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You remember Valerie Plame, right? She suggested her husband for the job of debunking Bush’s claims about Iraqi weapons research.

The media made her a hero when she was “outed” — in the context of letting the world know how her husband had gotten this job — even though she wasn’t really “in” in the first place. She worked out of Langley — actual covert spies avoid Langley, for obvious reasons.

Since then she had a movie made about her, glamorizing her and indeed beatifying her. She’s also a big supporter and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and is on the board of Ploughsares, a key part of Ben Rhodes’/Obama’s “echo chamber” to give Iran the nuclear bomb so that it can wipe Israel off the map:

So, that background established, here’s what Valerie Plame decided to retweet today:

Now you might charitably think: “Well, maybe she was just retweeting it to alert people to this writer’s anti-semitism.”

But your charity would be misspent. Here she doubles down and calls the article “very provocative, but thoughtful.” (Emphasis added.)’

And she adds: “Many Neocon hawks ARE Jewish.” (Emphasis in original.)

Then she tells people to set aside their preconceptions and just read the article and think about it “clearly:”

More below…

Here’s one of the key claims of the article she finds “thoughtful:” that Jewish pundits should be specifically labeled as Jews — with the equivalent of a yellow star — to make sure they don’t trick gentiles into any more wars:

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