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““We just wanted to take them to see the Minions,” Tiffiney Zinger, the child’s mother, told USA Today. “Do something special for our family. And this person ruined that special warm feeling.”
“It’s more than the ‘OK’ sign,” Richard Zinger, the child’s father, added. “A lot of people don’t understand what that sign means.”
“I’ve been emotionally distraught about it. I’m still pretty upset that someone felt they needed to do this to children,” Tiffiney Zinger said. “It can cause emotional stress on my child and her development.”
The pair say that they reached out to Universal to report the incident but didn’t hear back immediately. They checked with the park again, at which point Universal offered them some financial compensation and free tickets. The family told USA Today that they retained a lawyer once they heard directly from Universal, though they did not comment on whether they plan to sue the theme park.
They do say that they want to “cause change.”

I swear, this country is going to hell in a handbasket if we lose the culture war….

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