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If you want to do shady stuff on the Internet, cover your tracks. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Paul Combetta, whose careless mistake just added new fuel to the never-ending controversy over Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Combetta is an IT professional who helped manage Clinton’s private server and then invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination rather than testify before a Congressional Oversight committee last week.

Ordinarily, this might have been enough to shield Combetta from accusations that he tampered with or destroyed evidence. But now Internet sleuths have unearthed a Reddit post that appears to represent Combetta asking for advice on how to hide the name of a “VERY VIP” in a batch of emails.

While this is unethical (and possibly illegal), turning to Reddit was not Combetta’s big mistake. Instead, he did something in the post that appears to have given him away. Here’s a screenshot of the post, and I’ve posted an arrow pointing out how Combetta tripped up:

And that’s here

Now the article also says:

And now he’s in big trouble.

That’s unlikely in a lawless administration.

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