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By Jordan Conradson

Kari Lake has spoken out on today’s emergency hearing, ordered by Judge Peter Thompson, regarding her bombshell election contest lawsuit.
As The Gateway Pundit reported, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people tuned in to watch the hearing live, causing technical difficulties on the Maricopa County Superior Court live stream. Leftwing Hack reporters began attacking conservatives for the delays.
Everyone knows this election was stolen, and they want justice!
Kari Lake actually attended the meeting today. Katie Hobbs was AWOL, just like during the election.
Katie Hobbs campaigned from her basement and refused to debate Kari Lake. No honest person believes that she legitimately won this election.
The Gateway Pundit reported that Judge Peter Thompson tentatively scheduled the trial for next week, giving the County and Katie Hobbs until Thursday to file a motion to dismiss. Lake’s response to the motion is due on Saturday.
Watch the full hearing here:

This is huge news. The parties will be back in court next week!
Kari Lake gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit and RAV’s Ben Bergquam.

Lake: Today’s hearing regarding my lawsuit was telling. The Judge noted the volume of evidence my team compiled. The defendants’ team seemed desperate to sweep it under the rug.
I am thankful to Judge Peter Thompson and his team for the work they do, and we are confident that, given the opportunity, we will expose this election for the sham it was.


As The Gateway Pundit reported, Hobbs and Maricopa County’s attorneys did everything possible to make this case seem illegitimate and prevent a trial where evidence is presented.
They are terrified that this judge will approve the requested relief, allowing plaintiffs to inspect Maricopa County ballots from the 2022 general election, including ballot signature envelopes and the corresponding signatures on file with Maricopa County, prior to trial and examine the causes and extent of the printer-tabulator problems encountered on election day;
Judge Peter Thompson was fair, however, and he did not allow the County to desperately insert their opinions on the case in this administrative scheduling hearing.
The Gateway Pundit has written numerous reports on Kari Lake’s historic lawsuit to nullify and overturn the stolen Midterm Election or hold a new election free from conflicts of interest.

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