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by Simplicius The Thinker

First, the most important and natural question on everyone’s mind: why now? And cui bono?
There are two main ideas behind the timing of this ruling. The first and most pressing, is that China’s Xi Jinping has only days ago been announced to be headed to Moscow for an important state visit on 3/20 – 3/22.
The timing of this sudden Hague ruling is deviously obvious: it’s meant to put pressure on Xi on the eve of his likely signing of important agreements. It’s meant to embarrass Xi, both internally within perhaps some of the detractors of his own party, and outside with the rest of the world, by generating the optics of him meeting with what is ostensibly an ‘international criminal’ in Putin.
Of course from the more ‘surface reading’ of the western side, the current narrative revolves around this Hague ruling being a pressure lever meant to topple Putin internally from power. Various UK tabloid rags are running with the take that Putin’s ‘oligarchs’ will now overthrow him, and that his tenuous grip on power is slipping due to the embarrassment of being perceived as an internationally condemned ‘criminal’.
Of course, this take is pure nonsense. No one in Russia cares about these lowbrow jester’s parlor tricks. The fact is, the Hague has no legitimacy not only because Russia is not a signatory to it, never having ratified the Hague agreement and thus does not recognize the court’s authority whatsoever, but also the fact that the US has already itself destroyed any credibility of the Hague by threatening to arrest its judges if they dared prosecute American troops for Afghani war crimes:

John Bolton also threatened to sanction the Hague for the same. In fact, the US literally passed the American Service Member Protection Act, which—I kid you not—gives the US the legal right to ‘invade the Hague’ should they prosecute American soldiers.

This authorization led to the act being colloquially nicknamed “The Hague Invasion Act“, as the act allows the President to order U.S. military action, such as an invasion of The Hague, where the ICC is located, to protect American officials and military personnel from prosecution or rescue them from custody.[2][3]

And in even bigger hypocrisy, it turns out that the chief prosecutor of the Hague, the very man himself who wrote the order of arrest for Putin—Karim Khan—is the brother of one Imran Ahmad Khan, UK Tory politician who was convicted of child sex last year:

But the kicker is, Kim DotCom claims that Karim Khan, the ICC prosecutor, helped get his convicted pedophile brother out 9 months early. The same Karim Khan who just issued an arrest warrant to Putin for the crime of ‘deporting/trafficking Ukrainian children’. Hypocrisy much?

With that said, I myself haven’t been able to verify the link that Karim Khan explicitly aided in the early release of his brother, so this could be speculation. However, given that Karim Khan is a prominent British lawyer and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2011, it certainly lends credibility to the notion.
Also, this bit in his bio is quite intriguing:

Khan was the third chief prosecutor elected in the ICC’s history, and the first one elected by secret ballot. Khan had been nominated by the United Kingdom.[4][13] He took office in June 2021, replacing Fatou Bensouda.

Seems perhaps this compromised family has quite some kompromat pulling their strings.
Now, onto the other reason for why they would issue this ruling against Putin now. The first as I said was to throw a shade over Xi’s coming state visit. Another likely and more significant possibility is to undercut any potential future peace talks between Putin and Zelensky.
The powers that be are watching Ukraine’s collapse and know the last big ‘hurrah’ hail mary throw of the vaunted ‘Spring Offensive’ will be the true beginning of the end, at which point Zelensky will be under great pressure from various sides to begin formal overtures of peace/compromise toward Putin/Russia.
By issuing this arrest warrant on Putin, the powers that be are effectively dousing him with a ‘black mark’, or perhaps a scarlet letter which throws great legal weight against any potential peace proceedings. After all, how do you formally and officially meet for legal peace agreements with a known, internationally recognized ‘criminal’? Would Slobodan Milosevic be allowed to hold ‘peace talks’ with anyone in a formal, legal format?
In fact, this is straight out of the standard CIA playbook. Here’s a Washington Post article from May 28, 1999 which says:

Russia vowed today to continue to try to mediate between NATO and Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic but said that his indictment on war crimes charges had complicated the effort and that the talks were not moving in a positive direction.
The indictment of Milosevic on the eve of Chernomyrdin’s visit was denounced by Russia, and viewed by some Russian officials as a sign that the West is taking an uncompromising approach. The newspaper Izvestia noted that “it is impossible to come to terms with a wanted military criminal” and claimed the indictment would cancel out Chernomyrdin’s diplomacy.

Read that last part again: “it is impossible to come to terms with a wanted criminal” and that this indictment would “cancel out…diplomacy.”
You see how conveniently it all works out? By branding a leader with the ‘black mark’ of international pariah status, you magically poison any possibility of his being allowed to hold formal, legal, internationally recognized diplomacy of any sort.
In short, this action is a ‘setting fire to the ships’ (rather than mere ‘show across the bow’) for Ukraine. The message is, no peace talks will be accepted—we need you to fight and die to the last Ukrainian.
We can further assume that perhaps the situation has gotten so bad, there may have been secret internal ‘signals’ that got Washington worried. So they pulled the alarm to scuttle that ship.

“We would arrest Putin immediately”: The German Justice Minister promises to extradite Putin to The Hague if he sets foot on German territory, and demands the same actions from other countries that recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC.
“Now Putin can feel really confident, perhaps, only in Russia,” said German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann. – I expect that the ICC will immediately appeal to Interpol, as well as to the participating states and demand their enforcement.”

And given the above statement by a German Justice Minister, we can conclude this is designed to make peace-talks on any European/ICC-affiliated territory impossible, as the specter of his ‘arrest’ would prevent his attendance.

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