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Reuters, CBS Run With Misleading Headline About Migrant Mother, Mexican Border Guard


According to Gonzalez, Ledy Perez and her son approached the U.S.-Mexico border — and a Mexican National Guardsman in Ciudad Juarez. “The woman begged and pleaded with the National Guard to let them cross,” he said. The guard, Gonzalez added, said that he was only following orders.

The series of photos taken by Gonzalez showed Perez and her 6-year-old son, Anthony Diaz, speaking with the guard. Perez did not appear to be at all threatened by the guard, taking his arm as she spoke with him. At one point she dropped to the ground, crying, as she hugged her son.

Nine paragraphs into the story, however, Reuters shed further light on the context of the situation by including comments from the National Guard and Jesus Ramirez, spokesman for Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador.

A National Guard official explained that the guard was not trying to stop the woman from crossing, but was trying to convince the woman not to cross illegally and put herself and her child in danger. He “invited her to avoid putting herself at risk by crossing the river with a minor.”

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