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I see a lot of people with their hands raised.

The University of Pennsylvania received more than $30 million from Chinese donors shortly after the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, which functioned as an office for Joe Biden before he was elected president, was announced in 2017, according to public records.”The Penn Biden Center is a dark-money, revolving-door nightmare where foreign competitors like China donated millions of dollars to the university so that they could have access to future high-ranking officials,” said Tom Anderson, director of the Government Integrity Project at the Virginia-based National Legal and Policy Center.
…The University of Pennsylvania raked in a total of $54.6 million from 2014 through June 2019 in donations from China, including $23.1 million in anonymous gifts starting in 2016, according to public records.
Most of the anonymous donations came after the university officially announced in February 2017 that it would create the academic center named for Biden, whose term as vice president under Barack Obama had just ended. In addition to leading the think tank, Biden was named a professor at the school.
The Ivy League institution received $15.8 million in anonymous Chinese gifts in 2017 and one $14.5 million donation in May 2018, three months after the center opened, records show.

Penn somehow brave-faces this and denies receiving Chinese money.
Colleges, particularly the political and financial influence incubators of the Ivy League, have been illegally failing to report foreign donations for years.

A probe by the Department of Education into colleges that accept foreign investments and donations has uncovered $6 billion in previously unreported foreign donations from US adversaries including China and Russia, a report said Friday.House Republicans were monitoring the investigation into the schools to determine if they were violating Section 117 of the Higher Education Act of 1965, which prohibits an “Institution of Higher Learning” from failing to properly report foreign gifts of $250,000 or more, Town Hall reported.

There is of course a link between UPenn and the Chinese Communist Party. The President of Penn met with a noted business partner and suborned agent of the Chinese Communist Party.
That agent? Hunter Fucking Biden.

Hunter Biden appears to have been present at meetings between University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann and his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, at the White House, according to emails obtained from the first son’s hard drive.The revelation comes amidst controversy and legal scrutiny over the continued discovery of classified documents at the Washington, D.C. office of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.
War Room can now reveal a relationship between Hunter Biden, who notoriously retains close financial and business ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and Gutmann. Gutmann served as the President of the University of Pennsylvania from 2004 until she was confirmed as the Ambassador to Germany in 2022.
Gutmann’s nomination for the role — which she had no “professional expertise” for according to Politico — came after she was identified as blocking investigations into tens of millions of dollars from anonymous Chinese donors flowing into the Ivy League university. It is unclear whether or not the money, and if so, how much, ended up at the Penn Biden Center.

This noted Chinese Agent of course had access to Joe Biden’s famously high-security SCIF (Sexy Corvette Information Facility).

Hunter Biden, who is under federal investigation for possible tax and foreign lobbying violations, listed his father’s Delaware address as his own residence, records show.Emails reviewed and verified by Fox News Digital show the younger Biden listed his father’s Wilmington, Delaware, address as his own permanent residence for his credit card and Apple account in 2018 and 2019, respectively.
Separately, New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, author of the book “Laptop From Hell,” shared a Twitter post showing a background screening document in which Hunter Biden also listed his father’s Delaware address as his own.

Fresh questions are being asked about the office that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden shared with their Chinese communist party business partners.

Joe and Hunter Biden were “office mates” with executives from CEFC China Energy in 2017, according to emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop. In an email to the general manager for the K Street office building, Hunter Biden said the office would be shared by his consulting firm Hudson West, CEFC China Energy, and the Biden Foundation, his family charity.”[P]lease have keys made available for new office mates,” Hunter Biden wrote in a Sept. 21, 2017 email, listing Joe Biden, his stepmother Jill Biden, his uncle Jim Biden, and Gongwen Dong, whom he identified as the “emissary” for the chairman of the now-bankrupt Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC.
While the Bidens left the office in 2018, their cohabitation with CEFC executives could raise national security concerns in light of the revelation that Joe Biden kept classified documents related to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom in another Washington, D.C., office. Biden aides have also discovered classified records in Biden’s garage at his home in Wilmington, Del. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday appointed a special counsel to investigate how the documents, some of which are marked “top secret,” ended up at the Biden properties.

Hunter Biden, supposedly, might have Fake Charges brought against him. I say “Fake Charges” because they would only be for tax evasion, not for any of the more serious crimes he committed — such as those directly involving his own father.

Hunter Biden could reportedly soon face charges concerning alleged illegal tax deductions as Republicans continue to investigate President Joe Biden’s son and whether the president himself engaged in illegal efforts to profit from his position and protect his son.The New York Times reports David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware and a 2017 nomination by then-President Donald Trump, is closing in on deciding whether to prosecute Hunter on charges relating to his late filing of tax returns in 2016 and 2017 and possible false claiming of at least $30,000 in deductions for business expenses.
…Take, for example, how Weiss is reportedly also considering charging Hunter with lying on a U.S. government form that he filled out to purchase a handgun in 2018. His answer that he was not using drugs could be challenged based on possible witnesses, but such a charge is rarely prosecuted unless added as part of a larger investigation. According to the New York Times, Hunter’s lawyers have given the Justice Department evidence of how the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware has never brought a stand-alone gun charge for lying about drug use.

Apparently “I was high on crack” is now a defense to illegal gun possession and tax evasion, if you’re the president’s son.
Speaking of Communist Chinese agents, White House repeatedly hosted lobbyists for the Chinese Communist Party influence app TikTok, Newsbuters’ Autumn Johnson reports.

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