice, his and the left’s hatred for the very people who voted for him has never waned. As with everything else he dislikes about traditional American culture, he has sought to “correct” the behavior of those people.

And why the need to correct the behavior of the people? Any religion seeks to convert non-believers, some far more aggressively than others. Religion, you say? Three years ago Barbara Walters exhaled a breath of refreshing honesty:

He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next messiah.

The only part of that statement I would dispute is “was”? The Radical Left’s blind loyalty to Obama hasn’t waned a bit in the last seven years. And they are angrier than ever – not at the failed savior, but at the infidels who refuse conversion. And that will take us to the final chapter of this series:

Religious Extremists Are Our Biggest Threat, and Not Who You Probably Think (5 of 5)

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1 The one exception where leftists value personal freedom more than conservatives is pretty much involving sex or drugs, but naturally that also includes not ever taking responsibility when overindulging in said activities.

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44 Responses to “The Left’s Dirty Secret – They Hate You. Yes, YOU. (Part 4 of 5)”

  1. 2


    The left cares about young people, and especially those who are minorities, because they tell us they do.

    If they care so much for young people, why are they stealing from their future, by buying votes today, with obscene amounts of debt placed on future generations, without any representation looking out for those future voters?

  2. 3


    On the flip side, as we saw in our last chapter, the Radical Left despises the individual, and will always put the state ahead of individual rights.

    As when they assert that a woman has sovereign authority over her own body and its reproductive function, and that the state has no business usurping that authority?

    Or when they assert that a billionaire should have no more to say about who becomes president than an assembly line worker, or an elementary school teacher, or any other citizen concerned about their nation and their future?

    Or that businesses should not be allowed to freely discriminate against people owing to their race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation?

    To my way of thinking, all of those things are about protecting the rights and freedoms of the individual. They represent opposition to any presumption made by others that they have some lawful right to take them.

  3. 5


    Yeah, the left’s late, great anti-war movement. Indeed, it DID evaporate in 2009, though Obama openly (temporarily) supported the war in Afghanistan as “righteous” and more of our soldiers were dying with Obama as C in C than during Bush’s term. The left wing media stopped their Christmas-time posting of all the war dead from the year after the Obama inauguration, making it clear that those deaths were nothing to them than another political tool.

    It’s gotten so bad that even the reliably liberal and pro-Obama Piers Morgan is writing that Donald Trump’s plan for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is dumb, but Obama’s do-nothing approach is even dumber.

    That is almost the problem with the left in a nutshell; if a conservative says something, it is automatically stupid, even if it addresses something admittedly stupid a leftist is (or is not) doing. This is why valid solutions to problems are ALWAYS ignored by the left… because they are ALWAYS the exact opposite of liberal thought.

    Much of the left is ignorant to the threat Obama is about to rain upon them, since the media will not succumb to Islamaphobia and report the news stories of thousands of repressed Muslims, suddenly seeing the skin and faces of those they traditionally consider as objects, assaulting and raping women at will. No doubt, a viable excuse for ignoring the known danger and bringing in 10’s of thousands of potential rapists. Perhaps it is Bush’s fault.

    After all, the REAL problems are climate change and CHL holders blindly and wildly unloading their magazines into crowds of people.

  4. 6



    Typically, Greg, you post complete and utter hypocritival BS.

    You don’t just want to deny the humanity of the human in the preparturitional stage of the human life cycle, you demand that those of us who oppose the murder of rhe unborn be required to have our first Amendment right to free expression of religion violated by the use of tax dollars to pay for the slaughter of humans in the womb.

    You don’t get that you are a totalitarian bastard in your demand that a private business owner be FORCED to violate first amendment protected religious freedoms to support perversion – perversion that flies in the face of the darwinian concepts you leftists claim to believe.

    You don’t get that the lazy and entitled who are essentially stealing from the producers when they vote for leftist arschlochen who take ever increasing money from those who work hard, only to buy the votes of the lazy, envious and uneducated, are violating basic concepts of individual rights. You are, in essence, imposing slavery on those who actually work, and have the gall to act as if your thuggery is somehow virtuous.

