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Thread via Glenn Greenwald

Good morning.
Western security experts say there’s a 10-25% chance Russia will use nukes in Ukraine. Biden: we’re closer to nuclear war than any time since 1962. Russia and NATO are conducting “long-planned” nuclear drills. US is threatening full retaliation.
Have a nice day.

All of this is over who will govern provinces in Eastern Ukraine which former President Obama, in 2016, said are not and never will be of “vital interest” to the US, but are and always will be of “vital interest” to Russia given it’s right over their border but far from ours.

Be a real man, like @AdamKinzinger! Stop all your whining about how you think it’s bad to trigger the first use of nuclear weapons since 1945, when their potency was a small fraction of the modern-day version of those weapons. Real men play with nukes:

“Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran.”
This was the battlecry of neocons in 2003 when they wanted to move from Iraq to Iran and topple that government, too. Even though they wanted to send other families’ kids, they thought their support for it made them “real men.”

It’s seems alarming that so many US foreign policy elites (most?) are just so casually musing like this about all the possible ways that nuclear war and WW3 might unfold.
If I found myself saying such things, I’d probably stop and ask a) over what? and b) how can we resolve it?

The use of nuclear weapons is extremely bad: arguably the single worst thing that could happen within the realm of realistic possibilities.
If there’s even a 2-3% chance of its happening – let alone 10-25% – I’d suggest that finding ways to avert it should be the top priority.


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