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by @ianmSC

Two weeks ago, Mississippi removed all of its mask mandates, while Alabama didn’t.

The President said what MS did was “Neanderthal thinking” because masks are science, of course.

Well guys, based on the results, I’d say we have a clear victory for the Neanderthals over science.

Oh and if you want to see just Mississippi, here it is

Great job, science!


Michigan is seeing an increase, which is odd considering they’ve required masks since April & required business to deny service to anyone not wearing a mask

Wonder if we can get an update from Whitmer on if masks are still an “effective” way to “protect ourselves & our families”


On the one year anniversary of “15 days to slow the spread” it’s worth pointing out again that the same people who thought it up, one of the worst & most indescribably failed policies in world history, have spent the past year blaming everyone else for their own incompetence

And not only have they blamed others, they’ve never had to explain why they ever thought this policy had any remote chance of working

End note:

It’s going to be absolutely hilarious in a few years when all of the post-Covid studies on the complete failure of masks are done and all the experts pretend like they said the whole time masks were only supposed to help a little bit

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