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by Revolver:

President Trump rolled into Waco, Texas where he put on quite a show for a huge crowd that started lining up at dawn to see him.
There’s no denying it, President Trump still has that magic touch.



Legendary rocker Ted Nugent kicked things off in classic “rockstar” style with one of the most savage “mic drop” moments you’ll ever hear at a political rally.
The Motor City Madman demanded his money back from Ukraine; stating he did not “authorize” any of his cash to go to a “homosexual weirdo.”
Clearly, he was referring to Zelensky with that brutal jab.
Matt Gaetz spoke to the crowd, dressed in his spiffy red jacket. He spoke about the “Fedsurection” during January 6th, and made a distinct reference to Ron DeSantis’ establishment and NeverTrump ties.
“For seven years, you and I have been taking on the corrupt, rotten, sinister forces trying to destroy America,”

President Trump slammed leftists for allowing violent thugs to roam the streets victimizing Americans, while innocent people are targeted by the FBI for political purposes.



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