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Thread by Drew Holden

Okay fine.

Guys. People lost their minds when Trump walked slowly down a ramp one time.

I don’t think the Biden stair stumble stuff should matter. But boy did the media set one hell of a precedent about presidential walking patterns.

And if you’ve forgotten, read on

Remember this very earnest and concerned @nytimes story (and video!)? Suggesting his “halting walk” “raises new health questions”??

I wonder if we’ll hear about how Biden is the oldest president when (if?) his stair story hits print.

And people picked this story up. This was a whole news cycle! Here’s @kylegriffin1 and @jaketapper sharing this story as if it were something that mattered.

I mean, cmon! @washingtonpost *fact checked* Trump’s claim that the stairs were slippery!

Are you kidding me?! @PhilipRucker @seungminkim

This wasn’t the first time Trump’s stair walking was a media cycle. You may remember in 2017, there was another scandal about Trump’s supposed fear of stairs.

@CNN had it as a chyron for a whole segment!

About whether Trump might be afraid of stairs!!

@CNN was of course all over #rampgate too.

@ChrisCillizza wrote an entire story about why the ramp mattered!

Slightly different tone this time! @CNN

Thankfully nothing gets past @atrupar

I mean ffs. @PoliticusSarah.

These people have no shame.

I mean Trump actually had to *defend himself* against these media allegations.

@Slate, no friend of the former president, even said so.

I mean not even kidding you @Forbes did a whole breakdown of the ramp situation AND how people were reacting to it.

Take a bow, @NYDailyNews

And the British press. Well. I don’t even know.

@BBCNews & @TheSun were dogged in their pursuit of whether Trump was, in fact, afraid of stairs.

Here’s former Nixon White House counsel @JohnWDean with some real blue anon nonsense. “Physically and mentally impaired” okay sure.

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