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Most intellectually honest people have noted the leading Democrat front-runner for the DNC presidential nomination, 77-year-old Joe Biden, is slowly losing mental acuity.  He might not have lost all his marbles, but there’s definitely a worsening hole in the bag.

As a direct result when Biden gives speeches he ends up speaking in what can best be described as jibberish.

Media covering for the loss of mental acuity have taken to calling the bouts of extreme jibberish “gaffes”; however, the scale and scope of the awkward word-salads has started to outpace the ability of the media to cover for them.

A plan of action, something more substantial, is going to be needed if the Democrats and their aligned media are going to successfully nominate a cognitively challenged candidate.

The Washington Post outlines the latest campaign strategy, which, one might think doesn’t exactly inspire a great deal of confidence.  The Club solution: limit Biden’s visibility and stop him from talking.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As Joe Biden cradles a delegate lead through the handful of primary states that will vote Tuesday, he has unleashed a rarely used weapon in what has become a two-man battle for the Democratic presidential nomination:


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