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If this is at all indicative of the youth vote:

Twenty-two of the 50 Dartmouth students interviewed on Sunday mentioned the deadly 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya as a black mark on Clinton’s record.

Many of them, like freshman Cameron Poole, weren’t old enough to drive when it happened.

‘I think there was blood on her hands,’ Poole told Daily Mail Online, referring to Clinton’s handling of an Islamist terror group’s military-style assault that laid waste to a State Department

He said he believes Clinton’s performance before, during and after should disqualify her from holding higher office.

‘I definitely do,’ he said. ‘It shows how she acts under pressure.’

Like most of his classmates, Poole was born during Bill Clinton’s second term as president.

Team Hillary is carefully cultivating his generation’s progressives and moderates, emphasizing her grandmotherly listening skills while papering over her liabilities.

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