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These are the people making major decisions that affect your lives.

What about play-doh, coloring books, and all the #SafeSpace #RecoveryRoom accoutrements?

On a gloomy, rainy morning in D.C. — where President-elect Donald Trump won only 4 percent of the vote the night before — five therapy dogs waited to put a smile on staffers’ faces.“I feel so much better now,” one intern said, stopping short when she walked into Cannon 121 on Wednesday.

Two giant white Samoyed therapy dogs — Zamboni and Spumoni — gave everyone who approached hugs and kisses.

“Out of everything in the country right now, no one needs it more than Capitol Hill,” said Mike Bober, president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

A patient at the VA on permanent Wait List for brain surgery concurred. “Definitely, no one needs it more than these spoiled, soft-handed brats.”

Also enjoy this headline: Clinton’s Defeat Means Lost Chances for Many Women on the Rise.

What they mean — as the Twitter headline made clearer — was that they were lining up for jobs in the Hillary’s Vagina Administration and now have to remain as reporters.

Well I made that last part up. They didn’t say that. But you know it’s true.

The election of Trump has interrupted many female liberal reporters’ wish to get out of writing Democratic propaganda for private employers and start writing Democratic propaganda for the government.

Hundreds of women who were poised to take jobs — and burnish their careers — in a Hillary Clinton administration are now facing deferred ambitions. As the first woman nominated as president by a major political party, Clinton said she intended to form a cabinet that reflected the country’s gender balance. Women were in the running for chief of staff and secretaries of treasury and defense, posts that previously only had been held by men. Her West Wing and executive branch agencies would have been staffed with women who’ve spent decades working their way up the Democratic Party’s power structure.

“Her election would have been a next step for a lot of women to move up in their careers and contribute to the federal government,” said Marianne Cooper, a sociologist at Stanford University’s Clayman Institute of Gender Research. “That would have normalized women in top political roles and shown what their leadership in Washington looks like.”

The moment is now lost for crowding the government pipeline with a new generation of women, many of whom likely would have moved on to leadership in the corporate world or in elected office themselves.

Aw, their dreams must be “deferred.” Nice word choice- – certainly chosen to recall the civil rights era slogan, “Justice deferred is justice denied.”

The real victims in all this turns out to be upper middle class college educated upwardly mobile career gals.

Oh, and the Pepsi-Cola Corporation that sells poisonous sugar-water to your children also has a case of the hurtbutts.

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