    You leftists have no shame in imposing your dictatorial whims. You are pathetic tyrants posing falsely as compassionate saviors, when nothing could be further from the truth of how absolutely corrupt and selfish you are.

  5. 7


    @kitt, #4:

    Hillary loses 40 to 60 and gets 50 % delegates lol lol lol.

    Based on the New Hampshire vote count, Clinton won 9 delegates to Sander’s 15. New Hampshire has 6 superdelegates, however, free to cast their vote at the Democratic convention as they believe they should. Of the total 5,083 democratic delegates to the 2016 convention, 747 are superdelegates. That’s a bit under 15 percent.

    The GOP has the same thing, called by a different name. Of their 2,470 Republican convention delegates for 2016, there are 437 unpledged delegates whose votes are not bound by a primary election count. That’s a bit under 17 percent, which is higher than Democratic Party’s percentage.


  6. 8


    @Greg: Just means the Primaries mean nothing, you are not represented, all 9 super elites go for Hillary? The peoples choice by vote by 20 % margin means nothing to them.
    How bout the liberal college staffer?

  7. 9



    Much of the left is ignorant to the threat Obama is about to rain upon them, since the media will not succumb to Islamaphobia and report the news stories of thousands of repressed Muslims, suddenly seeing the skin and faces of those they traditionally consider as objects, assaulting and raping women at will.

    Perhaps you should check before using certain material. The story that Obama is importing tens-of-thousands of raping aliens might be copyrighted intellectual property, owned by Donald Trump. Simply changing the ethnicity of the villains of the piece probably won’t be sufficient to support a claim of fair use.

    People utilizing that particular appeal to fear ignore the fact that the proposal was to increase the number of displaced Syrians to which refugee status would be extended, not to let anyone enter without first being subjected to the usual background checks. It takes between 18 and 24 months for any person to gain entry to the United States as a refugee. That’s probably too long for your average rapist to wait.

  8. 10


    @kitt, #8:

    The primaries are not direct elections. They’re a formalized way of gauging the will of people on a state-by-state basis, to see which candidates they actually want to turn out and vote for, and to what degree. If they were direct elections there would be no need for conventions, national candidate nominations, and a general election. Selecting a president is a complex process.

    Without such a mechanism, the GOP probably wouldn’t even be able to narrow the field down to a single candidate this time around without fracturing.

  9. 11



    Perhaps you should check before using certain material. The story that Obama is importing tens-of-thousands of raping aliens might be copyrighted intellectual property, owned by Donald Trump.

    Except that is not what I said, is it? You create your own ignorance by, like the corrupt liberal media and liberal candidates, only hearing or reading what imagine. Just as Trump never said all Mexicans or all immigrants or even all illegal immigrants were criminals, I did not say “tens of thousands of raping aliens”. Perhaps you would do yourself some good and research what is happening everywhere large masses of Muslim refugees are brought in.

    Or, not. Just remain willfully ignorant.

  10. 12


    @Bill, #11:

    The situation for Europe regarding Islamic immigrants is fundamentally different than it is for the United States. Most European nations are on a land mass contiguous with the Middle East. People can literally hike to their doorsteps, or risk a short but perilous boat ride. The ability of European nations to be selective about who may or may not enter is seriously compromised by the fact that it is relatively easy to get there. The numbers have overwhelmed their controls. There’s far greater danger for Europe of the wrong people blending in with the arriving crowds, because the arriving crowds are enormous and their arrivals continuous.

    We’re separated from the Middle East by thousands of miles of ocean.

  11. 13



    The situation for Europe regarding Islamic immigrants is fundamentally different than it is for the United States.

    True enough. You know why? Because we do not yet have hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees (infused with terrorists) yet. However, do we appear to be learning from the lesson Europe is showing us? Well, no. We don’t.

    While we are separated from the Middle East by oceans, Obama is committed to bringing 100,000 of these refugees here and this with a badly flawed vetting process. Therefore, but for the blindly ideological, there is ample cause for concern.

