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Ace @ Breitbart:

Many in the media bit on this bait from the Obama Administration today.  The Administration released one (1) email, which differed from quotations of it in small respects.  They are now claiming “doctored emails:”

Want to know the real story?

I warned people off this spin today, reminding them of the fact that investigatorswere not permitted to make copies of the emails. They were only permitted toview them. They weren’t even allowed to take notes as they were looking at the emails; all notes were made afterwards, after they’d left the room where they were permitted to merely view the emails.

So of course there are going to be differences — the White House is refusing to allow people to have the actual verbatim copies! All of these quotes come from a limited reading period and then whatever they can remember later, as they write down what their recollection.

White House conclusion? They’re doctoring emails!

Note the game they’re playing — they release one email, refusing to release the rest, just to quibble over phrasing in a quote of the email. And yet they themselves have it within their power to guarantee accurate quotes, by simply releasing the emails publicly. But they refuse to, citing, I imagine, “national security.”

Which suddenly isn’t such a very big concern when they have the opportunity to make a “doctored email” claim.

But don’t listen to me. Listen to ABCNews reporter Jonathan Karl, who reported on the quotes from these emails:

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