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Some of those “useless white male pilots” from WWII


The United Kingdom‘s Royal Air Force is being pressured to filter out “useless white male pilots” in an effort to hit diversity targets, according to leaked emails obtained by local media.

The messages seen by Sky News also show that a number of selection boards used to place new recruits were canceled if they didn’t include women or minorities.

The RAF maintains its standards have not been lowered to increase the number or diverse applicants.  (wink, wink)


RAF pilots are not as “proud” to fly for the military, a survey has found, amid allegations of bullying and discrimination engulfing the air force.

The level of general satisfaction at life in the RAF has fallen by 9 per cent since last year to 37 per cent, according to the latest UK Regular Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey.

It means satisfaction is at its lowest level since this question was first asked in 2007.

RAF personnel said they felt less proud, less engaged and less valued this year. The survey also found that confidence in the RAF leadership has halved in the last two years, now reaching its lowest level since this question was first asked in 2015.

The survey found that RAF personnel are now less likely to agree that they have confidence in their leadership, compared with the Army and Royal Navy.

Will they have a hissy fit in combat if they are misgendered?

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