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It’s funny how certain people tend to comprehend the news, especially when they’re viewing it through the lens of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s recent interviews are perfect examples as mainstream media and the Democrats can’t seem to see past the writing on the wall. Instead, they’re putting a different spin on what was said, a spin that is detached from reality.

Here is the quote from CNBC, who claims President Trump is doing the spinning. I’ll explain why he’s not momentarily, but let’s first see how CNBC views the situation:

Time magazine was one of four outlets that interviewed the Ukrainian president simultaneously, and reported that Zelenskiy’s comments were in response to a question that specifically mentioned “quid pro quo,” the Latin term for “this for that.”

Zelenskiy’s answer: “Look, I never talked to the President from the position of a quid pro quo. That’s not my thing. … I don’t want us to look like beggars. But you have to understand. We’re at war. If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness. It’s not about a quid pro quo. It just goes without saying.”

From the whole quote, it’s clear that Zelenskiy did not say Trump had “done nothing wrong,” as the president claimed in his tweet. On the contrary, the Ukrainian president criticized Trump for freezing congressionally appropriated military aid to Ukraine, which is at war with Russian-backed separatists.

Based on CNBC’s spin, one might think Zelensky claimed President Trump did something wrong, or perhaps more potently, that he committed some sort of impeachable crime. That’s the spin they want their readers to see. But it’s the exact opposite of the truth. Zelensky was clearly upset that President Trump withheld aid for a short period of time. He was unambiguous in his dismay, yet he STILL claimed there was no quid pro quo. In other words, the narrative CNBC and others in American mainstream media are trying to push is absolutely wrong.

This was Zelensky’s opportunity to voice his concerns, to get back at President Trump for delaying the aid they so desperately need. He has the perfect vehicle to do so: impeachment. As a world leader who has done nothing but admire President Trump, if he now came out and said he felt like he was being bribed with the aid in exchange for investigations the President wanted, it would be game over. In fact, it would be challenging for many Republicans in the Senate to hold the line. Zelensky could have launched President Trump’s impeachment into the stratosphere, and even if impeachment ended up failing in the Senate, the President’s reelection bid would have been greatly hampered.

But he didn’t. He was angry with President Trump and still declared there was no quid pro quo. That’s the real story. It’s the most credible possible testimony in favor of the White House’s contention that there was no bribery, no pressure, and that delays in aid were not attached in any way to the investigations the President sought.

This should be case closed, or as President Trump calls it, “case over.”

Instead of stating the obvious news here, mainstream media is doing backflips trying to spin this as further proof the President DID engage in bribery. They’re saying Zelensky said there was no quid pro quo BUT he’s upset with the President over the aid delay, therefore the President is incorrect. Like leftist fact-checkers, they’re holding the President accountable to his use of the phrase, “has done nothing wrong with respect to Ukraine and our interactions or calls.” They want the American people to believe Zelensky is accusing the President of impeachable wrongdoing because they know most won’t read through the whole story to find out Zelensky is angry over the delay. In context, Zelensky’s answers to media questions should completely clear President Trump of what Democrats claim he did.

When the alleged victim of a crime, especially one who is upset with the alleged perpetrator, states categorically the crime never happened, the investigation should stop.

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