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On Wednesday’s New Day, CNN co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and John Berman brought on senior legal analyst Laura Coates and chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin to predictably attack Attorney General William Barr for daring to disagree with the Democrats and Black Lives Matter. The Democratic shills assaulted Barr for not hiring people of color and Camerota, a typical white, woke liberal, asked how can Barr “say there’s no systemic racism?”

Berman and Coates began the attack on Barr by suggesting that he is not in touch with reality:

BERMAN: William Barr was on a different planet, and I’ll let you decide whether that was a good planet or bad planet, from where the Democrats in that committee were.

COATES: It was the bad planet, spoiler alert, John. And the reason it was the bad planet is because it tried to pull the wool over the nation’s eyes and the eyes have already seen it.

How incredibly rich coming from CNN, as it has consistently argued that the anarchists committing violence and destroying property across the country are few and far between as most are peaceful. It seems like CNN is “on a different planet.”

Sounding like woke white saviors, Toobin and Camerota bemoaned Barr not acknowledging systemic racism:

TOOBIN: Well, I — I — I just wanted to say, you know, there is a substantive disagreement between Democrats and Republicans about these protests, is that — that — that Barr, the President, they don’t believe that there is systemic racism in this country. They don’t believe in the basic premise of the Black Lives Matter movement. And you saw that yesterday, is that they just reject the idea that these protests are even based in any sort of reality. And I think that’s really, you know, something people ought to think about, about which way this country is going to go, because that’s at the core of a lot of these disagreements about the Black Lives Matters protests.

CAMEROTA: I’m glad you brought that up, Jeffrey, because William Pelham Barr weighing in on systemic racism, it — it’s like me talking about sports. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He has no experience. How can he say there’s no systemic racism? He would not have been subject to it.

That crazy Barr for not supporting a Marxist organization which has caused violence and destruction throughout the U.S. How dare he not support a group whose base chants to “fry” cops “like bacon” and whose New York leader stated that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” Why would he not think there is such a thing as systematic racism when some of the most powerful people and companies in the world have expressed support for BLM and the average black family lives well over the U.S. poverty line?

Toobin then praised the Democrats who questioned Barr:

Well, and — and I also thought the hearing was at its best when it was about facts, not about people yelling at each other. Like, I thought, you know, Representative Swalwell, Representative Cicilline, they pointed out that, you know, the — the Attorney General was very concerned about the excessive sentence to Roger Stone, the President’s friends. And they asked, are there any other sentences in the entire federal system that you have intervened to try to lower?

Did Toobin watch the hearing? The Democrats mostly yelled at Barr and interrupted him so much that he had to complain about him not being heard at his own hearing.

Berman then praised Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA) for challenging Barr on systemic racism; boasting that his attack on Barr’s staffing decisions “made people just sit back and go, huh, there’s something to this.”

In response, Coates painted Barr as a racist:

Well, the idea that they’re pointing out, of course, is that in the ranks of the higher — upper echelon of the Department of Justice, that you don’t have anybody who is a person of color, who is walking into a room when you know you’re going to be talking about issues of systemic racism, about justice in America, about criminal justice reform, about a whole host of issues that touch upon issues that are particularly prevalent — relevant — relevant to communities of color, it is very telling.

Desperate to single his virtue, Toobin interjected to praise Obama for hiring people of color:

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