    So this is the position taken by Republicans; we can clearly see what will happen, unless you feel these people will behave differently here than there. So, why not take the time and effort to develop the means to sort out the terrorists from those truly in need?

    Like they view exorbitant taxation, oppressive regulation, government assault and the loss of freedoms, the left probably sees these threats but feels it will affect someone other than themselves. It won’t and once it takes hold, it will be a bloody process to reverse it.

  12. 14


    @Greg: #10 Then why Greg if its for gauging the will of the people did the democratic super delegates ALL go with the candidate that lost? did they toss a coin?
    What about the liberal college guy would you have a chat with that sicko if you had a daughter at Perdue? not a peep from MSM on his tactics to silence free speech of women.

  13. 15


    @kitt, #14:

    The story that Clinton has more New Hampshire delegates than Sanders after losing the primary is not true. Sanders has won 15 delegates. Clinton has won 9. There are 8 additional New Hampshire superdelegates who may vote as they wish. 6 of those have publicly stated they intend to vote for Clinton, while 2 have declined to make any public statement. That means they’re presently tied in New Hampshire at this point, with 15 votes each and 2 undecided.

    So, there is no certain winner. With the 2 remaining, it could still work out as a tie, or as a victory for either candidate. In addition to that, superdelegates who have publicly stated they will vote for Clinton are entirely free to change their minds before the convention.

    This is obviously a calculated move, to keep both candidates on an even footing this early in the process. They didn’t want to tip the scales. They’re keeping both options open. It’s an internal party first maneuver, intended to improve the party’s chances rather than to benefit either democratic candidate.

  14. 17


    The Purdue story will be predictably distorted. I don’t much care about it. I’ve got no time to follow angry exchanges between pro-life student activists and the professors they’re arguing with. I really don’t care what either thinks.

  15. 19



    The story that Clinton has more New Hampshire delegates than Sanders after losing the primary is not true.

    Please stop your pretense of stupidity. Your buddy Richard Wheeler agrees completely about Hillary’s super-delegates. Hillary is currently tied with Bernie in NH at 15 to 15 (9 +6) delegates, thanks to 6 superdelegates announcing their support of Hillary.


    Mrs. Clinton has regained her footing in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, and she has locked in the support of major labor unions and over half the Democratic Party’s superdelegates, party leaders and elected officials, needed to secure the nomination.


    Hillary Clinton has a formidable lead with superdelegates, the unelected delegates who are free to support any candidate at the national convention. In one recent count, the former secretary of state has already locked up 394 delegates and super delegates, to Sanders’ 44.


    Mark Halperin and Jennifer Epstein, at Bloomberg Politics, report that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is claiming commitments from as many as 440 superdelegates, perhaps giving her an insurmountable lead in the race for the approximately 2,250 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.

  16. 20


    @Ditto, #19:

    Please stop your pretense of stupidity. Your buddy Richard Wheeler agrees completely about Hillary’s super-delegates. Hillary is currently tied with Bernie in NH at 15 to 15 (9 +6) delegates, thanks to 6 superdelegates announcing their support of Hillary.

    I believe that’s what I said in post #15, in the way of demonstrating that the story that Clinton has more New Hampshire delegates than Sanders after losing the primary is not true. Clinton does not have more. They’re tied, with 2 remaining superdelegates undecided.

    I don’t know why you would interpret floating a theory concerning the strategy behind the numbers as a pretense of stupidity. 15 to 15, with a final count that could go either way later? I suspect there’s nothing random or coincidental about it. Superdelegates’ statements have been used to the party’s advantage, not to Sander’s or Clinton’s advantage. Democratic party strategists have optimized the New Hampshire primary outcome to maintain an even match. There are several very good reasons for wanting to do that. The game is chess, not checkers. The opponent is the other party, not one or the other of your own party’s possible nominees. At least that’s the Democratic Party perspective.

  17. 21



    You need to remember that it is the one with the most delegates, who wins. Although only two states have had their primary contests, Hillary already has a huge number of superdelegates around the nation who have already pledged whom they will be voting for (it’s Hillary). As of right now:

    Sanders has 42 delegates from Iowa and New Hamphshire.

