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I’ve been saying this for a very long time. Whenever there’s a Witch Hunt ginned up on Twitter, started by the left against someone on the right, it will be about five minutes before the most vigorous virtue signalers on the “right” begin boosting the left’s signal and acting as even more zealous enforcers of made-up leftist rules than the left itself is.

Seth Mandel, Noah Rothman, David French, S.E. Cupp, AllahPundit, Ben Shapiro, Guy Benson, Jonah Goldberg, etc. — pretty much all of the people who immediately joined in in attacking the Covington Kids, the people who no longer elicit the smallest surprise in you when they once again defect to the left. Plus the people who didn’t join in that Witch Hunt, but join in every other attempt to deplatform someone on the right.

Tucker says they’re like Trustees in a prison — prisoners themselves, but offered special perks and privileges for watching over their fellow prisoners and reporting back to their wardens.

I’ve compared them before to those in concentration camps who acted as the Nazis’ watchdogs.

Tucker obviously doesn’t talk about those zeroes, but he mentions actual elected Republican officials who eagerly enlist in every single leftist Hate Mob.

Worth the watch.

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