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by Don Surber:

A snarky reader asked what’s President Donald John Trump’s plan. What is his Sun Tzu plan now, the reader taunted. I thought about it, and I have figured it out.

Democrats are stealing the election in Michigan and Pennsylvania. This bothered the heck out of many people because it seems as if nothing can be done to stop them. In Michigan, people born before the Civil War voted. In Philadelphia, Democrats ignored a court order to let Republicans observe the voting. Those are just two of the many irregularities.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, told NBC his state’s Supreme Court “went rogue and decided to violate the U.S. Constitution, ignore Pennsylvania law, and just rewrite the law themselves.

“In Pennsylvania, unfortunately, it’s been a little bit complicated by a Pennsylvania Supreme Court that went rogue and decided to violate the U.S. constitution, ignore Pennsylvania law, and just rewrite the law themselves.

“They have no authority to do that. And they extended the period of time over which ballots can arrive beyond the deadline. That’s outrageous, frankly.”

Some people are banking on state legislatures overturning election. Perhaps they can.

Forget recounts. The same people who counted the votes the first time will count them again.

Biden declared victory on Saturday night.

Big mistake.

Democrats took the bait. Now President Trump can go to the Supreme Court and have the elections in Michigan and Pennsylvania declared invalid. Without those Electoral College votes, Biden fails to reach 270 and the election gets thrown into the House.

Other states also may be invalidated. The Supreme Court will decide, and I believe President Trump has 5 votes and Chief Justice John McCain Roberts has only 4.

Ignoring a federal judge’s order is never a good idea when you are stealing an election.

In 1876 when Sam Tilden had a majority of the popular vote and the electors he needed, but because of election irregularities, the elections were invalidated and Rutherford B. Hayes elected.

A commission decided that race. No commission will decide this one.

In 1824, John Quincy Adams lost to Andrew Jackson, who failed to have a majority of the electors needed. The House decided the election.

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