    In the overall national race for delegates, Clinton has 394.

    The bottom line is that the Democrat nominee will need 2.382 delegates to carry the day at their convention as compared to the 1.237 the GOP requires. But if the Democrat establishment doesn’t like you (read: if you are Bernie Sanders) you are starting out with a huge hill to climb no matter how much the voters like you. You’ll have to not only muster enough support to outnumber your opponent’s vote count, but enough beyond that to defeat the built in firewall represented by the superdelegates.

    The two remaining superdelegates in New Hampshire will have to eventually decide whom they will be supporting, (anyone care to guess whether they are already being courted for possible positions in Hillary’s administration? They are likely too wise to the Hildabeasts ways to accept an Ambassadorship). Most likely they are waiting for a Friday to declare to avoid being targeted and attacked by Bernie’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs.

  18. 22


    The sad joke about all the argylbargle over NH democrat delegates is that this quibbling is between a criminal under FBI investigation and pending indictment, and a marxist piece of filth.

  19. 24


    The left loves using the word ‘selfish.’ They love using it on folks who have the gall to want to live their lives without checking with the government first before making any decisions.

    The left loves abortion because it pisses off the people they hate the most–Christians. They see a human fetus as a thing, but consider their pet dogs and cats their children. You want to see a liberal (and some conservatives) go nuts, show video of a puppy abused–they will call for the torture and killing of the abuser. Show them footage of an animated fetus eating a chip, and they lose their shit.

    The left is obsessed with money more than any greedy capitalist. They are obsessed with other people’s money–and we’re back to that ‘selfish’ word again. When I was growing up many years ago, leftists (we were told) wanted to do their own thing and get The Man off their back. This was true. But once they got in power, the left LOVED getting on YOUR back–because you’re selfish, and you’re trying to do your own thing that they don’t approve of.

    They hate you because you’re not like them, and that is the worst thing you could be–one of those independent minds they used to claim they were all about. They claim to be for diversity, but the only diversity they care about is skin tone. If you are black, brown, white, whatever, they love you IF you hate Bush, want government involved in every aspect of your life, are against individuals owning guns, believe abortion should be freely accessed and free, and hate Christianity. If you’re of a different skin tone but are pro-life, for gun rights, think everyone should be allowed to speak freely on campus, you’ve been co-opted by the hate-filled right.

    The left hates you because you’re an individual, and don’t think government’s place is to monitor your life and tell you where you’ve got it wrong.

  20. 25


    @JSW, #24:

    Actually, what the left objects to are hateful psychos such as Rev. Kevin Swanson, who don’t fit any rational person’s definition of “Christian,” but claim to speak for them nevertheless. Swanson has endorsed Ted Cruz, and Ted Cruz has appeared as a guest speaker at Swanson’s National Religious Liberties Conference—the very event, in fact, that this video was taken at. Swanson introduced him. Cruz hasn’t been apologetic about it, either.

    The far right obviously hates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They make frequent claims about how hateful the left and their candidates are. Clinton and Sanders don’t associate with lunatics like this guy, however. They don’t speak hatefully, as republican candidates do. Their understanding of the truth isn’t twisted by anger.

    Some people need to take a hard look at a mirror.

  21. 26


    @Greg: No, they just spend their time with Al Sharpton, a model of rationality, and worship people like Rachel Carson, responsible for the deaths of millions BUT SHE MEANT WELL, and Jimmy Carter, who didn’t help the Shah of Iran, a real shit who gave women equal access to education among other things, BUT HE MEANT WELL, and Al Gore, who became a zillionaire selling snake oil, BUT….

  22. 27


    @JSW: Consider the enthusiasm the left has to regulate gun owners, energy producers, entrepreneurs, or those who have succeed. This is great.

    However, try to regulate abortion with restrictions after 20 weeks, mandating quality standards and access to medical services and they go apoplectic. Regulation is only good when the left is calling all the shots. The rights and beliefs of anyone else are to be disregarded.

    Just as some will leap at any opportunity to accuse Bush of lying, even after ample evidence proves otherwise will blindly defend Obama and Hillary, who have multiple events, documented by video, tape or print, of her telling bold-face lies.

