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by Sundance

Matt Taibbi has done another extensive review of Twitter data in File Release #17 HERE. This information release focuses on the Global Engagement Center (GEC), an internal sub-agency within the State Department as constructed by the Obama administration.
As noted by Taibbi, the GEC was funded mostly from the Pentagon and the financial outlays were to various leftist organizations who constructed the Trump-Russia narrative.
The outcome of the original deception created a need for the illusion of “foreign influence agents” in U.S. social media, specifically in this instance, Twitter.  The GEC was created as a targeting system to label any voice adverse to the Obama interests as a “foreign actor.”
Generally speaking, the GEC network identified usernames and social media account information they deemed adversarial to the Obama administration, then told Twitter to take down the accounts.  The people working within GEC were political activists, financed through government agencies by the very taxpayers’ they were targeting.  Ironic, no?
I strongly urge deep weed political walkers to review the entire outline – SEE HERE.  However, in the bigger picture I would not the motive that pixel-focused Matt Taibbi cannot see.
Labeling domestic social media users as “foreign actors” was/is indeed a good way to remove voices who might oppose the administration agenda.
Yes, it is also government censorship carried out on a mass scale, but, well, details, details…. Congress -through inaction- has already evidence, they don’t care about this issue. Yet it is simultaneously good for fundraising and political soundbites.
There is actually a bigger issue behind these “foreign actor” labels as applied.
How many of these user accounts were then subsequently subjected to NSA level DHS surveillance under the legal justification of ‘foreign actor’ designation?
The various interagency groups, funded by taxpayer dollars, were essentially designating accounts as foreign influence…. ergo, national security applies.  We’ve long discussed how ‘national security’ designations now mean no oversight from any other agency or branch of government, including the legislative and judicial branches.
Accept that reality and suddenly you realize the GEC activity is creating a legal mechanism to do metadata surveillance on the account (an actual person) and all of their contacts.  Think of it like FISA Title-1 search warrants applied domestically to social media.  After all, John Smith in Omaha, Nebraska, was just designated as a potential national security threat by the Global Engagement Center.  See how that works?
Lists are generated, DHS portals open up, NSA and FBI databases are accessed, keystrokes are made, search perimeters are input and voilà, John Smith’s entire life and the life of his contacts is available within moments.
To those who cannot see the bigger picture of this system, please remind yourself this is nothing more than an extension of a concept triggered by Attorney General Eric Holder when the first system using the IRS schedule-B’s was deployed.  Lists created, backgrounds checked, targets made, and domestic threats defined as political opposition.

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