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Via Becket Adams, the depressing conclusion to the online uproar described by Ed and Jazz last night. Only in America 2014 could the feat of landing a spaceship on a f***ing comet be overshadowed by an Internet powwow over whether a guy’s shirt is a felony or misdemeanor offense by the patriarchy.

I accept American decline, but do even our bread-and-circus outrages need to be so lame? Says Dan Foster:

We’re lucky he didn’t blow up the comet out of spite. But look: In fairness to him, the path of least resistance is probably the smart way to go. Thoughtcrimes against progress are a firing offense, including in the STEM industries. If you don’t want the outrage of the day to become the outrage of the week and eventually the outrage of the month, you’re better off confessing your sins and seeking absolution. Now he can get back to solving the mysteries of the universe or whatever nerds do these days when they’re not in the smart-take spotlight.

Watch this poor bastard choke up on what should have been the best day of his life.

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