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There is no evidence for collusion outside the fevered dreams of American leftists who can’t admit how bad Hillary was.

The Russians wanted to tinker in the American elections and undermine faith in American democracy. Full stop.

I suspect, if we were willing to dig, we’d find that there were Russians who were trying to help the Clinton campaign. In fact, we know Russian organizers took up pro-Hillary, anti-Trump positions both before and after the election. But the left and media have been obsessed with the idea that Donald Trump and the Russians collaborated to get Trump elected.

There has never been evidence for that despite the hue and cry from the left.

The House of Representatives has now released a report indicating the lack of evidence for claims about collusion. Only one month ago the left had already moved from collusion to obstruction, but today they are outraged. The fact is, however, that even more level heads in the Senate like Richard Burr have long noted the lack of evidence for any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

There is no doubt the Russians wanted to undermine our elections. There is no doubt that the Russians advanced a pro-Trump narrative. But there is also no doubt they did the same for Hillary Clinton, even if not as aggressively. But there also is no evidence that the Trump campaign worked with or collaborated with or colluded with the Russians.

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