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By Steve Feinstein

“President” Biden is often described as a useful idiot. The term originated during the Cold War and is defined as a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically used by the cause’s leaders. The phrase has since broadened from non-communists being manipulated to do PR bidding by communists to mean anyone who is being unwittingly duped into furthering a cause of which he has no big-picture comprehension.
Biden is the dictionary definition of the current meaning of useful idiot: someone who has no clue that he’s being used to promote an extremist agenda that he doesn’t actually understand. When Joe Biden was in his prime as a senator — such as that ever was — he at least had some general idea of the major issues of the day and their implications. He took sides based on their potential political and personal payoff, but at least he did it intentionally. In a singularly undistinguished Senate career that began in 1972, Joe Biden has consistently made the choices that redounded to his maximum personal benefit. At a bare minimum, he had the awareness to put himself first.
That is no longer true. Biden has no awareness or understanding of complex issues. He reads what he’s told to read. He walks — stiffly and unsteadily — where he’s told to walk. His cognitive impairment is so blatantly obvious and advanced that there’s no need to even recount all the examples here.
None of this is a surprise to Democratic operatives. Everyone knew this all along, but the “get Trump out” movement was so strong that Biden’s dementia just didn’t matter at all. The Democratic machine, taking full advantage of the so-called COVID “emergency” (you know, the disease with the 99.7% survival rate for those under 70 without severe comorbidities), illegally changed battleground state voting regulations so they could fabricate a fraudulent, easily manipulated mail-in voting scheme to rig the election for Biden.
It worked. The Republicans were outmaneuvered. The courts, showing amazing cowardice and displaying an astonishing aversion to rocking the legal/structural boat, refused to hear cases of voter fraud in spite of mountains of tangible evidence. Biden was “elected.”
Having their empty figurehead in place, the behind-the-scenes operatives (Ron Klain? Susan Rice? Valerie Jarrett? Obama himself?) went to work. They immediately dismantled everything Trump had done regarding border security, promoting domestic energy production, and maintaining a strong military and law enforcement. Then they went further, and actively installed and formalized the woke policies of CRT in schools and gender fluidity and are now trying to claim emergency powers in order to ram home the Green New Deal. Along the way, they intentionally printed billions of worthless dollars and injected those into the money supply, knowing full well it would devalue the dollar, cause generationally horrific inflation and wreck the domestic economy.
All these moves were well-considered and premeditated. These decisions were not unfortunate moves by an ill-informed, inexperienced administration. Quite the contrary — every measure was designed to weaken the population’s individuality and autonomy and make them more beholden to the government for their very existence and sustenance. The Democrats’ aim is to perpetuate their hold on power by subjugating the population to economic, domestic and employment hardship and then promising to dole out — at their whim — small snippets of relief in the form of tax-funded “benefits.”
Does Biden realize this? Is he aware of the full scope of what is happening around him? No. He is a useful idiot. Actually, he is an imbecile, in the formal psychological definition of the word (an adult with the mental capacity of a seven- or eight-year-old child), not the pejorative colloquial usage of the word.

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