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What happened in Minneapolis during the violent anti-Trump protests is a case of national security. Especially if it involves a sitting member of Congress, who attended and supports this type of violence and political intimidation against American citizens.

It’s time for William Barr and the DOJ to open an official investigation into this matter and find out what members of local state government attended the protests, and what their role(s) were in the melee, and if anyone used their power or position within the government to assist the violent protesters.

We know that state Rep. Gomez was there, and she claims she convinced Mayor Frey to issue a police “stand down” order to “protect” protesters. Is that true? We need to know and understand the details of how exactly that transpired.

In addition, we’re calling on William Barr to investigate if Rep. Ilhan Omar and her alleged boyfriend attended the violent protests, and what role they may have played.

Was she in Minneapolis on the day of the rally? What exactly was her timeline?

Video footage shows a person that looks exactly like Ilhan Omar and a man who looks exactly like her alleged married boyfriend smack dab in the thick of the violent protests.

Assuming she attended, these are just some of the questions we want answers to:

  • Was anyone attacked near her?
  • Did the couple wittiness any verbal or physical assaults, and if so, what did they do?
  • Did Omar hear anti-Trump protesters chanting about ‘cop killings’?
  • Has Omar had any contact, direct or indirect with Antifa or other violent anti-Trump groups?
  • Did Omar advise anyone in state government that she would be attending the violent protests?
  • Did Omar advise anyone in Congress that she would be attending the protest?
  • Did Mayor Jacob Frey know that Omar would be attending the protest? If so, when and how did that come about?
  • If she did attend, why did her alleged boyfriend wear a burqa?
  • Did her daughter attend the violent protests with her? What was her role?
  • Did Omar have a security detail with her? Who paid for it?
  • Did Mayor Frey or anyone in state government assist Omar in any way in attending the violent protest?
  • Did Mayor Frey or anyone in state governement have contact with Omar while she was at the protest or directly after?
  • Did Omar have contact with anyone in Congress while she was at the protest or directly after?

We’ve seen the video footage of Trump supporters being assaulted. We’ve seen the footage of anti-Trump protesters calling for the murder of police officers, and we’ve seen the horrific local news reports of TV camera men being pushed and shoved, police officers being aggressively confronted, and cars being stopped and blocked, and the drivers and passengers intimidated as they tried to leave the rally. You can watch all the videos below:

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