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By Earick Ward

In January of 2021, I penned a blog post highlighting America’s transition from being a God-centered nation to becoming a Left-centered one.  I wrote:

Our [nation’s] existence was founded on: equal justice, freedom to speak, assemble and worship, freedom to redress grievances in our elected officials through the ballot box, freedom to own personal property, freedom to earn an honest living and provide for our families, freedom to defend ourselves against the rise of a tyrannical state, freedom from false imprisonment, freedom of conscience, and more. These freedoms are deemed inalienable rights.

As Elon Musk follows through on his commitment to expose the underhanded and (now blatant) illegal nature of Twitter’s censorship of persons and facts surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop prior to the 2020 election, I am struck by this: by what measure shall these revelations be judged?
By our Constitution and Founding principles or by our new left-centered reality?
Sadly, I don’t hold much hope that “justice” will be meted in Twitter’s cover-up or, more pertinently, in Hunter (Joe) Biden’s blatant illegalities.
We live in a post-justice, post-righteous, left-centered reality.
Last week, the left denied wrongdoing.
Today, they will proclaim, “Yes, we censored speech.  So what?  What are you going to do about it?”
In a just society, this matter would be dealt with one way or another.  In our new left-centered society, the left will thumb its nose at our protestations and challenge us to use the systems that they now all but control (the courts, the media, the military, the police, social media) to seek justice.
Our, ahem, leaders (representatives) will huff and puff, and at the end of the day, jack squat will be accomplished.
Mark my words: six months from now, we’ll be watching our feckless representatives pound the dais, challenge a few witnesses with tough questions, and threaten jail time.  All for naught.  No one will be jailed.

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