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Here, it turns out, is all you need to know about the defamatory, evidence-free allegations against President Trump retailed on Thursday by Jeffrey Goldberg and The Atlantic.

A mere 24 hours after the story was published at Atlantic, the Democratic fundraising outfit ActBlue is soliciting donations via the façade of the leftist group VoteVets. (In fact, the tweet with the VoteVets video was posted at 9:04 AM EDT on 4 September, substantially less than 24 hours after the first archive of the Atlantic post at Wayback, which shows an Atlantic website time stamp of 5:32 PM EDT on 3 September.)

The first archive of the Goldberg article, done on 3 Sept 2020 at 6:14 PM EDT. The time-stamp reflected on the Atlantic site is 5:32 PM EDT.

So what? you might ask. This is what:

This video was quite obviously not just thrown together, uncued (and overnight!), in the space of less than 24 hours. This had to be in the works beforehand.

Which means, from the sentient being’s analytical perspective, that a bunch of people other than Jeffrey Goldberg knew what he was going to publish on 3 September 2020. Not just any people either, but a network of PAC activists and fundraisers for the Democratic Party.

As regards Mr. Goldberg and his story, there seem to be two likely scenarios. One is that he shared the findings of his diligent journalism with Democratic operatives before he published the story.

The other is that this was a packaged story supplied to him by one of the leftist media “war rooms” that now concoct so much of the outline copy, and so many of the talking points, for the visible front-men and women of the mainstream media.

Notice what happens who you hover your cursor over the video clip in the tweet, as I did.

Feel free to follow the link to the VoteVets site to verify the ActBlue connection. That ActBlue is cited in the video’s metadata is, again, all you need to know.

There are, however, a few other things to know. One is that whoever is putting this media campaign together is trying to create the semblance of a growing drumbeat, by piling on with purported “confirmations” of the claim that Trump said “losers” and “suckers.”

The “confirmations” continue to be as anonymous as the original allegations. For all we know, there are no independent sources at all. This whole thing is utter fiction distributed on some schedule from a media war room.

The confirmations are getting more asinine too, like this one, in which a nameless officer heard from someone else unnamed that Trump said the fateful words. AP ponied this one up.

Great: double anonymous hearsay. Can we go for a triple, please? Because America has been dangled with a “dossier” based on just that elevated standard for four years now. We’re getting fretful and nostalgic now that the magic is fading.

I am really saddened to see a journalist I’ve respected, Jennifer Griffin, getting sucked into this, complete with source anonymity. We are free to assume the most likely scenario, which is that the “confirmation” came from the same source Jeffrey Goldberg used (i.e., regarding the “Vietnam” part of the tale).

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