  23. 29


    @kitt, #28:

    It isn’t a question of being gentle or soft spoken vs. speaking forcefully. It’s a question of what’s actually being said.

    You apparently didn’t listen to any of Reverend Wright’s sermon in the video you linked beyond the three words you wanted to hear. The video wasn’t posted to demonstrate what you claim. It was posted to demonstrate the exact opposite.

    You should listen more closely. Hate is not Reverend Wright’s message. The three words are an admonition. The guy could be channeling an 1850s fire-and-brimstone Abolitionist preacher. If you want authenticity, there you go.

  24. 31


    I think some people just don’t like hearing the truth that’s in what he’s saying, so they’ve got to turn it into something completely different.

  25. 32


    @Greg: hate monger, screaming hatred, there is no gospel (the good news) in his mindless diatribe. Does it soothe or give hope, love, forgiveness or charity? Or divide cause anger grief and hopelessness best thing Obama ever did was distance himself from him, but he carried the message.

  26. 33


    @kitt, #32:

    Reverend Wright directly references Christian love in his comments, doesn’t he? If you listen to his sermon from the 3 minute mark forward, I think you’ll find gospel quotes aplenty. He’s backing up his statements with gospel. There’s nothing there promoting anger, hatred, grief, or hopelessness.

    I don’t know what Swanson is preaching, but it hasn’t got much to do with anything I ever heard in a church. If I did, I would stand up and walk out.

  27. 35


    Quotes from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. They’re all out of context and mean the exact opposite of what they say, of course. But imagine if a white minister said similar things from a white supremacist point of view and he supported Trump–I suspect those thinking this is no big deal would be the ones screaming loudest for Trump to withdraw from the race.

    The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied.

    white America, U.S. of KKKA

    “We cannot see how what we are doing is the same thing al-Qaida is doing under a different color flag … And guess what else. If they don’t find them some weapons of mass destruction, they going to do just like the LAPD and plant them some weapons of mass destruction.”

    “God damn America – that’s in the Bible – for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating us citizens as less than human. God damn America …”

    “Take that baby him or her away from the African mother, away from the African community, away from the African experience … and put them Africans at the breasts of Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, those trinity schools, UCLA or U.C. Berkley. Turn them into biscuits then they’ll get that alien DNA all up inside their brain and they will turn on their own people in defense of the ones who are keeping their own people under oppression.”

    “There is white racist DNA running through the synapses of their under-brain tissue. …They will kill their own kind, defend the enemies of their kind or anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of the milky white way of life.”

  28. 39

    Jonathan S Hanemann


    “Actually, what the left objects to are hateful psychos such as Rev. Kevin Swanson, who don’t fit any rational person’s definition of “Christian,”

    Not that you care about what a Christian is. Such disingenuous BS.

  29. 40

    Jonathan S Hanemann


    “As when they assert that a woman has sovereign authority over her own body and its reproductive function, and that the state has no business usurping that authority?”

    Or when we state that a fetus is a HUMAN BEING, rather than a THING. Or when we say something other than ‘Yay abortion!’

    Want to have an abortion? Go for it. But I will not deny the biological reality that human life begins at conception in order to pass an ideological litmus test, or make anyone else feel better about their decisions.

    Any group that celebrates The Right to Kill The Unborn as a primary piece of its belief system is – at bottom – morally bankrupt. Abortion is a horribly sad thing. And most leftists don’t really care about it one way or another. It’s just a box to be checked off for them.

  30. 41

    Jonathan S Hanemann

    There’s nothing like reading a comment on social media from a leftist like “I hope you die,” then going to their FB page and seeing an image of the Dalai Lama as profile pic.

    Rule #1: SJW’s ALWAYS LIE.

    Remember that.

  31. 42

    Jonathan S Hanemann


    “As when they assert that a woman has sovereign authority over her own body and its reproductive function, and that the state has no business usurping that authority?”

    Nice try at pivoting. FAIL. Jeremiah Wright is an America hater. Just like you.

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