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Thread via Glenn Greenwald:

Trump-era corporate journalism ceased viewing real power centers as adversaries (CIA/NSA/FBI/WallSt). The real enemy are citizens with the wrong politics.
Rather than confront real power centers, the largest and richest media corporations – eg, the Bezos-owned WPost – allied with those factions and attack citizens.
This 2018 CNN obscenity is most illustrative: they confronted an old lady with a tiny pro-Trump FB page on her yard

CNN’s Drew Griffin tracked down and faces off with a Trump supporter, one of the “unwilling Americans” that Russians trolls “succeeded” to take part in the election. Florine Gruen Goldfarb, one of the leaders of the ‘Team Trump Broward County’ Facebook page, was confronted by Griffin on her front lawn and continually told her she was a Russian pawn whether she wanted to admit it or not.

Ever since a Trump presidency became a possibility, the largest liberal media corporations – over and over – have used their vast resources to target and punish private citizens for the wrong politics.
Remember when CNN threatened to dox someone who made an anti-CNN meme:

A CONTROVERSY ERUPTED late Tuesday night after CNN published an article announcing that it had uncovered the identity of the anonymous Reddit user who created the video of President Donald Trump punching a CNN logo. CNN and other outlets had previously reported that this user, who uses a pseudonym, had also posted anti-Semitic and racist content on Reddit, including an image identifying all of the Jewish employees of CNN, designated with a Jewish star next to their photos.
Though CNN decided — for now — not to reveal his name, the network made clear that this discretion was predicated on the user’s lengthy public apology, his promise not to repeat the behavior, and his status as a private citizen. But in its article, the network explicitly threatened that it could change its mind about withholding the user’s real name if his behavior changes in the future:

One can’t count all the shameful instances of media corporations abusing their platform not to challenge power centers but ordinary citizens with Bad Politics. One of the worst: @thedailybeast doxing and spreading disparaging secrets for the crime of posting an anti-Pelosi video.

What the WashPost’s outing of @LibsofTikTok illustrates more than anything is the caste system corporate journalists are trying to construct:
They can use Jeff Bezos’ unlimited wealth to do anything they want to you, but you can’t do anything back to them, even criticize them.

Ultimately, that this melodramatic Oscar-performance was broadcast on national TV just 3 weeks ago – a wealthy, powerful reporter sobbing about information being published about her, as her media colleagues demanded you honor her victimhood – is the most stunning part of it all.


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